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How To Send Newsletter In Shopify hey everybody my name is marcus and in,this video i'll show you a

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How To Send Newsletter In Shopify

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How To Send Newsletter In Shopify

hey everybody my name is marcus and in,this video i'll show you a simple way,how you can easily send a newsletter in,shopify,so let's start the first thing you want,to do is just like,enable your shopify newsletter here uh,in your store,and when you're gonna have it just be in,shopify,and then just click on customers and,you're going to see all your customers,that you got here,now what you want to do is just click,here on,marketing and then you're going to see,marketing overview here and want to,create a campaign,now when you're here you want to click,on shopify email,and when you're going to click on,shopify email,you want to click and choose which,template you want to send to your,customers,from your newsletter so you can actually,choose like i know black friday,starts now right and,when you're here you just want to simply,choose like your customer groups,then you have a subject here let's say i,don't know,new black friday is,on and you can have like preview text,one two three whatever,right so,when you got it and we got like special,offer here you can change the text,and when you're gonna click on a special,offer you can also change the discounts,here,between normal winter sale or spring,sale,you can find discounts here that you can,actually choose,and use these discount codes that you're,going to create,like free shipping whatever you want,that's like really up to you,and when i choose like winter sale it,will automatically change,right free shipping on all products use,called winter sale at a checkout,and it requires minimum purchase of 50,euro so this is how you can do it and,then we get like product here,and i can select the product,and i can simply wait like how it's,going to look like,baby yoda it's free and then we get like,nice shoes here,and voila here we got it so,then we got like mobile works on how,it's going to look like and desktop,version,you can also send test i recommend doing,that,so you're going to see like how it's,going to work out,and stuff like that you can change the,section colors,you can add button here if you want to,to your,shoes and that's pretty much it,so guys if you have any questions ask me,down in comments,this is how we can simply send,newsletter in shopify,heavy have a great day and goodbye

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