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How To Handle Customer Service For Dropshipping With Shopify what's going on pixel hackers christian

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Handle Customer Service For Dropshipping With Shopify

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How To Handle Customer Service For Dropshipping With Shopify

what's going on pixel hackers christian,lovers from pixelfit here,and in this video we're going to talk,about how to handle customer service,when it comes to your drop shipping,store with shopify,but before we get started make sure to,smash that like button,subscribe to the channel and let's dive,right in,all right so first i'm going to give you,the three must haves for your store to,avoid a lot of headaches,number two i'm going to give you some,scenarios and how i personally handle,them,so i can get the customers to come back,and save them from doing refunds,and number three i'm going to give you,the apps that i use to keep everything,organized,and keep the ball rolling on everything,to avoid headaches,all right so number one the first,three must haves in your store number,one,is you won your refund,and exchange,policy,in your store you want it right at the,top don't hide it on the footer,don't hide it make it clear this is this,is our refund and exchange policy and,you explain what that is whether it's 30,days 60 days 45 days 15 days i don't,care what it is,but you make it clear only items that,have not been used,washed damaged blah blah blah and then,you know we will exchange them or return,them i highly recommend that you do,refund and exchanges there's no reason,why to play the game of once there's no,refunds that's only going to piss people,off and that's just another headache,it's not worth,if you know what you're doing and you're,turning your store into a brand,eventually which is what you should be,doing in the first place,you need to offer refill and exchanges,here's a fun fact,an average retail store the return,exchange rate is six percent so you want,to keep it there or lower and you're in,good standing,okay number two the second thing,that you must do in your,shopify store is have the shipping,policy along,with tracking with a tracking app okay i,like after ship,that's one of my favorites half the,shipping times don't be afraid to tell,them how long it's going to take for,that,for that item to get to them i don't,care if it's five days 10 days 15 days,30 days whatever it is,you have to let them know up front,this is gonna get rid of a lot of,headaches up front,and then once they ship they're going to,be informed about it which brings me to,number three,you want to have a post,purchase,email,sequence,that goes out as soon as they buy that,product and it keeps them,informed of what's going on with their,purchase what do i mean by that,i don't care if you have to tell them,that the product is being made,you got it this is when your marketing,skills have to come in and you have to,craft a story around your brand,and around your products so walk into,the journey hey your garment is being,made now it's being moved to this,department it's moving to that,department this,is you know keep them informed they,basic customers just want to know,they're not being scammed,that's what it is they want to know,they'll be in scam so if you keep them,informed what's going on with their,order or the process,of where the orders at like i don't care,if it's like your order is being,processed three days later your order,has been processed now it has been moved,to the shipping department,they just want updates to make sure,they're not being scammed so you set up,your,post-purchase email sequence with,something like lavio i use claudio,and that keeps them informed and that's,get get that gets rid of a lot of,headaches so there's that that's the,three main things you gotta have right,away,okay the scenarios,okay scenarios so rule number one,first of all you have to be obsessed,with customer service,customers are the ones making you money,without customers you are nothing,and you have to obsess about this this,is why amazon is so,so successful because that was rule,number one,with jeff bezos when he launched that,company he's,all about customer service and there's a,reason for that that's why he makes a,lot of money,okay number one when you get a support,email when somebody emails you or sends,you a chat at dm,whether it's instagram facebook whatever,you,must respond to that in 24 hours or less,the average response time in my stores,is less than an,hour less than an hour you respond,right away so respond,right away okay,when you do that the second thing you,got to do,is do not,take it personal,listen truth of the matter is some,people are very very miserable out there,you don't know what's going on in their,lives and they're going to take it out,on you they're going to take it out in,your store because of whatever reason x,don't take it personal it's just an,email you don't even need a phone number,it's just an email just read it and,respond accordingly to it,what i mean by that don't get an,attitude that's why you're gonna have to,take it personal,it's business and you keep it as,business take it from somebody who's,dude i'm half italian half venezuelan,like i'm so emotional i react,emotionally for so long in my life and i,used to get angry very easily and it's,something that i had to work,still to this day so i get it do not,take it personal i get that you work,hard in your store but don't take it,personal,the third thing you want to do when you,respond to those emails,is that the opening line in your email,should,always be hey so and so,the first name thank you for your email,or,thank you for your message thank you for,contacting us,right so you think i'm right away that,brings,the defenses down right away you're,thanking them right it's a nice,compliment we like to be complimented,so thank you for whatever and then coma,the next thing you should be saying is,i truly apologize about the,inconvenience or,sorry about the inconvenience or sorry,for,x sorry that you're not happy with a,product sorry that a product is not up,to your quality standards,see what i'm saying you're apologizing,right away so,when you apologize right away,that diffuses the whole situation i,don't care how much of a bad mood you,are,they're gonna chill i'm going to tell,you try it they're going to chill right,away so that's the first two things,you're going to do,so uh apologize,and thank um and thanked them or thanked,them and apologized i got it mixed up,you got it,you guys heard it all right so,now that we got that part out of the way,that's how you're gonna open your answer,right away,okay so here's the different scenarios,that you're gonna get,number one one of the most common ones,is i didn't get my tracking,or where's my package okay so something,like that,all you have to do is say something like,hey so-and-so,thank you for sending us a match i,apologize about the inconvenience,we usually send our tracking information,after the purchase but it seems like,maybe you didn't receive it question,mark here's your tracking information,and you link the track into the page on,your website,so now they can pull up the track and,they can see exactly where the package,is,at okay there's two things about this,the reason why you want to keep the,tracking in your,in your uh website on your shopify store,is because you can actually also build,an audience out of anybody who lands on,the tracking page,so in the future if you if you want to,exclude,people who check their tracking a,million times a day so you don't deal,with those type of customer service,nightmares you can actually exclude them,when you build new audiences so that's,another thing to keep in mind,right so you want to do that the other,the other thing that people are going to,complain about is,here let me open a new one,so tracking,send them,to page another scenario for tracking,it's going to be,oops get rid of that get out of there,all right another scenario for tracking,is going to be maybe you don't have the,tracking in the us yet,and it's still you're using 17 track or,something like that because it's still,in china and let's say,you know you don't want to you don't,want to show them that it's been in,china for,a week or whatever so what you can do is,you can go to 17 track and just take a,screenshot where it says,it has been delivered to your warehouse,whatever the warehouse in the us,new york uh california florida,whatever so just take a screenshot and,just place it on the email,hey here's uh here's where the packages,are at and half,99 of the time that's going to get rid,of that person okay,another scenario it's going to be that's,package slate where it said that,it gets rid of that okay no scenario is,going to be,packaged,lost again,hi customer x thank you for contacting,us i'm,so sorry about the inconvenience and i,apologize about the situation,but unfortunately this is something that,is completely out of our control,so this is what i can do for you i can,either offer you,i i can uh i can contact the local,carrier and i can have it reroute it,back,to you right away or i can rewrite it,back to us,and issue you a refund what would you,like us to do for you today,and i'm going to tell you right now 99,of people are gonna ask you to resend,the package to them,okay so they're gonna do that they're,gonna ask you to resend it to them,it's gonna be all good and great okay,let's say,uh that it got lost and they can't find,it,so at that point you tell them hey hi,customer x,thank you for your email i truly,apologize inconvenience but it seems,that your package got lost,and transit unfortunately it's something,that it is completely out of our,controls,so these are the options that i have for,you i can either re re-send you,a replacement right away make sure i,personally track it to make sure it gets,to you,as fast as possible or number two,i can offer you a refund if you do,happen to take the replacement i'll be,more than happy to offer you an extra 25,25 off your next entire order,for the inconvenience on top of it or,whatever you guys get the idea i mean,usually i write it a lot better than,that but that's,basically the message so i offer them a,25,discount on top of replacement,what does that do well that gets rid of,the refund 99 percent of the time,right it gets right it's gonna get rid,of the refund so now not only are you,getting rid of the refund so you're not,losing money,but now they're going to come back and,buy something else for you with a,discount,and it's a it's basically a freebie,because you're it's not it's not money,that you spend running,ads so you're making the customer happy,and they're coming back and buying more,from you see it's all human psychology,all right so uh,refund now the third part how i handle,the process that i have in place for,refund and exchanges,okay so i have two apps um,that i use to keep track of everything,and one is called uh rich commerce,and i'll put the link in the description,not even an affiliate link i just like,using them,rich commerce,okay and the second app that i use is,called,shippo okay,rich commerce is an app that you can,actually go in there and i think it,starts like it's free for 14 days or,something like that,and then it's like it starts at 9.99 and,then it goes up from that depending on,how much you're using it,so basically what it does is you can,actually set it up,where if somebody emails you hey i just,want to do i ordered the wrong size or,my thing is defective or whatever once,again,you start an email hey x thank you for,sending thank you for your message,i really uh thank you for your message i,truly apologize about the inconvenience,because of block x or blah blah blah,blah but don't worry we'll take care of,it right away for you all i need you to,do is follow this link below,and we'll get you square right away and,then you have a link that rich commerce,makes for you and then what it does,is it sends them to a portal where they,will put the order number,and their email address and then you can,have it to,choose multiple options of of,replacement,exchange refund different size of,different product,it's automated so when you do that it's,also gonna you can make it so they have,to upload a picture of the product,so now when you log into your dashboard,you're gonna get a notification there,was an exchange,a return when a uh returned number made,we can go in there and you can actually,see a picture of the product,and people do it they don't complain at,all about it so now you know that,they're not lying to you,and you know it's it's you can see that,the product is not defective,so once i see that you can actually go,in there on uh,on rich commerce and you have the,options to set as approved pending,resolved or whatever so you put it you,change it to approved,right and then you go to shippo and,shippo basically is just labels they,make labels for you it's an easy way to,get labels made uh prepaid labels from,uh,usps or whatever so you go to shippo you,create a prepaid label,i mean the most you're gonna pay from,one side of the country to the other,it's like two dollars three dollars,depending on the product visit if it's,like clothing if it's something a little,bit heavier it might be a little bit,more,but it's not much so i personally always,offer prepaid labels and then you upload,the prepaid label to the to the,uh to the ticket and when you hit,approved it sends the prepaid label to,the person and all they have to do is,just repackage the item,throw that prepaid label on you and then,send it back to you whatever you want,them to send,back to so now you just made the,customer experience a hundred,times better because there's no,questions asked,you doing that's what they're asking for,and then you send them a replacement,and that's it so that's how you can keep,track of all the tickets that are open,too so if you start growing your brand,and you have multiple people multiple,va's handling all your returns and,exchanges,and you have a huge store they can log,into the dashboard they can see exactly,what's going on in each order and you,can actually put notes you can write,notes of what's going on which,which with each order like so-so order,uh,talk to the customer this was the,problem make sure quality is good it was,the wrong color please,you know you can make the notes for your,all your team on there,so that's how i handle customer service,that's how you should be handling,customer service because customers are,the life,the lifeblood of your business so guys,if you learned anything from this video,make sure to check out the links in the,description below help support the,channel,and if you want to keep learning about,facebook ads or drop shipping shopify,whatever just marketing in general make,sure to watch one of the videos,right above me keep watching keep,improving on yourself,and i'll see you guys in the next video

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