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Google Domains Review - Why We Use and Recommend It are you ready to create a website for,your busin

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Google Domains Review - Why We Use and Recommend It

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Google Domains Review - Why We Use and Recommend It

are you ready to create a website for,your business or for your agency,but you're not sure where to register,your domain name here at brainstorm,force we like to use google domains,as our domain registry of choice and,google workspace for,email hosting and in this video i'm,going to be showing you why you should,be using them too,hi i'm yaz and this is brainstorm force,we create educational content about,everything wordpress if you're new to,the channel make sure you subscribe down,below,and turn on notifications so you don't,miss out on any of our future videos,if you've been trying to register a,domain name for yourself you probably,already know that there's so many,different options,when it comes to domain registration,services what you probably didn't know,though is that google,offers their own domain registration,service google domains,google domain stands out among its,competitions for many reasons,for one it's very simple to use and it's,very easy to manage your domain with,google domains doesn't try to upsell you,with any hidden costs or any additional,features that you'll never need,to really transparent with their pricing,it also lets you manage,all your domains in one place this,especially comes in handy when you want,to have multiple different hosting,services,for the different domains you own google,domains also features built-in email,forwarding as part of their regular plan,or you can get custom email addresses,with your business name,with part of google workspace and lastly,google security is much better than the,competition,and they boast amazing customer service,and what's important to note is that,google domains,does not provide any kind of hosting,service,so once you purchase a domain you have,to find a third-party hosting system,and connect it back to your domain on,google domains,now i will walk you through google,domains and show you how simple,it is to purchase a domain for yourself,and show you some of the features that,make it better than its competition,first let's go and navigate to google,domains website i'll leave a link in the,description below,and when you land on the website you'll,recognize a very familiar branding,you've got,google's colors all over the website,with very minimal design,and right on the front page you can see,there's a search bar to search for the,domain that you're after,and it also lets you know that it has,more than 300 different domain name,extensions available and they also,provide 24 7 google support,from real humans we'll talk more about,that later on in the video,first we're going to go ahead and sign,in if you already have a google account,we can use that account to log into,google domains,otherwise you can register for a brand,new account and once you've signed in,you've landed into google domains,dashboard and landing on the dashboard,we already see,one of the key features that makes,google domains better than its,competition,as you can see it looks very clutter,free very user friendly,and all the settings are right there,which makes it easy to navigate through,some of the other options are quite,outdated in terms of their ui,they can look clunky and with bad design,and often you'd have to run around in,circles trying to find the menus and,settings you're looking for,but with google domains that's not the,case on this screen right here we're,currently on the my domains page,and right in the middle you'll see that,it says no domains yet,and over here you see a big blue button,that says find the perfect one,it's just google's magical way of saying,search for your domain name,and the second option we also have is,transfer a domain,so if you already have a domain name you,own on a different register you can,choose to bring that over to google,and the whole process is very easy as,well but in this video we're going to,only focus on purchasing a brand new,domain name,so you can go ahead and click that blue,button when we're going to search for,domain name,and you'll arrive here and if you've,used google in the past this big search,bar,might be familiar to you i hear they're,quite good with their searches,now we're going to go ahead and type in,the domain name that we're looking for,you can enter anything you'd like and,google does a really good job at showing,you all of its suggestions,so for this example i'm just going to,write example domain,2021 and hitting search,and now you'll see that google has gone,ahead and populated all the available,names,for the domain name you've searched for,and you have a whole lot of different,options in terms of extensions like dot, dot net,you can even click all endings to see,all the different varieties you have,available,there's so many different varieties,possible and you can choose a perfect,one for yourself,and going back to the results tab i'll,show you that google even suggests,different domain names similar to the,one you've searched for so we've got,example realm,example area so you have a whole lot of,choice when choosing the domain name,you're after,however if one that you want is,unavailable it will also let you know on,this page,it's really handy and it'll show you all,the availabilities all in one place,and once you have a domain name you like,you can go ahead and add it to your cart,using this little button here the cart,icon alternatively if you want to,purchase your domain name later,and only kind of shortlist the domain,names you like you can go ahead and add,them to your favorites by clicking on,the little heart like so,and as you can see your favorites are,available up here and then we have three,of them currently,saved and right beside it is the cart,and currently we have one,domain name added to the cart and we're,going to go ahead and purchase that one,and this is what your cart will look,like and this brings me to my next two,points as to why you should use google,domains,as your domain registrar of choice and,the first one is under the registration,tab,clicking on this drop down box here you,can see that google charges you 12,per year and that's the same for every,subsequent year after that as well,so you can notice that with two years,it's twenty four dollars with three,is thirty six dollars and with ten years,it's 120 dollars,for every single year that you're with,google domains they always charge you,the same,flat fee and it doesn't change the,pricing,so that's really amazing how google,domains is transparent,there's no hidden fees and they don't,try to upsell you with anything,what you see here is what you get and,that's amazing,in contrast some other domain name,registers can offer you the first year,for even cheaper,but then go ahead and add on a big fee,for every year after that,this can be a little misleading and,confusing especially if you haven't,purchased the domain name before,and moving down we see a privacy,protection is on button,when you register a domain you have to,provide the domain registrar with your,name,address and a whole lot of personal,information and all this information is,very easily accessible to the public,and this is why you want privacy,protection on for your domain this will,protect all of your private information,from the public,and as you can see here you have a,toggle to turn it on and off,and when i'm turning this on and off,you'll notice that it doesn't,change the price what i'm trying to say,is that google domains offers the,privacy protection,for absolutely free and in contrast a,lot of other domain registers,will ask you to pay for this feature and,this is a massive benefit when it comes,to google domains,it gives you that privacy for absolutely,free,and just below that is auto renew and,auto renew is just referring to renewing,your subscription to google domains,once your desired period is over so as,you can see here,once the one year is up it will go ahead,and renew it for further one year,and now moving down to the custom email,section this is where you can create a,custom email address with your domain,name attached,just like this one here you at,,so instead of sample domain of course it,will be your own domain name,and you have complete freedom to create,email addresses as you'd like,but with google domains to create that,custom email address,you have to purchase a separate,subscription to google workspace,google workspace is google's cloud-based,suite of productivity apps and,enterprise tools,and you'll need to purchase that for,yourself if you want to have this custom,email,option we'll talk more about google,workspace in a bit at the moment we're,just going to continue on with,purchasing our domain name,and once you're ready to check out we,can go ahead and press this big blue,button here,and on this next screen here this is,where you have to enter all your private,information like your name,address email address and even phone,number this is the kind of information,that we talked about keeping privates to,the public,and once that's done you can proceed and,enter your credit card details and,purchase your domain,and once you've completed your purchase,congratulations you've purchased your,first domain,on google i'm now switched to a,different account to give you a taste of,what it looks like,and as you can see it shows you all the,domain names i've got registered,and if you have more than one name,registered on google domains it will all,show up on this one screen right here,and once again google makes it extremely,easy to navigate through their user,interface,and manage your domain as you can see,here on the domain name,right on the side you have a button that,says manage once we click that it takes,us into a menu that gives you a little,bit of an overview,on your domain as you can see we,currently have a website set up,it even has all these other settings on,the left hand side here,including registration settings dns,website,to name a few and now that we've,purchased a domain name,the next obvious step that you want to,do is to build your website,and when it comes to building your,website the number one website builder,we highly recommend,is wordpress wordpress is extremely easy,to use,it's free to install and it has amazing,customization skills so you can set up,your website,exactly how you want it to look exactly,how you want it to function,but before installing wordpress you need,to set up your hosting,and with google domains it makes it very,easy to connect to any third-party,hosting of your choice,say if you have multiple different,domains with varying different types of,requirements,registered on google domains you can,choose exactly what kind of hosting you,want,on each specific domain you own whether,it be a high powered domain or even like,a free domain,totally depending on which domain you,want to use it for and you don't have,that same freedom with other domain name,registers,and once you have your hosting it only,takes a few clicks from there,to go ahead and install and set up,wordpress on your website,if you need help deciding what hosting,service you should choose,or if you already have a hosting service,and need help connecting your domain,to that hosting service we have a few,videos coming up on these topics,so make sure you subscribe and have,notifications turned on so you don't,miss out on these videos,now coming into the dns tab when it,comes to different domain name registers,the dns can vary between register to,register,and this can affect the speed of your,website but with google domains,they use their own google cloud dns,within their own infrastructure,this allows for the best possible speeds,for your website without having to pay,extra fees for it,and this is another benefit of using,google domains and when it comes to,security google also stands out among,the rest with two-step verification,as well as dns sec the two-step,verification might seem a little bit,insignificant if you're used to using,google products,but when it comes to alternative domain,name registers this is a feature that's,not available on most of them,and having dns sec is important to,protect your domain against cyber,attacks and hacking,both of these together just improve the,security of your domain,and domain register account which makes,google domains better than its,competitors,and now coming back to email which we,talked about before with google domains,if you want that custom email address,you will have to purchase,a separate subscription to google,workspace but built within google,domains is the email forwarding,and how it does this is by using alias,email addresses,which are essentially substitute email,addresses that simply receive,email for you and forward it onto an,account of your choice they're not an,actual email address,and with the alias email addresses you,can add the same extension as your,domain name,and make it look like it is a custom,email address this way you can give your,alias email address,to a customer or client and when they,send an email to you this alias,will receive the email and then forward,it on to your actual email address,but if you still want that fully,functional custom email address you will,need to purchase google workspace,but you might be wondering why you,should pay for google workspace,for email hosting when you can get it,for free or for even cheaper,to your existing shared hosting plan now,your shared hosting plan might offer you,one or two free email accounts with a,couple gigabytes of storage,but it's not really recommended to have,your website and your email both hosted,on the same hosting service,and what happens is that when you have,your website and your email hosted on,the same,hosting service if the service goes down,then both your website and your email,are going to be down as well and this,will be a disaster if you rely on your,email,for your day-to-day business to,communicate with clients or your team,shared email hosting also is known to,have deliverability issues,as well as weaker security than with the,paid dedicated email hosting,and even though you have to pay six,dollars per user per month to have your,emails hosted on google workspace,we think that the benefits from google,workspace will outweigh any sort of,offer you'll get from a competitor,for starters with google workspace your,web hosting will be separate from your,email hosting,and google also guarantees excellent,uptime so you always have access to your,emails,and google's email service gmail you,might have heard of it,it's an excellent email service that's,extremely reliable,with no deliverability issues and google,workspaces also offers excellent,security,with their regular plans with the option,to upgrade to enhanced security,with the higher pricing options and on,top of getting an excellent email,hosting service with google workspace,you also get the range of amazing google,productivity apps,and enterprise tools as well as a huge,amount of cloud storage,to google drive for as little as six,dollars per user per month you're,getting amazing email hosting as well as,a range of all these different features,which other domain registers simply,can't compete with,and this is why we think you should use,google workspace for your email hosting,it's totally worth it this last feature,applies to both google domains and,google workspace,and in my opinion it's a huge,consideration when choosing a domain,register and email hosting service,and that is the customer support with,any google service,you get amazing customer support and,they provide a whole range of different,options on how you can contact them,this includes email live chat as well as,requesting for them to call you back,so it's really easy to reach them,exactly when you need them and with,google workspaces you have the option to,upgrade to enhanced support with 24 7,access to priority support,in this way you can have the peace of,mind knowing that you can get help,as soon as an issue comes up and that,summarizes why you should use google,domains as your domain register of,choice,and why you should host your emails on,google workspace if you got value from,this video make sure you help us out by,leaving a like,subscribe to our channel down below and,turn on notifications so you don't miss,out on any of our future videos,thanks so much for watching guys i'm yaz,from brainstorm force and i'll see you,in the next one

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