how to switch themes in shopify

CHANGE SHOPIFY STORE THEME hey guys welcome back to my channel and,in today's video i am going to be

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Updated on Jan 18,2023


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how to switch themes in shopify catalogs


hey guys welcome back to my channel and,in today's video i am going to be,showing you guys how to change,your shopify theme uh to a different,shopify theme so basically um like let's,i am right now i am inside my online,shopify store let's click online here,and if we go to the theme here you can,see my current theme is sends theme,um and so let's say you want to change,a different theme so this is your,current theme and you have customizing,it already,and maybe you probably should your store,already like if we click right here,and uninstall my stall is like pretty,much ready,um,and people can start buying stuff from,my store and stuff like that but i just,happen to just not liking my current,theme,so,instead of using sense name i am going,to change it to a new theme so i am,going to show you how you can um change,uh your,current name to a different new theme,so let's scroll a bit down here on the,theme library and every new theme that,you downloaded from shopify will be,right up over here,and the current one will be up here so,let's say you don't have a theme you are,looking for right now,let's click on the freedom so if you,want to use a paid version or,a paid theme or a free theme,that,the process is all the same so let's,click here on the free themes and click,explore free themes,and you can see there are a bunch of,them here so in here you can pick which,theme you want so there is dawn,there is crave test studio craft etc,you can pick which one you like so,um for now i'll just pick down theme,and i'm going to add it on my shopify,library and right over here it is,downloading,so it's going to take a little bit of,time,so now my theme has been added um let's,click customize here,and you can see this is how it's gonna,be looking like so pretty much i just,added um a theme and my product all the,product that i have been uh all the,product that has been,on the same stream that i started,customizing they'll just go in there,automatically,and the only thing you're gonna do is,just add these different features,because um,since theme um,with other theme there they have,different features so you're gonna have,to edit,like the announcement bar,like change your banner section,um,since them didn't had all of that and,you can talk here about your brand,um these are the product you can create,different mod column colic,um and things like that you can also add,a video but if you don't want to have,like all these features you can,edit on your left hand side here you can,hide section like this um,column section here i am going to hide,it and stuff like that you can just get,rid of um other things that you really,don't like like the features and you can,also see here um,on the quick link here on the folder,menu you can see,all the pages that i created too from,the same steam they are all here,but they have like,different um sections also,so you can edit you can play around with,it and after that you can click save,after you edited everything and you like,all the changes so now let's go back,so instead uh so once you are done with,everything you can just switch it up,and let's go here on the action and we,can we can publish it so basically since,name would will be out and now,uh don't zoom will be the current theme,so let's click publish,and now down dim is up here,uh previously we had since the sense,theme as the current theme and we just,published down so don is a current theme,and yeah you can keep editing your theme,and check out some other feature i mean,hide other features that you don't,want,um and things like that so,uh changing a shopify theme after you,have been using a different theme is,very very easy but you have to pay,attention on the other features that,they were not available on the previous,theme and they are available on the new,theme so you're gonna have to edit and,add different things so i hope you liked,today's video if you do please give me a,big thumbs up subscribe on my channel,thank you and i'll see you guys on the,next video

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