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How To Sell Tickets To Live Events Through Shopify hey,everybody,justin cener here how's it going in

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

How To Sell Tickets To Live Events Through Shopify

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How To Sell Tickets To Live Events Through Shopify

hey,everybody,justin cener here how's it going in this,video i'm going to teach you how to sell,tickets to live events online and,offline through your shopify store very,powerful let's jump right into it,selling tickets to live events via,shopify this is a high profit margin,strategy and online and offline events,we're talking about both very important,that we're doing both here,super popular and super profitable and,you don't need to be a massive brand to,take advantage of this brands of all,sizes can leverage events to,significantly drive new revenue streams,this is a really great way to make more,money to make more sales revenue to,increase your bottom line that's why you,want to be paying attention to this,video into this strategy online events,especially they are super super,profitable you could have an unlimited,amount of people an unlimited amount of,ticket buyers right attendees without,having additional costs like having a,bigger venue or having more seating or,more beverages and food and snacks and,all and security etc etc so a lot of,benefits on doing online of course and,like i said all brands all sizes can,take advantage of this you can do things,like webinars online conferences private,streams private training or of course,those live in-person events but there's,no built-in way to sell event tickets on,shopify you're going to need to use an,app i'm going to show you the one that i,use show you the one that i recommend to,everyone and it's very hard to protect,an online event link from cross sharing,without destroying the user experience,what do i mean by that well you know,let's say you have a webinar link that,you're going to have as a paid,webinar webinar paid event,paid online conference paid online talk,whatever you want it to be right you're,going to have some type of link out,there and maybe you're going to put a,password on the link it's going to add,an extra step to the event of course you,could also people can share the password,you might want to limit the number of,amount the number of times that a link,can be clicked but this could block,legitimate buyers that maybe left too,much time on the clock or clicked it too,many times opened it in multiple devices,you could also limit simultaneous opens,but this could block legitimate buyers,that might have already opened it in,another tab basically the bottom line is,you're not creating a good user,experience what we need to do is have an,ability to protect the event link to,make sure that you only access it if you,personally paid for it and when we talk,about offline events,there's no link of course but it's even,harder to manage you have ticketing,branding payment processing content,promotions staff all these different,things that can kind of run that you'll,run into for sure when you're running,these events so how do you do this the,right way and how do you turn shopify,into a medium that allows you to run,and take these or sell these tickets for,online and live events in person you're,going to use the starstream app this is,what i use this is what i highly,recommend you see the link directly,below this video this is an incredibly,powerful app we're going to go over the,shoulder and i'm going to show you just,why you're going to want to use this app,starstream incredibly powerful it's,going to allow you to turn your shopify,store your current store or you can,start a new one it doesn't matter you,could use shopify to immediately start,selling tickets to live events online,and offline again you see the link,directly below this video but here is,the starstream online events app again,you can get it right inside the shopify,app store link is below this video it's,going to support all video platforms,live streams webinars online events,virtual concerts and more support,through youtube vimeo zoom google meet,and more basically the bottom line is if,you're using a platform to sell,something online in terms of an event or,a stream it's going to be able to be,integrated inside a star stream right,inside of your shopify store and,starstream has this really cool star,stream secure send feature forget about,sharing passwords forget about limiting,the number of clicks or limiting,simultaneous opens you're going to,guarantee secure access every single,time you're going to stop customers from,sharing access to people that didn't,purchase and you're going to protect,your brand protect your event through,star stream and of course you're going,to have customizable tickets,customizable branding everything from,colors logo etc so it's going to be,fully branded to you this is all about,extending your brand driving new revenue,engaging with your customers online and,offline events for brands of any size,incredibly powerful and incredibly,profitable so all that you need to do on,this app again the link directly below,this video we'll come over here and,install it i'll show you a step by step,we're going to click the add app button,and add this into our store all you need,to do is press the green install app,button you'll be brought into your star,stream dashboard it's incredibly easy to,use star stream you take a look at the,instructions there's also a video below,but i'm going to show you exactly what,we're going to be doing here all we need,to do is have a product already created,that corresponds to our live event,whether it's going to be an online event,an in-person event so i have an actual,page over here a product in shopify,called my 2022 example private training,live webinar talk a little bit about the,description in a second of course just,like any product you have an image and a,price here's what it looks like in my,store so the point is here that we're,going to have an existing product that,people can purchase right someone's,going to be able to purchase this,product just like any t-shirt or hoodie,on my store this is going to correspond,to this event and what starstream is,going to do over here is once we select,convert product up here we're going to,go ahead and do that in a second it's,going to basically transform the product,from a typical physical shopify product,to an event-based product and every,single uh product will have the ability,to have of course a date and a secret,link and what customers are going to be,able to get automatically when they,purchase is a regis a registration,confirmation an add to calendar button,and then within the 24 hour period,before the event starts they're going to,get that access with this secret link,right over here and they're going to get,their 10-minute reminder as well to make,sure that they show up for the event so,incredibly powerful watch how easy it is,we just click convert product we're,going to then go through and search from,our shopify products over here i'll go,ahead and put in the search term it's,going to find our little example event,i'm going to click add very very easy,right we have our product over here,we're going to select which one it's,going to be you can select physical this,is an online webinar in this case so,we're going to go with the online now,we're going to go ahead and select the,date let's say it's going to be for next,friday and all we need to do now is put,in our url okay you'll put in whatever,your live url would be here whether it's,a go-to webinar or a youtube link or,whatever it is and you're gonna have,that kind of secure access guaranteed,through star streams feature here so,really really powerful as long as you,have everything set up over here just,these three different fields you have,this enable event checked off all you,need to do is press save and we're ready,to go on top of that remember we're,going to have some email communications,well the ticket otherwise known as the,stream link or the secret stream link,will be sent 24 hours before the event,and you also have a 10 minute reminder,you have a registration confirmation and,what we can do is literally come right,in over here and edit everything we,could send a test email out here as well,but if we want to go ahead and customize,the title or the content of the email or,we could add in,whatever we want here we'll be able to,fully customize that very very,simplistic of course we just press save,all do the same thing over here for the,registration confirmation email we can,go ahead and edit the content we can,edit the email button we have uh for the,add to calendar all the color schemes,everything even the sms we have full,configuration over that the bottom line,is starstream is by far the best app to,create and handle these events and then,sell them as well really cool part about,this you could add a ticket manually,let's say you want a gift a ticket or,someone paid at the event or maybe,you're just,doing a giveaway or something like that,a freebie add their email add their,phone number they get a ticket they'll,be actually part of the event they'll,get access via the secure link as well,so really everything is thought of when,it comes to star stream and i'm going to,come over here reload this page and,really remember as a customer there's,not going to be any difference this is a,purchasable product just like any other,product in shopify but when they check,out they're going to receive that event,confirmation and then 24 hours before,the event begins they're going to go,ahead and receive our secret link over,here securely sent to make sure that,only they are able to access this event,and you can protect your brand protect,your event protect your ticket sales and,have everything handled right inside of,the star stream dashboard i also want to,show real quick the settings over here,they also have their support and help,center down here in the bottom of,settings you could really take a look at,kind of everything over here on a ticket,by ticket basis when you're on the plan,the pay as you go plan,99 cents per ticket for 20 less 199 per,ticket for over 20 so basically just a,set fee over here so that was starstream,highly recommended incredibly powerful,this is the number one way,to sell tickets to events live events,online events in-person events on your,shopify store and i've got a special,deal for you if you use discount code,senior my last name c-e-n-e-r,you're gonna get a 25 discount for 30,days when using star stream make sure,you go ahead and install it again all,you need to do just press that add app,button just follow along with that step,by step that you saw earlier get star,stream in your store start selling these,online and in-person events extend your,brand engage with your customers and,most importantly make some money so i,really hope this helps you out if you,have any questions post a comment i'll,do my best to help you out otherwise get,this in your store and i hope this helps,you make some money

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