how to transfer shopify money to bank account

HOW TO: Enter Bank account in Shopify alright guys I'm going to give you step,by step from beginning

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

HOW TO: Enter Bank account in Shopify

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HOW TO: Enter Bank account in Shopify

alright guys I'm going to give you step,by step from beginning to end on how to,enter your bank account information into,your website to get into the back office,of your website use your domain name for,a slash admin if you don't have a domain,name connected you will use your dot my,Shopify name so your dot my Shopify,would be your you a URL name dot my,Shopify dot-com forward slash and me,that's how you get to the back office of,the website if you're not already,information is not already saved then,you would enter in the information to,log into the back office of your store,so once you log into the back office of,your store you just want to make sure,that you've already switched over the,account information from out of your web,developers information and put it in,your information so you want to go to,general first settings so you look over,here you go to settings then you go to,general and you want to switch the,account email so usually the account,email will still have our email make,sure you put it to your email and change,the stores name then you want to change,the legal business name put your name,you want to put your phone number you,want to put your address your a suite,number your city state and then you hit,save then you go to billing so once,you're the owner you can do this we,don't make you the owner until you're,ready to launch your store or two weeks,after your development process is done,the reason being is because we're,allowing you to get more familiarized,with the store before you have to put,the $29.99 or file to pay your monthly,hosting with Shopify so as a courtesy,will allow you to stay on our,development account like say it for two,weeks after your project is complete,before you have to pay Shopify their,monthly payment to host your business on,their platform so you go to billing and,then it's simple you just add your car,save the car you know you you pick a,plan I prefer I recommend doing monthly,on picking the plan and then that's,simple as far as your your monthly plan,that's how you pick your monthly plan,this is if you haven't already done this,part now if you want to set up the,payment providers you select payment,providers you put in your Shopify,payments is the most common Shopify,payments works really really well and,it's directly native and integrated with,a Shopify if you prefer to use PayPal,especially if you're in a hair industry,Shopify payments may or may not approve,you not meaning that you're getting,declined for Shopify with Shopify,payments which is stripe technically,stripe just doesn't really like care,brands or they don't like sometimes,electronic companies but you're still,able to work your business on Shopify,you just may not be able to get stripe,which is Shopify payments and if you,can't get stripe you just go with PayPal,and you activate the PayPal and then you,want to hit manage and then you just go,down and you would enter in your bank,account information change your bank,account add your stuff the payment,descriptor payment schedule every,business day get notified you know,decline charges that fail this what's,the merchant name you want to show and,then that last but not least you always,want to have on payment providers you,always want to make sure it says,automatically capture payments if you,ever want to test your payments to test,the order to make sure it's working you,go back here up to Shopify payments you,select manage scroll all the way down,and you put your store in test mode and,then once you put your store in test,mode it basically tells you in test mode,is on all the Shopify payments will be,simulated so make sure you remember to,take test mode off and then it gives you,test credit card numbers if you click,that box to the left to give you test,credit card numbers that you can utilize,doing test mode so test mode simulate oh,there he is so you can use these fake,credit card numbers to to test mode and,explains that it breaks it down I also,do that so enter any date in the future,enter any three digit security code and,use any of these following numbers all,right so that's how you set up your,payment provider and if you have any,other questions be sure to reach out,look on digital brands you too will have,more tutorials thank you

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