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5 BEST WAYS TO MARKET YOUR SHOPIFY STORE IN 2023! yo i just want to say i'm so proud of,you because


Updated on Jan 15,2023


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yo i just want to say i'm so proud of,you because if you're watching this,video right now that means either one,you plan on starting a shopify store or,number two you already have a shopify,store and you really want to take it to,the next level either way i'm proud of,you for actually putting an initiative,to really you know i'm saying be about,it and not talk about it so i really,want to tell you the five best,strategies that i think can really,really help you grow your shopify store,to where you want now this is gonna be,no bs strategies okay,these strategies are gonna take you know,time effort you're gonna have to develop,your skills or invest money to pay,somebody but either way,these strategies can help you reach five,thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand,it just depends on how much you want to,actually develop your skills or hire,somebody to help reach whatever monetary,goal you're trying to reach fair okay so,let's get into the first strategy so the,first marketing strategy that i want to,give you for your shopify store it's,called seo or search engine optimization,okay and all that really means is,how well your site shows up when someone,searches for a keyword or phrase on,google now when it comes to google right,it's either your first or your last they,definitely want some ricky bobby vibes,always remember,if you ain't first,you're last,because 90 of consumers do not go past,the first page so if your shopify store,doesn't show up on the first page you're,losing money now the first place i,recommend you start with your shopify,store is just making sure that google,even knows your website exists and how,to do that is by indexing your,website and you do that by going to the,google search console i'll make sure,that i'll link it in the description,down below how you can set it up it's,very very easy but a lot of people don't,even realize that they need to do this,for their website um and shopify kind of,walks you through it step by step after,that you definitely want to learn seo as,much as possible making sure that your,product titles and all that stuff you,know shows up correctly in rankings and,stuff like that it can get really really,deep so i recommend either hiring a,professional if you really want to,invest money it's worth it or,learning and developing your own seo,skill sets so you can start optimizing,your website yourself either way you,definitely want to learn seo because it,can generate hundreds of thousands of,dollars for your shopify store so the,second strategy that i want to give you,for your shopify store is social media,now i know it seems like everybody is,using social media nowadays but you will,be surprised that less than 30,of businesses actually utilize social,media to market their business crazy,right and another stat is that 70 of,consumers actually use social media to,influence them for buying decisions so,if you're not utilizing social media for,your shopify store you are losing money,now i recommend really developing a,really good social media strategy now,this strategy is really going to depend,on whether you're selling a product or,service but either way you want to make,sure that one you're hitting the pain,points of your audience and how your,product solves that that's simple if you,have any testimonials,um about your products right just,credibility things that help solidify,trust with your target audience those,all go a very very long way utilizing,those with your social media strategy,and then also just nurturing,relationships just being a part of your,target audience community you definitely,want to make sure you have those content,pieces as well the third marketing,strategy that i recommend for your,shopify store is email marketing i know,a lot of people think email marketing is,dead but they couldn't be more wrong,okay,literally one dollar spent on email,marketing has an average return of 44,literally email marketing is one of the,most profitable ways to market your,brand or business and one of the best,platforms for your email marketing is,convertkit now you don't have to use,convertkit i personally like it but it's,very easy to use you can set up your,automations you can set up landing pages,the email marketing platform for,convertkit is dope so click the link in,the description down below if you want,to check it out if you don't have any,email marketing campaign but either way,sign up for something i don't care if,you sign up for mailchimp right claudio,activecampaign omnisand just pick,something um and an easy way to get,people to sign up for your email list is,to give some type of discount or freebie,or get free shipping or buy one get one,free just be creative but you definitely,want to get people on your email list,asap so the fourth marketing strategy,that i want to give you is called,content marketing and all content,marketing is is the articles or blog,posts or videos or photos that you post,on your actual shopify store now why,this is so important is because for one,it really really helps with seo okay so,the more information that you give,google the more opportunity that you,have for people to show up on your,actual website you can generate way more,traffic which means way more sales and,then it can also supplement with your,social media strategy so some of the,blog posts and articles that you write,on your actual shopify store you can,turn those into posts for social media,or pinterest or maybe you can make a,video out of it and embed it you know to,your shopify store then post it on,youtube,see what i'm saying so your content on,your website can really go hand in hand,with the two previous strategies that,i've mentioned before but content,marketing is for sure a long term game,but it definitely helps build and drive,more traffic to your website which again,ultimately leads to more sales so the,fifth marketing strategy that i want to,give you is running paid ads okay and,the most popular ad platform right now,that everyone talks about especially for,shopify is facebook ads,and i'm here to tell you that facebook,ads is not this magical printing money,machine that you see on youtube that,everyone talks about it feels like,everyone is making 10k a month from,their you know drop shipping shopify,store but that's rarely the case for,most people there's a lot of things that,you have to have in place for your,facebook ads to work well for one your,shopify store has to have credibility,trust your website has to be good it has,to load quickly like,trust me there's a lot of stuff that,goes into running a successful facebook,ad campaign and if you don't do the,other four first you're gonna struggle,running ads in the first place but if,your shopify store is in a place to,where you think you should be running,ads check out this video here to where i,give you the best facebook ad strategy,that you should be running for your,shopify store

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