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The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS) so if you're anything like me

Nathan Nazareth

Updated on Jan 21,2023

The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

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The Only Shopify Dropshipping Guide You Will Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

so if you're anything like me you,probably clicked on this video because,you're looking for a brand new way to,build sustainable passive income online,from the comfort of your own home,without any fancy degree prior,experience special talents handouts or,einstein level iq and whether that's the,case or whether you're just interested,in learning about new ways that people,of any age are working from home in,front of their computer to make crazy,amounts of money online i got you so,look dropshipping has taken off over the,past couple years and i get it with all,the new gurus swirling around online and,social media and friends and family,talking about it it can be difficult to,get your hands on the right information,it can all seem so overwhelming and,ultimately the easiest thing for you to,do is to convince yourself that the,business model is too competitive,saturated or dead and not give it the,fair shot that it deserves and that is,exactly why i created this video right,here to break down an easy step-by-step,guide into this brand new business model,and take your first few steps into the,online world of creating a business that,is passive sustainable and can generate,you income for years to come from the,comfort of your own home and look i get,it why should you listen to me over some,other 21 year old kid making videos in,front of his laptop at home my answer to,that is over the past three years i've,generated over seven million dollars in,online sales with e-commerce created a,life of financial freedom and,generational wealth for myself through,the skills that i've built up all,starting with drop shipping and my goal,is to provide you with real no,information with the utmost transparency,without trying to shove a paid video,course right down your throat,so i just want to say thank you so much,for clicking on this video and,congratulations for taking your first,few steps into the crazy world of making,money online but most importantly grab a,pen and paper as you watch this video,because at the end of this video it'll,be time for you to take some serious,action and i want you to be prepared so,strap in clear out a little workspace,for yourself and go ahead and smash that,like button so i can help impact more,people with this real no guide,to getting started with drop shipping in,2022. and just before we jump into the,value of this video i do want to,announce the weekly giveaway remember,all you have to do is go ahead and smash,that like button comment something,insightful down below and make sure you,subscribe to the channel the winner will,be announced for a custom built drop,shipping store built by me and my team,and outright ecom in my next week's,video let's get straight into this all,right so first things first load up your,computer go over to google and type in, or hit the link in my,description if you guys want an extended,free trial click on shopify and click,start free trial,go ahead and type in your email and,create a password i recommend creating a,brand new gmail account as it is easier,to keep all your business stuff in one,place instead of cluttering it in with,your personal emails,and create your store name and honestly,this part doesn't really matter because,you can always go back and change the,name and purchase a new domain name,later so for now i'm just going to call,this nathan's first store not actually,my first store but that's what we're,calling it shopify is going to go ahead,and ask you a few questions whether,you're just starting out or if you're,already selling,what you can do is just go ahead and,skip this entire part as it's not super,necessary in the beginning and you don't,really need to answer those questions,however you do need to put in your,country and then hit enter my store so,if you made it to this part you actually,made it farther than 99 of people who,say they're gonna start an online,business you now have your own dashboard,and storefront with shopify so the home,page here is basically gonna prompt you,to complete a bunch of steps in order to,get your store up and running next thing,we have an orders tab over here which is,gonna track and manage all the orders,that are gonna be coming through later,the next one we have products where,you're gonna be managing the different,products and inventory that you have the,customer tab where you're gonna control,everything that's customer related in,one single place,analytics where you're going to see the,daily view you know how much you're,making your average order value,conversion rates all that important,stuff a marketing channel we're going to,keep track of all the different ways,your marketing on your store discount,codes if you want to make unique,discount codes for certain people to,shop and lastly but most importantly the,online store sales channel itself where,you're gonna be creating the website,choosing the theme adding blog posts if,that's what you want creating other,pages like a contact us and a track your,order page making the navigation menus,and the footer menus different,preferences about your store and just,before we jump into actually building a,store i do want to run you through just,the most important things that you,should fix up on your settings so the,first thing over here in store details,you want to change the currency to usd,i mean,90 of my customers i would say come from,the united states and if you're on the,same boat i would recommend having your,currency set to usd,and just go ahead and click save,besides that you can start to fill out,your billing information so they can,bill you eventually when you get off of,the free trial you can start to set up,staff accounts if you're working on this,business with somebody else you can,start to set up your bank account so,that they can actually pay you when you,make orders and beyond that there's not,a whole lot that we need to do in the,very beginning in the settings so now,it's time to find our first product so,that we can actually start making some,sales,down here you'll notice this section,called apps you just want to come over,here and click add apps it'll take you,straight to the shopify app store if you,click the link at the bottom and this is,where you want to be to go ahead and get,an app that allows you to import a,product in one click now oberlo was a,big app that allowed you to do this,before i'm not even too sure it's still,on the shopify app store no it's not in,fact it's been completely removed and,this is the best way for beginners to,get started was to use oberlo and one,click add a product from aliexpress to,their store but with oberlo gone we need,an alternative and deezers is actually,partnered with overload to kind of pick,up and take over where oberlo left off,but good news for you is that deezers is,actually a whole lot more complete and,allows you to automate so many more,tasks that oberlo just didn't have the,functionalities for the first thing you,want to do is go ahead and click on this,app and then just click add app and it's,going to give you again a 14 day free,trial so you don't have to spend any,money out of your pocket go ahead and,click install app,and then it's going to prompt you to a,page where you need to create an account,for yourself,now don't get scared away by the 499 per,month enterprise plan as all we need,right now is the basic free plan and,just go ahead and click get started the,next thing is that we need to go ahead,and link deezers to aliexpress so if you,just click this logo right here it's,going to take us right through to,aliexpress and ideally you want to,already have an account set up if you,don't it's super quick and easy to make,an account on aliexpress,just click authorize and then you're,going to get this little support bot and,obviously what we want to do at this,point is start importing products and,figuring out which products we want to,sell on our store it's going to take you,through a really quick guide but i don't,really need to see any of this because,i'm going to show you guys exactly what,to do right now all right so deezers is,automatically integrated with aliexpress,if you're unfamiliar with aliexpress,it's basically a wholesale platform,where suppliers are listing up products,typically from china though you can find,suppliers in the us as well if you're,looking for faster shipping which i'd,recommend,and it's going to give you tons of,different product recommendations of,products that are currently selling well,for other dropshippers so as you can see,these are tons of great problem solving,products like this back stretcher right,here or this pet dog toy that's,apparently good for their teeth when,they're chewing it or this makeup pen,right here i'm gonna go ahead and select,a product given what i already know,about products but if you guys are,interested in a full guide on product,research and how to select your first,product for drop shipping you want to,click this link somewhere around here,i'll add the full guide video up at the,top,so i've decided to go with this,bluetooth sleeping headphone sport band,and basically what this allows you to do,is listen to music on your way to sleep,or listen to sounds that help you go to,sleep and it wraps your head really,nicely and it feels soft and super,seamless as almost as if it's not even,there but it also plays music out of the,sides right on your ears so seems like a,great problem-solving product for people,who are having difficulties going to,sleep and it comes in two different,color variations for about 12 usd at its,wholesale price from this particular,supplier which has tons of five-star,reviews,tons of orders and overall seems like a,solid bet so from the product right here,i'm just gonna click add to import list,and then i'm just gonna click go to,import list and check,and as simple as this all i have to do,is click on this button that says push,to shopify and then click ok,so as simple as this all i have to do is,click on this select box here that says,push to shopify and then click on the,button now it's going to ask me which,stores i want to publish it to since i,only have one store right now which is,nathan's first store to show you guys,how i created i'm just gonna go ahead,and select that and then click also,publish to online store and then finally,push to shopify now if we go back over,to our shopify store and we click on,products we should be able to see that,the product is right here on our,storefront it's gonna automatically go,ahead and add all the different images,straight from the listing on aliexpress,and all the different specifications of,the product as well as some of the,images they used on their product page,it's a pretty solid start if you ask me,and that was all done in literally 30,seconds now if we go back to deezers,eventually you can come here and you can,see all of your different products you,can see your open orders with your,customers you can go ahead and find,other suppliers for your product to make,sure you're getting the best price and,the fastest shipping and the highest,product quality and so much more so,diesels is a great all-in-one tool but,anyways before we start working on the,product page the next thing we want to,do is go over to the online store,section and start customizing our,storefront now it's going to give you a,pre-built theme dawn is a pretty good,theme and it's completely free with,shopify however you can select a,different one if you are interested but,i'm just going to go ahead and customize,this existing theme,so as you guys can see right out of the,box it's pretty basic we just have the,product here on the store we have a,bunch of blank templates added and we,have a couple different pages one of,them being catalog which is going to,show us the product that we added to the,store and then we have a contact page,already built into the theme as well,which is going to give customers a super,easy place to go ahead and file a ticket,with you if they need any type of,support before we work on the product,page i just want to customize the home,page a bit and if you guys want a more,in-depth full walkthrough of how i build,custom-made stores i'll leave a link,somewhere around here as well but now,that we know our store is in the,sleepwear niche we can start selecting,images that correspond with that so if,we click on this initial image banner,over here on the left side which is this,top part highlighted in blue then we can,go over to the right side and we can,start customizing it the first thing,that we need is an initial image so if,we click select image it's going to take,us to the shopify free image library,which is a great place to get images,also there's other free websites such as,pexels or you can even find images of,the product on aliexpress as well but,i'm just going to look up sleep and then,i'm going to go ahead and click one that,i feel corresponds to the product so you,can see somebody here in their bed well,rested it looks like and i think i'm,just going to use this from there you,can play around with the opacity the,height of the banner different color,schemes and such but i think that looks,pretty good to start so then i'm going,to start building out the text,simple benefit driven text is all you,need sleep like a baby our sleep band is,designed to help you fall asleep even in,the presence of loud noise and light so,our homepage is already coming together,now you can see it has this next little,section where we can go ahead and talk,about our brand let's give ourselves a,little mission statement here,our mission,our mission is to help you,get the rest that you deserve,now i don't really like this featured,products section here because there's a,lot of white space on the right side so,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,remove this featured collection that,already comes with the theme and i'm,going to go ahead and add section and,i'm going to type in,product then i'm going to click on,featured product and it's going to give,me this right here and all i have to do,is select product on the right side to,the product that we already have and,look how much better and cleaner that is,you have the main product photos on the,left side here you have the name of the,product price the buttons for them to go,ahead and add it to their cart or,purchase it right then and there and i,just think that's pretty much all you,need and i'll show you why when we get,into the landing page section which is,where all of our traffic is going to,land on they're not actually going to,come to our home page anyway so i'm just,going to go ahead and save that right,there and now i'm just going to start,building out some extra text that makes,sense with the product up here to help,boost conversions and show people why,they should buy this product,boom so that looks pretty good fall,asleep to sounds the amazon rainforest,having trouble falling asleep try,playing your favorite nature sounds so,comfortably forget it's even there our,sleep band is designed with ultra,lightweight material with an extra focus,on comfort and breathability,so for now i think that's pretty good,for the home page and now it's time that,we focus on the juice which is actually,going to be the product page so all you,have to do is click exit over here and,then go back to products click on the,product here's where we can start,customizing this and i'm going to change,the name to something a lot simpler and,cleaner i'm going to call this the sleep,band 2.0 and i just add the 2.0 um to,kind of give the feel that it's the next,generation it's next iteration on the,product as many people who are selling,this are probably also calling it the,sleep band because it seems like a name,that just fits with the product now as,far as the product page goes we want to,compile all this information in a way,that's appealing to the customer in a,way that will actually drive them to go,ahead and make that purchase you want to,show the customer clear benefits as to,why they should buy your product and,what they'll gain from it and you want,to do so in a very clean and,minimalistic way nobody wants to read,hoards of paragraphs or look through,hundreds of images just to make the,decision on whether or not they should,buy your product a couple clean images,and gifts and a few punch lines that,really hit home with the consumer is all,you need for copywriting,perfect so all i did was add a couple,punch lines in between some of the main,photos here and i made it make sense,with the photo so when i was talking,about the battery life i then talked,about the battery life when i was,talking about the comfort i talked about,the comfort when i was talking about,using it uh for working out and for,other purposes i talked about just that,as well,and the next step is to scroll down over,here and make sure that all the product,photos are pretty good for now this,looks pretty good straight off the,listing so i'm happy with this and if i,continue to scroll down here's where we,can choose the price point for each,variant so if i go to edit i can select,the price that i want to sell this at,and i think for this product given that,we're getting it for about 12 a 3x,markup or around there is pretty good so,i'm going to go in with 39.99 as the,price point and i'm going to set that,for both of them,now another thing that you can do by,clicking edit on each one of the,products is you can select a compare at,price to run different types of offers,and stuff like that so if i'm selling,the product for 40,and i want to convince the customers to,buy it by telling them they're getting a,50 off sale what i can do here is i can,come and i can make the compare at price,79.99,and i'm gonna do that for the same,variant the gray one as,well and bingo,so there we have the product page is,looking pretty good and now we can go,take a look on how it looks on the,mobile view to make sure that it's up to,par both for people who are coming on,their desktop and for people who are,coming onto our website using an iphone,to do that just go back over to online,store make sure that you click save at,the top right to save all your progress,i almost forgot to do that if we go back,to the online store and hit customize we,can check out how everything's coming,together all right so now if we click on,catalog and we click on the sleep band,2.0 product that we just finished,creating we can see how the web page is,going to look we can see the price and,there you go there's the compare app,price for 80 that's crossed out you can,see the two different variants of the,product when you click on each one each,different product photo will appear,and if you scroll down you can see all,the different images and the text that,we used for the product as well now,though i probably could spend a lot more,time deciding how i want to layout the,photos and which photos i want to use,i'm already seeing a couple duplicate,photos i won't worry about that too much,right now because there's something more,important that actually needs our,attention on the product page which is,going to be getting reviews or,testimonials that's going to help build,a lot of social proof and trust with,your customers and it's going to be the,missing piece on what pushes them over,the edge in many cases so if i just hit,save and then leave the website editor i,can go back to the main shopify section,where i can then select a new app that's,going to allow me to import reviews,easily with one click now there are tons,of good review apps that are completely,free i usually start with a reviews it's,a pretty solid free review app right,here and all you have to do is click on,it and click add app,all right so it's gonna take you to this,page here where you can start a tour on,how to use the app because i already,know i'm gonna go ahead and click skip,and show you guys instead and now it's,gonna take you to this page basically,all we have to do is go back to the,aliexpress page of the product and then,paste it into the top where it says find,your products because this product,already had tons of reviews on it that's,exactly what we're looking for so once,we get to this page all we gotta do is,click on reviews and click import,reviews and it's going to take us over,to this page right here and it knows,exactly the product that we have on the,website right now so if we just go back,to aliexpress copy the link of the,product and again this one already has,tons of reviews so it's exactly what,you're looking for and then you want to,paste it in here and click import it's,going to give you some parameters on,exactly what you want to import i'm,going to say,4 and 5 stars and above and translate,all comments to english and then go,ahead and click submit so now if we go,back to our product page we should see,the reviews are showing up let's go back,to customize,catalog,and then click on the product itself,we scroll at the bottom we can already,see tons of reviews now if we do want to,add more reviews you might have to get,on a paid plan with a reviews i think,it's like 9.99 a month and you can have,unlimited reviews and stuff like that,but in the beginning this is all you,need a solid review section with a few,different testimonials and hopefully,some good reviews that actually show,images of the product like these ones,that we have right here now the next,step of the store is we need to do a,little bit of management with logo uh,the menus just overall make things look,a lot more clean and branded,so if we go exit again and we go over to,the navigation section here's where we,can start editing the main menu so right,now we have this home catalog and,contact because we only have one product,on our store that we're selling right,now i don't think a catalog is entirely,necessary so i'm just gonna go ahead and,remove that and instead i'm gonna add a,product page that i'm just gonna call,shop now and it's gonna take us directly,to the link to go ahead and purchase,that product so if we just click on the,sleep band 2.0 right there and then hit,add it's going to show up exactly how i,intend it to and the last thing that we,have here is the contact page which is,pretty solid on this template to begin,with so i'm just going to leave that as,is now the other page i might add right,off the bat is attract my order page,so customers know exactly when their,product is going to get to them and,that's what i'm going to do right here,i'm just going to go track my order but,the first thing that i have to do is,create that page so over here on the,pages section this is where you can add,different pages if i click add page and,then i click track my order right here,this is where i can start building up,the track my order page so i'm going to,type something like this,all right so please allow up to five to,15 business days for your package to,arrive if you're wondering where your,package currently is please use this,link and make sure you have your,tracking code from your email ready to,go now the link that i'm talking about,is actually 17 track it's a pretty good,website that does all-in-one package,tracking for tons and tons of different,different logistics and carriers and,it's likely they're going to be working,with the same shipping logistics lines,that your supplier is as well so if,that's the case start with this,something super simple like this is all,that you would need to go ahead and,satisfy your customers and show them,exactly where their package is in,transit,all right so after saving that remember,if we go back over to navigation and we,go back over the main menu we can now,add that in by going here and clicking,on pages and then track my order and,clicking add now that we saved that menu,that's all going to show up pretty well,and if we go over to the footer we can,do the same thing by adding whatever,menu items we want i'm going to add home,and click the home page on the footer,and i'm also going to add the shop now,and i'm also going to add the contact,and the track my order page,bingo so the footer menu is now complete,so now if we go back over we can see the,different pages that we added like,contact and track my order and if you go,down to the bottom in the footer you can,see all the different pages that i added,like so next step i think it's time for,color scheme and logo to start cleaning,it up and making it look like a brand so,if we go down here to theme settings and,then we click on colors this is where we,can start selecting all the different,colors that we want on our store so,let's go back to the home page for this,and theme settings here again and let's,go to colors and let's start picking,some different color schemes so for,solid button label i'm going to go ahead,and choose some type of a blue maybe,like a teal or something like this and,see how that looks there you can see the,buy it now is now an appeal and then for,the solid button background i might try,something,maybe like,a deeper blue maybe like a turquoise-ish,something like that let's see how that,looks okay that doesn't look too bad do,you want to change this to make it stand,out just a little bit more,there we go i think that looks pretty,good and then the other accent colors,let's match that up with something,similar to what we're using there,this is going to be these little accent,colors for these buttons right here,and then for text i usually like to just,make this one as dark as possible and,the same thing with the outline buttons,and there we go i think that looks,pretty good um those are the type of,buttons and colors that we're going to,be using across the store,for all the other text white and black,is pretty clean a conversion right,typically does better um when the store,is white as opposed to black don't ask,me why it's just something that i've,found over the years now if we go back,to the shop now page we can see kind of,the color scheme for those buttons are,now set in order and as we add different,things they'll pop up in that color as,well now we need to create a logo so one,website that i use for easy logo,creation is canva if you have photoshop,skills or something like that great i,personally don't so i just like to go,over to canva it's a free tool i believe,but there is a paid option where you can,add tons of different stuff to your,logos and to your designs that you make,so i'm just going to go ahead and log,into my account really quick all right,so now that we're in canva here if we,just click on logos and it's going to,give us hundreds of pre-made templates,that we can choose from i'm just going,to click one of the first ones that i,see here and i'm going to edit the,template style a little bit to change,the colors i'm going to choose something,similar to the colors that we're already,using beforehand,i'm just going to play with this a,little bit and i think that doesn't look,too bad,um i'm debating even having some of this,smaller text down here you know what i'm,just going to get rid of it and we're,just gonna go with a clean and simple uh,sleep band at the top right there now,all i have to do is go over to the top,here and click share and then click,download click transparent background,download as a png and continue and now,if i go back over to my store and i go,to header and i click change right here,i'll be able to select the image click,upload and choose it from my downloads,folder like so and there you can see at,the top the sleep and logo is there but,it's looking a little bit small so i'm,probably going to crop it and make sure,that it fits the way that i want it to,the first thing that i'm going to do is,open up,and there we go that's how it looks now,i'm just going to show you guys on the,mobile view which is arguably more,important so you're going to see the,sleep band at the top right there you're,going to see the menu item with,everything and this is how the product,page looks we got all the reviews at the,bottom and overall i think this is,almost ready for a test again,how far you can take web development and,making your store look really ranges,from beginner entry level to advanced,where you know you either hire developer,to custom code things and spend tens of,thousands of dollars or you spend time,focusing on every single nitpicky detail,in my opinion i like to start off with,it as simple as possible and then as i,start making revenue reinvest into,constantly improving my website if you,guys were interested in a full,comprehensive guide on how to do so much,more to your store i recommend you check,out this video right here but honestly,this is all you need to know in the,beginning of course you can play around,with things a little bit more when,you're launching the store for the first,time but this is good to go and i'm just,gonna click save and then exit now the,next thing that we need is another,really really important app it's pretty,much one of my essentials besides,deezers and a reviews so we're gonna go,back over to the shopify app store and,the app is called reconvert and this app,right here has generated me over six,figures in additional revenue across my,brands to date so i definitely want to,make sure that you guys install this app,from day one as well now the best part,about reconvert is they only charge you,when you make money so after cooking,let's go you just have to approve your,credit card or your paypal so that they,can charge you and again you won't be,billed until you're starting to make,money with the app as well,now that i'm into the app it's going to,show you how to build a post-purchase,funnel and a post-purchase funnel is,basically something that gets presented,to the customer and which encourages,them to spend more money on your store,after they've already purchased so you,don't have to worry about losing the,sale or losing the customer because of,spamming them with pop-ups and different,types of sales tactics this way you've,already made the sale and you're simply,offering them more likely at a,discounted rate to squeeze out as much,revenue as possible from each client,that lands on your store so here's how,to do this we just click start now and,then click publish reconvert it's going,to automatically publish you an entire,funnel that's optimized for conversions,that honestly needs little customization,and work even for some of the biggest,brands in the world if we go over here,and click close it's going to take you,through the funnel exactly how it,happens so after the order is completed,a trigger to then offer them an upsell,comes in and you can add as many upsells,as you want on multiple thank you pages,after they continue ordering from you,but let me show you how these upsells,work if we click into the first upsell,and click edit here basically this is,what it's going to show them on the,thank you page so if you're all familiar,with shopping online you probably get a,page like this sent to your email or,directly after when you purchase a,product it's going to say,congratulations you've paid for your,order or something like this but then,you can hit them with another offer so,you can say hey thanks for shopping or,whatever it's not too late to grab more,here's another for 15 off and then,you're offering them another product and,this is where it gets interesting,because you can add tons of different,upsell products onto your store in the,particular niche or you can simply offer,them the same product at a discounted,rate maybe if they want to buy the same,product for friends or family as well,but now they can do it at a special,discount just for them and of course you,can play around with all the different,options here and you can optimize this,to look exactly how you want but i just,wanted to show you guys that relatively,quickly because it is something that i,use across all my brands and not having,a post purchase upsell flow in place,means that you're simply missing out on,extra revenue that you could be,collecting so that's reconvert and it's,one of my essential apps and besides,that i think we've pretty much gone over,everything that's pretty essential for,the online store creation and starting,your first drop shipping store so now,that you have your first drop shipping,store set up take a break crack a beer,sit down and celebrate you've already,made it farther than 99 of people who,say that they're gonna hop into online,business and now the fun parts ahead of,you so get a good night's rest and gear,up for learning all about advertising,paid traffic and how you're gonna start,driving traffic towards your store and,making sales again this video is simply,too short for me to cover every single,little detail in terms of the store,creation and setup but i showed you guys,pretty much everything that you need to,do to get started on day one of building,your own drop shipping store from,scratch if you do want a full,comprehensive guide i put one out,completely free and this includes,methods of paid traffic this includes,paid ads organic ads and ways to start,converting those customers into sales,and granting yourself an extra source of,income and eventually hopefully,financial freedom i'll link that video,somewhere up here for you guys it really,is a game changer and it's helping so,many people and i hope this one does too,also congratulations to truth of god,clips for winning the custom built,dropshipping store giveaway from my last,week's video just go ahead and shoot me,a dm on instagram we'll get right in the,works of setting up your store same,rules apply for this video guys all you,have to do is give me a huge thumbs up,comment something insightful and,subscribe to the channel for your chance,to win a custom built dropshipping store,built by me and my team in which i'll be,announcing in my next week's video,but with that thank you guys so so much,for all the support lately it's been,absolutely amazing and i want to keep,dropping bangers like this and helping,as many people take their first few,steps and eventually scale up a,profitable drop shipping business online,if you like this video or found it,informative please don't hesitate to,share it to a friend or family member as,i know that this video isn't the most,comprehensive and detail-oriented video,in the world but it can get you started,and that's what's the most important,taking those first few steps thank you,guys so much can't wait to hear all your,success stories get connected on,instagram with me and i'll see you guys,in my next week's video peace,good luck,you

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