how to transfer wix domain to shopify

How To Transfer A Domain Away From Wix - EASY STEPS!! what's up guys this is Steve here with,momentu

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Transfer A Domain Away From Wix - EASY STEPS!!

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How To Transfer A Domain Away From Wix - EASY STEPS!!

what's up guys this is Steve here with,momentum marketing tips gonna be real,quick video I just wanted to actually,shoot a video on something common that,some of you may be experiencing or you,may have to do in future or you may have,had to do previously and has some,trouble with it,so basically all I'm doing is,transferring a domain away from a,particular platform to another so I'm,transferring a domain name away from Wix,which is kind of a build it or,do-it-yourself style website platform,and I'm gonna transfer transfer that,domain over to an actual hosting server,in this case it'll be Hostgator but you,know it could be GoDaddy,it could be WP engine it could be,psychos Bluehost it could be any of the,other hosting providers a platform so,what you want to do is you would log in,to Wix or if you were in a different,website builder you want to log in to,that you want to navigate to domains,okay now in for the purposes of I'm in,Wix now I will show you how to do that,on the Wix platform but it's going to be,very similar on any platform once you,get to deal with the domain section,you're going to navigate it's usually,going to put you on the general tab,first okay so you have to find Advanced,tab is going to use would be two options,there's usually going to be one to say I,want to take a domain from another site,and then transfer it to Wix or whatever,platform you're using or it's going to,be I want to take the domain that's here,and remove it and transfer it over to,the other so what you're going to do is,in this case we're taking it away from,Wix and put in on it on a new site okay,so we're gonna click here it's going to,tell you hey we're moving the domain,with deleted from your week's domains,lives you will still be able to access,it from your domain provider are you,sure you want to remove this domain from,this UK,yes remove it okay,now I was gonna tell you you're gonna,have to connect the domain that you,already,okay so now that's if you wanted to take,this particular site that you still had,on wigs okay now what you want to do I'm,gonna go back over to just a second here,okay so now we're going to log back in,here what says I forgot my password so,let's try this again slowly huh let's,try this,no false is there I forgot my password,so let's go ahead and if I can reset it,shouldn't take long all right let's say,requests it okay so we'll jump back over,here and let's see if we can all right,so we got the lost password requests in,here no here this will update it so,let's jump back here let's try to give,it the actual password I intended to,give it first time so I'm just doing,this real time here so obviously you,would not have to do this,let's reset it okay I was good to go,let's jump back down here now this is,the new hosting provider that we're in,now so what we want to do here is okay,see I already selected the primary,domain my click on here tells you here's,your name ok now we have that domain,name active in our new Hostgator account,ok we've driven it away from Wix so in,other words do it now we have not,uploaded the new site yet but if we do,it now let's go ahead and do back so,it's going to say I can't reach this,page obviously because we've removed it,from the Wix platform okay so we're,really easy to redirect to disconnect,from Wix or any of your other,build-it-yourself style simple websites,and you when you sign up for a new,hosting account and ask you do you have,a current active domain and if you do,they're gonna let you type that in and,you add that into here ok so once I,actually go in here and drop files into,the this actual account when I type in,city uplift when I type in the domain,I'm using it's actually going to pull up,their website and if I pull up the new,website okay so I'll take I hope that,helps you guys I will leave a link and,it just in the description here that I,gave you some other tools there's some,actually different you know if you are,doing a do-it-yourself style website,there's some different platform that you,can use that are very very easy,use but not only do they allow you to,use your websites they'll give you,unlimited landing pages they'll also,give you unlimited facebook Messenger,you can access to a sales funnel that,you can implement to use with Facebook,Ads and they're all less than $50 a,month there's a few plans as a 999 plan,I think like $19.99 at $29.99 planning I,think it's a $50 plan so if you want to,go that route I'll leave the description,and the link for that if not if you want,to have these site setup customized and,optimized for your own particular needs,and you know you have a little bit not,have time to manage that I'll leave a,link below into our website where we,actually handle that for you all we've,done for quite a few companies but I,just want to give you this so if you are,using this you can go in the back side,you can transfer that domain away from,your old build-it-yourself website or,platform and you can transfer right over,to your new hosting account so hope they,don't y'all this is Steve here with,momentum marketing tips don't forget to,hit the like button and subscribe and I,will see you guys in the next set

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