how to upgrade shopify plan

Shopify Price Updates - How to Bulk Update Pricing on Shopify via Flat File um so the purpose of thi

Dario Orozco

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Shopify Price Updates - How to Bulk Update Pricing on Shopify via Flat File

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Shopify Price Updates - How to Bulk Update Pricing on Shopify via Flat File

um so the purpose of this video is to,create a,easy way to update pricing for your,products whether it be new products old,products,some products but the goal is not to do,things manually,but to do things via flat file on,shopify so,what you want to do is go to your all,products,export products,all products and then hit csv,you get a quick email that says,your products have finished exporting,looks like this click on download,and then what your product file will,look like is just like this so you get a,lot of um,your uh title standard products you'll,get a lot of fields that aren't really,necessary for this task so what you want,to do is you want to start removing them,um say for example you do that,take that out you need the vendor,product type so you'll have to like,filter out all these things here,and then also delete any,blank,rows that don't contain any information,so,like that so essentially when you're all,done,yeah you're gonna have a file that looks,something,along,this,these lines right over here,cool so you have something that looks,like this it'll be cleaned up and the,most important part here of course is,the handle,um,just want to emphasize that you want to,keep the handle,so,when you do the upload,your shopify storage reads exactly what,that product is,the option value and also the variant,sku,so you want to make sure that you want,to keep keep the option values,you keep your title,very unskewed vary in price,and your compared price is what you want,to change so,your compare price will be your original,price that you had,and your variant price will be your,your on sale price for for me it's going,to be 15 off so what i've done is,pre-formulated all the stuff,here so you'll,only see values but if you look at the,formula here,you get the old price times,0.15 then you get the discount amount,and then you can either do it here,where you get you know,original price minus a discount amount,so you get 30 60 or you can put it all,together where you put the original,price minus,the formula so you don't have to do,double the work um,so there you have it you have your,new price and then you have your compare,price,and what that will do is create a,strikethrough on your um on your product,page,and,yeah so what you want to do is once you,fill that out you want to hit import,uh and then you want to add the file,and then make sure that it all looks,good and then once you upload the file,you'll get a success uh,message,and once you do that,the fun part begins and that's being,able to see the discount on your front,end,let's see,and that's it that's what you'll get,you'll get your uh before price and then,your after price percentage and your usd,obviously,it may differ on your website if you,have different types of uh,you know css or themes or templates but,um,this is pretty much what it will look,like and what this allows you to do is,you no longer have to,tell your customer,hey,please plug in this 15 off coupon at,checkout um you can just be like all,right well it's already applied so all,you have to do is check out and then on,top of that if you want to get a little,more crafty you can you know add an,additional five percent off coupon in,the future 10 off coupon,um but that's all i have if you have any,questions make sure to,leave them down below and make sure to,subscribe,share the page and if you have any,additional topics you'd like me to cover,feel free to message me or leave it down,below

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