how to transfer domain from shopify to squarespace

How To Add and transfer Domain name in Squarespace so as you can see when you first get,your website


Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To Add and transfer Domain name in Squarespace

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how to transfer domain from shopify to squarespace catalogs

How To Add and transfer Domain name in Squarespace

so as you can see when you first get,your website set up here we have put our,title here and some of the links are,already put together from this template,you're gonna notice that it's going to,give you an actual domain name to view,your website so we'll come here to the,left so let's go back a little bit let's,say we're at home right you go down to,pages and you can see all the different,pages right and that shows the linkage,between all the parts of your website,but if we come back here and go to,settings you can actually come down to,where it says web site and domains okay,so in domains once you click that you,can see the built in domain that,Squarespace gave you and that here is,Brittany flowers and then do some other,nonsense here dot so you,can actually click on this and change it,so you can make it let's say Britney,Britney bags Paris because that's the,name of your website right so rename it,confirm and give it one minute to,process and now you'll see it has,changed see at the top it says Britney,bags Paris this is the,domain provided by Squarespace so let's,go back to settings let's go back to,domains and now you can see it has,changed,Britney bags Paris but,you want Britney bags Paris calm right,or whatever the domain is that you've,purchased so if you haven't already,purchased it through G suite or one of,the other options you can actually go,ahead and get your domain here and you,know that's one option or you can use a,domain that you already own and what,you'll need to do is after you use the,domain that you already own then it's,going to show it here under under,domains and you'll be able to actually,make it your primary see how this is,primary so you could,click user domain I own and then you,type in Brittany bags Paris calm and,continue and then it'll say connect from,provider and then you select your,provider let's say you got it at GoDaddy,for example and this can actually you,know give you an idea of all the places,you could get it see there's Bluehost,there's GoDaddy and gives you kind of an,idea there so say GoDaddy and then say,connect domain and what it'll actually,do is it'll bring up your GoDaddy,account for example you sign in and it's,gonna connect it ok so it's pretty,straightforward,oops failed to link of course because,I'm not actually linking it and that's,how that can be connected now another,thing you can do is you can actually if,you have your domain at GoDaddy or,another registrar you can actually bring,it over and transfer it over to,Squarespace itself ok so let me show you,how to do that so you go over go over,here and back to the the home page by,just going to your account and go to,domains and then you can actually click,here I already have a domain transfer,your domain and then you see you can,actually transfer it over and the only,the only you know trick here is that you,have to make sure that it hasn't been,purchased in the last 60 days if it has,you're gonna have to wait until you do,it so you you type in your domain blah,blah blah and then continue and you,transfer it over and the benefit to,transferring it over to Squarespace is,that you would be able to actually you,know have it in one place it's a little,bit easier to connect the negative to it,is then you might cost you a little bit,more to,knew it every year and that's one of the,benefits to keeping it at a place such,as such as GoDaddy but that gives you an,idea let's go back to my account so what,happens is once you've actually,connected that domain let's say you,didn't transfer it over actually but,it's still with GoDaddy or Bluehost or,somewhere else and you've connected it,here what it's gonna do is it's gonna,actually allow you to make it your,primary and then by making it your,primary it will fix this issue so you,won't have the dot

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