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Print Orders and Packing Slips Shopify Tutorial (Order Printer Pro App) how to print orders on shopi


Updated on Jan 09,2023

Print Orders and Packing Slips Shopify Tutorial (Order Printer Pro App)

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Print Orders and Packing Slips Shopify Tutorial (Order Printer Pro App)

how to print orders on shopify,what's up guys it's paul from ecommerce,gold and in this short shopify tutorial,i'm going to show you how you can print,shopify orders directly from the shopify,dashboard because this is a,functionality,that is effectively missing from the,shopify platform,now there has been a recent update to,shopify which has,slightly changed what's available on the,core shopify but i'm still going to show,you what i think is the best way to go,about printing your orders off,so with that the way let's jump into my,computer to get this tutorial started,now as i said there's been a recent,update to the shopify platform so if you,go,into your orders select the orders you,want to print,under the more actions drop down menu,you'll see this option to print,packing slips and if you click on that,option it will generate a packing slip,for you but this is a pretty basic,packing slip,and there's no other documentation you,can print off along with it now while,this will get the job done for some,companies,it's not really all that much in terms,of being able to print your orders off,a lot of times you do want a bit more,and you want something you can,specifically send to your customer,and that is why you're gonna need to,install an app,so what we'll do is come out of that and,what we'll do is we'll go into the,shopify app store,now what you want to search for is order,printer,and then we'll search for that and it'll,bring up all the options to print off,orders directly from your shopify,dashboard,now most people are going to go for the,order printer out by shopify and this,was the one i used to recommend,and it will get the job done and for a,completely free app,it's pretty good but people have run,into a few issues with the app,specifically when they've installed it,uninstalled it and then reinstall,it for some reason it just doesn't seem,to work properly,and nobody seems to know why and that is,why,i recommend instead going for this app,which is the order printer pro,app by forsberg this is a really good,app and it's the best one that i've,actually tried on the shopify platform,now there is a free plan available with,this so if we scroll down to the pricing,as you can see there's a free plan for,stores that have less than 50 orders a,month,so if you've got a very small shopify,store this is going to be ideal,but if you do have more than 50 orders a,month it is going to be an additional 10,a month on top of your plan but you do,get a lot of features with this app and,that's what i'm going to show you in,this video,so if we go back into our shopify,dashboard,and we go to the order management page,select the orders that you want to print,and under the more actions menu you'll,see there's two,options appear you've got the print with,order printer pro which allows you to,print orders directly from your browser,and there is also an option to export,the orders in pdf format,and the way this works is it generates a,zip file for all of your orders that,you've selected,and then that's emailed to your admin,email address you can then download this,file from your email account and then,extract all the files,using your browser's extract format and,then you've got them,directly on your device and if you want,to print directly from your device that,is the way you want to do it if you,don't want to do it direct from your,browser,i hope that makes sense but for this,video we're just going to be looking at,printing orders directly,from your browser so if this option will,click print,with order printer pro and what it will,do is it will generate a,template for you and as you can see on,the right hand side,there's multiple templates that you can,actually select and this is why i really,do like this app because not only can,you generate a receipt,invoice which is this one here you can,also generate a packing slip as well,which appears below it so this is if,you're using it in your warehouse or,something like that,but other options i like are a returns,form,this is a fantastic little feature and,something that a lot of people won't,think about,but actually having a returns form that,you can send to your customer with,actually like returns numbers that you,generate will make your returns process,so much easier and more efficient to,manage,so you can also generate a returns form,and then you can generate a refund and,credit note so rather than just emailing,a customer say you've had a refund,you can actually send them a refund form,so if you scroll down go that's a,returns form,so it gives the return address what,they're going to be returning,and the reason why they're going to be,returning it fantastic,thing i really do like that feature and,then a refund,credit note so you can send this to,confirm that your customer has had a,refund on that item,i really do like this app i think it's,fantastic so once you've decided which,template you want to print,simply click print in the top right hand,corner and then bring up a print preview,within your browser,and then you can select which device you,want to send these orders to so they can,be printed,now another good thing about this app is,you can actually manage the templates,so if you're going to manage templates,you can go in and edit the code of the,template,you can also design custom templates as,well and they will generate them for you,now this is an additional cast and you,do need to install an additional app for,this so if you go back into the shopify,app store,and under the order printout you'll see,this order printer template,and this is where you can order custom,or the templates from the guys at,forsberg and they'll actually generate,them for you,there is a cost to this but if you want,completely custom templates that fit,your business and brand,it's probably going to be worth the,investment plus it works flawlessly with,the order printer pro app,so that is how you can print orders from,shopify,i hope you found this video helpful if,you have please drop,a like on the video because it really,does help the channel out also if you,want to see more ecommerce related,content,consider hitting that subscribe button,below and also if you'd like to support,the channel you can do,by buying me a coffee using the link in,the description below and that is very,much appreciated so once again guys,thank you so much for watching,stay awesome and i'll see you all next,video

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