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How To Set Up Shipping Confirmation Emails With Tracking In Oberlo | Shopify Dropshipping 2022 what'

Alexander Shenton

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How To Set Up Shipping Confirmation Emails With Tracking In Oberlo | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

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How To Set Up Shipping Confirmation Emails With Tracking In Oberlo | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

what's up guys my name is alex and in,today's video i just want to show you,how to set up your shipping confirmation,emails and get them sent to your,customers,with their tracking numbers as soon as,their orders go out so this is something,you'll actually want to have on your,store no matter what but it will also,save you hours of customer service time,because you're not going to get those,emails coming in every day going where,is my order how long until my order,arrives because they're actually going,to have their tracking numbers and know,where it's at at any given time,so without wasting any time let's go,ahead and jump into my computer and get,started okay so i'm just over here on,the shopify homepage i just set up this,store for the purpose of this video so,we're in the shipping emails tutorial,store,so just go ahead and click apps,oberlo and when you first get to oberlo,go ahead and click settings and i'll,bring you to this page and then it's,literally this easy click,notify my customers and then it says add,custom,shipping tracking url and you actually,want to paste the link in there of the,tracking,page that it will take your customers to,and they actually recommend using 17,track because of all the actual um,shipping carriers that are provided,under there so just go ahead and paste,it in there make sure there's no spaces,before or,after click out of it and click save and,i'll actually have this,this link right here in the description,so just go ahead and copy that and paste,it in there on oberlo and you're good,after you click save settings so just go,back to your shopify dashboard from,there,okay so we're back in shopify and you'll,just want to go ahead and click settings,from there,and notifications,so these are actually your notifications,that are going to go out,in the form of email and text messages,for your customers,and you can actually customize them,right here you can add your logo to it,customize some of the um,uh like the button colors and stuff but,right here you can actually go through,individually and customize what's in the,actual email itself,but where you want to go now is the,shipping confirmation email,so once you get your shipping,confirmation email you'll actually just,click right here,select it all and click backspace and,just confirm that there's no spaces in,there,and i'll actually have another link in,the description for this but oberlo,actually provides you the shipping,confirmation email template,so you just want to go ahead and paste,that in there,and scroll back up and click save now,depending on what shopify plan you have,this is the basic plan where i actually,didn't select a plan on this store,so i don't have sms available but there,will be another link in the description,available for if you have,sms available on your store so i'll just,go ahead and include that in there but,you can actually click preview and see,what the email consists of like what,would actually be in the email that's,getting sent out to your customers,and if you want to you can just go ahead,and customize some of the text that's in,here like i said you can add your logo,you can change the subject text you can,change the color of the buttons,and just kind of customize this to fit,your store,so after getting all that set up you are,good to go every time your,order gets updated on aliexpress and,your tracking number becomes available,it will automatically get sent to your,customers with that email notification,that you just saw on the last scene,so by now you should have everything,that it takes to get your shipping,confirmation email,set up and sent out to your customers if,this video helped you out in any way go,ahead and drop a like to help me out and,subscribe as there's plenty more to,follow,i have two ecom resources linked in the,description below you're welcome to,check out either one of those,and as always thank you guys so much for,watching and i'll see you guys next time

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