how to add products to instagram from shopify

How to Setup Shoppable Products on Instagram for your Shopify Store so if you ever seen those instag

Marian Esanu

Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Setup Shoppable Products on Instagram for your Shopify Store

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how to add products to instagram from shopify catalogs

How to Setup Shoppable Products on Instagram for your Shopify Store

so if you ever seen those instagram,posts when,the page owner is actually tagging an,ecommerce product,in the actual instagram feed post in,this video i'll show you exactly how you,can do it,too so let's get right into it first,things first i'm right here,into a shopify account and it's pretty,simple,um straight to the point we won't lose,any time right here on the bottom you,see what it says sales channels you have,this button,now i already have facebook added as a,tab,but in order to do that you're just,going to hit this plus button here,and facebook is going to show up,somewhere either,below messenger or below google but i,already have it added in here and when i,click it,this is what it pops so this is the,window that it pops up,and he says um integrate it with your,facebook shop sell your products on,facebook sell your products on instagram,now,in order to do those instagram posts,where you can actually tag your products,you have to also set it up with the,facebook shop,so i'm gonna click here start setup,it's gonna ask me to connect the account,i'm gonna hit yes,obviously gonna put your facebook,password gonna hit continue,gonna hit continue as your name,obviously,gonna hit okay and now of course you,have to connect the,actual business manager of that page so,this is the one that i'm gonna use,for this account it's gonna ask you of,course to,integrate your facebook page so if you,don't have a facebook page,obviously you're gonna have to go and,create one i'm gonna scroll all the way,down until i find this one it's a brand,new account,dog bandanas i'm going to hit connect,i'm going to have to claim the page,because he's not in a business manager,all right so we're going to have to go,to facebook business manager to add this,page,to the um to the account so as you can,see i'm right here in the business,manager so you're gonna have to come to,pages and then of course you have to,claim the page so i'm gonna hit,add page and of course because i own the,page,it's gonna add it to the account right,away so i'm gonna hit add page,of course it recognizes both the,instagram account,that's connected to that facebook page,i'm gonna hit,add all because they both have to uh,be added so i'm gonna have to log into,the instagram account of that page,all right so as you can see we already,have it here in the instagram account,too on the facebook business settings,as well right so keep that in mind if,you,get this error in here that's um why,that happens,so you're just gonna have to go back,again we may need to hit,refresh or let's see i'm gonna hit,connect again now,and boom it connected again yeah we're,gonna skip this for now,facebook commerce account we're gonna,have to create,a facebook commerce account,in order to do this because we need a,facebook shop for this so i'm going to,hit,create new i'm going to create a new,commerce account,we're going to review the terms and,conditions going to hit yes,and boom now it says our facebook shop,is connected with our shopify account,and now let's do this,for instagram so let's hit start setup,for,instagram it says that the facebook,account the instagram account was not,approved for,instagram shopping and i know why,yesterday i did a tutorial where,the dog bandana facebook account i did a,test,product so it didn't get approved so now,what we have to do is we have to go back,to the facebook shop on facebook,and actually um appeal the error that,happened on that,account so let's go into the facebook,commerce account now,what i had to do was i had to actually,active activate the,shopify store so we're gonna have to,copy this link,and now we're gonna have to go to the,facebook shop,and integrate this url,with the facebook product i mean we have,the same product on the facebook shop,but i'm gonna walk you through exactly,how to do that so,this is the shopify account so i'm just,copying this,link and i'm going to the facebook,commerce account now,all right so when you go to,forward slash commerce underscore,manager,is going to ask you to um integrate,your partner platform or start a shop,from scratch so i'm going to sync,a partner pr um platform and i'm going,to say,shopify i'm gonna have to go to the,shopify account,i'm gonna have to log in i'm already,logged in,right so this is gonna actually,integrate it automatically,so as soon as the integration is done,we're gonna have to customize,the shop before we are able to activate,the instagram shopping so,all right so once we hit settings it's,gonna bring us to the actual,commerce manager settings account so,we're gonna have to,add items to our catalog and of course,we're gonna add the product,that we have from um our shopify store,all right we're gonna add manually a,product,we're going to grab the files that we,just downloaded,gonna hit open we're gonna say it's a,dog,bandana we're gonna place the link from,the shopify,store i'm gonna say it's,8.99 if i'm not wrong,we just double check so it's 8.99,all right now let's copy the description,of it,so dog bandanas it's actually the um,title,and we're gonna go into the description,of this,and just copy this entire thing,paste it we're gonna say,it's brand new gonna hit next,next another next finish,and this should be all set now,keep in mind it may take a few seconds,sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to,actually,allow you to integrate this product,now should allow us to do the,integration with,instagram again it may take,a couple minutes to up to 24 hours,sometimes,they say in their terms and conditions,it can take up to seven days,and then of course with all the covet,delays and all that but let's give it a,try again,and if it doesn't uh let us we just have,to wait,yeah so it seems it doesn't so we may,need to just compact support but let's,give it a shot,real quick what do you want to i want to,appeal a decision about,a product real dog bandanas,business manager page you used to apply,to instagram shopping,dog bandanas so what i say in here it's,going to be,the actual reason that that happened so,essentially the reason that they,denied my instagram shopping application,initially,was the fact that i um copy and pasted,the amazon,product link into the facebook shop,uh website um,checkout link instead of putting the,shopify so that was just a rookie,mistake uh that i didn't realize,at the time so when i applied for the,shop obviously they denied it,because you need either shopify,integration or you just have to sell,the products on facebook and not have,amazon as a third,party so i'm gonna just write in here by,mistake i have added,the checkout url,as an amazon,link instead of,using the shopify,native integration,i have now,corrected it,and i would like to get the,ig shop,appealed and approved,since is a physical,product in the dog,supplies niche,all right and now let's see if we can,take a screenshot of,that we're just gonna have a,simple uh screenshot of this,so let's say let's see if it still gives,us,now if you run into that issue i'm going,to keep you guys posted of course with,the appeal,so as soon as this is done it's probably,going to take again a couple,i would say probably a couple hours to,maybe a few days,and then as soon as it will be added,here on the bottom,we're gonna see the instagram shopping,feature added so i hope this was helpful,to you especially if you ran,into any kind of issues with your,application because pretty much that's,what happened here,and let me know in the comments if you,do i'm gonna do a follow-up,when we actually do the post so we can,tag those products,and help you guys out with any other,issues that may occur,throughout this process so thanks a lot,for watching guys,don't go anywhere because in the next,video coming up i'll actually show you,step by step,how you create and then promote your,facebook shops so don't go anywhere,because i'll see you,in the next video

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