how to upload a pdf to shopify

How to Upload a PDF and Other File Types in Shopify when building a shopify store,there may be files


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Upload a PDF and Other File Types in Shopify

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how to upload a pdf to shopify catalogs

How to Upload a PDF and Other File Types in Shopify

when building a shopify store,there may be files other than images,that you'd like to upload to your,product pages,regular pages and blog posts now let's,take this product page for example let's,say we wanted to add a spec sheet or,some type of pdf to the description,if we head on over to our shopify admin,we only have the option to add an image,here,so let's say we wanted to add an image,we would click the insert image button,and call it a day but if you want to add,something like a pdf to the description,you're going to have to add it as a file,first under settings,and then insert the link into your,description so i'll show you how to do,that,let's head on over to settings in the,bottom left-hand corner and i'm going to,open this up into a new tab,so that i can keep this product page,open,and from here we go down to files so it,says upload images videos and documents,go ahead and click on that,and from here we have the ability to,upload files again other than images,when you upload an image to your shopify,store it will often be a jpeg or png,but if you'd like to upload a different,file type you can head on up to upload,files,click the button browse through your,computer files and grab the file that,you'd like to upload,so go ahead and do that,and as you can see we've uploaded a pdf,next we're going to want to add it to,our product page,and of course you can add this to a blog,post or a regular page if you'd like,but for this example i will be adding it,to the product page,so we're going to go ahead and copy it,and then head on back to our product,page,from here we can go ahead and enter some,text you know maybe,click here to download the pdf that kind,of thing,and now we'll link our text to the,actual file so let's say we want to link,the word here,to the document we simply highlight it,and then click on the link icon,and then paste the link that we copied,here,now because this is a document i would,like for it to open up in a new tab,or a new window so let's select a new,window here,and we can go ahead and enter the link,title which is used for accessibility as,well as seo,and then once you're done go ahead and,click that insert link button,and now if we go ahead and save our,product page,and preview the page,and now as you can see the link has been,added to the description,and if you click on it it'll go ahead,and open up your pdf file,and there you have it a quick and easy,way to upload pdf files to your shopify,store,of course this is applicable to other,file types if you do want to go ahead,and give them a try as well,we hope that you found this shopify,tutorial helpful thanks for watching and,please do give it a like and subscribe

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