how to remove tags from shopify

How to hide certain tags on the front end of your website Shopify 2019 hello Shopify store owners an

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to hide certain tags on the front end of your website Shopify 2019

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How to hide certain tags on the front end of your website Shopify 2019

hello Shopify store owners and welcome,in this week what I'm doing is taking a,question from one of our viewers that,left the comment and the question on on,our recent video that it's titled how to,create collection and smart way to,manage them so this is interesting,because this person want to use tags in,order to create conditions for the,collection he's using but does not want,to show certain tags on the front end of,your Shopify store so that's exactly,what I'm gonna show you how you can hide,certain tags from showing on the front,end of your store it can be on your,product page on your collection page on,your home page anywhere it will it will,work also if you to have questions and,maybe something that will interest other,people please ask them in the comments,so I can maybe pick it up to do a video,similar to this one quick interruption,here last week I did the draw for our,monthly free contest so if you did,participate the weeks before go and,check that video to see if you are one,of the winner just click somewhere top,right or bottom left to be redirected to,that video if you do want to participate,in this contest and it's absolutely free,just watch the video or go straight to,the end of the video to learn and know,how to be part of the contest so you can,also win a one hour consultation with me,five hours worth of work time all value,at $575 it's simple it's easy and quick,so thank you guys in my example here I,just have the free minimal team that,it's that it's available on Shopify this,will work on any team that you have as,long as you're showing tags on the front,end so on my example I'm on the catalog,page and if you do the browse by or,filter by something like that this most,of the time it's using tags so you have,your standard one silver block whatever,tags you're using but maybe you have a,tag like this one don't show tag that,you will want to not show to your,customers but you being able to use it,for example to manage your you,inventory or maybe to build your,collections using conditions and using,tags as part of those conditions let me,show you what are the steps and what we,need to do in order to hide this this,tag that we don't want here first of all,make sure your the the products that you,want to use and the tags you want to use,they have a prefix something similar to,this don't show or something that you,will know in advance and you will always,use that to label the tags you don't,want to show on the front end so let's,assume that I have the don't show tag,and this is what we're gonna use in our,code so go back to your admin panel,click on online store and then themes,then on the team you want to modify,click on action and edit code in my case,because we want to modify how the tags,show on the collection page we're gonna,go into templates here open it if it's,not open and then collection what I'm,looking is to find exactly this the,browse by so we can just do a search,browse by maybe we'll find something,let's see so you do command F or control,F to find and then the search will be so,browse doesn't bring any results let's,do filter so even filter doesn't work in,that case it means this is not the,complete code for the collection so,let's find include if you do a search,you have include pagination that's not,what we need,we have breadcrumbs no include,collection tags maybe this is what we,need yes so we need this we need to go,and take a look at this include,collection tag so when you see and,include that means it will be a snippet,so go open your folder here snippet and,look for collection tags open this and,this is exactly what we were looking for,you see the browse,this is browse by,so it will be exactly this part so now,that we have that the code what we want,to search for is where does the code,make a call for the tags so let's search,tag we have all these over here so what,we're looking for is the loop here so,when you see a four it means that I'm,gonna loop through the collection all,tags for each tag that there is in the,collection so this is a loop so if I,have four tags in the collection it's,gonna do a loop of this code here four,times so the technicalities are not that,important what you need to do is find,where the top where the code is then do,a search for tag to find this code here,that it's gonna look to all the tags you,have in your store and it's gonna show,one at a time the easiest way for me,that I think of doing this is adding a,few lines of code and it will go as,follow it's it's this type of bracket,then percentage you type on less tag,contains then we want to type what we,assigned before to our product tag which,was don't show so don't show,and we need to to end the unless and,we're gonna end it just before the end,for just gonna move this a little bit so,right here same thing bracket percentage,and unless and you close again the,brackets and let's hit save and let's go,refresh our collection page and voila,it's it's that simple so now we don't,have that tag anymore so all you have to,do is add the unless code over here,before your showing each of the tag so,basically the code what is doing it's,looking at this and if one of the tag,contains don't show or whatever you put,here that is the same as the tag that,you want it wouldn't it will skip this,coding here but if you have a attack,that it that it's black silver white,those will go true and will execute the,code that we had before so that's all,you need to do and again this will work,on on a me on any page collection page,product page home page as long as you,find where is the code for the tags to,show so you need to find your tag coding,and then add the unless code here and,ending the illness and that's so this is,it if you if you have any questions,please use the comments below the video,to ask me anything you want to know,about this video about this process I,will I will take the time to answer also,don't forget to Like subscribe and,comment in the video I will draw for,free one hour consultation and five,hours worth of work time valued at five,hundred and seventy five dollars each,month so by subscribing liking and,commenting on this video you can win,five hundred seven,five free value that I will draw each,month so please do that and see you next,time

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