how to sell music on shopify

How To Sell Music Online (Shopify For Musicians) so if you're trying to take your music,career serio


Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Sell Music Online (Shopify For Musicians)

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How To Sell Music Online (Shopify For Musicians)

so if you're trying to take your music,career seriously,at some point you're going to want to,know how to make money selling your,music,online in 2021 and beyond,and today i'm going to show you guys one,website that i love to use,to make money with my music not have to,rely on streaming platforms not have to,rely,on getting a million plays on youtube,and different things like that,but using a site called shopify and,this is a commerce website that allows,you to build your own site,very easily with nice themes and things,like that you can sell music,merch services consultations whatever,you can think of you can sell it here,now i've been using shopify for about,five to seven years,uh so this is a platform that i really,really really do love,and i think it has a lot of features,that a lot of these other,platforms don't have so this is what i'm,going to be talking about today so the,first thing you want to do when you're,building out your website is click the,link in the description it gives you a,free trial to open up your shopify,account and build your store now i'm not,going to sit here and go through the,entire,process on how to build your store i do,have a video that,shows kind of how to set up your store,going through all the different options,but i'm going to talk about,different applications you can use,within the shopify marketplace,that'll help you sell your music in your,own store sell your merch and how to add,products and different things like that,tools that you basically want to use to,make money,selling your music so first of all,once you go through the process of,building your store you would want to,come to the apps,and this is going to be the most,important part of your store there's,different shopify apps that have,different functions from,email marketing to uh scarcity,like you know countdown timers on your,page to different pop-ups for discounts,people can get,to even using things that allow you to,sell digital downloads on your store the,apps that i do recommend,having is first of all since you're,selling your music something that,sells digital downloads i like to use,this next one called,toon boom and the reason is because this,actually,allows you to have previews to your,music that you're going to sell much,like,itunes or any kind of online retailer,that sells music has,digital downloads by shopify this free,one up here it does not have that,feature it lets you sell the music for,free but there,is no player that plays the music for,the potential buyer for the,the fan for you know people like that so,this is the main thing i want to talk,about in today's video how to make money,selling your music this is not about,getting streams this is not about you,know any of that stuff it's selling,directly not even,through itunes not even through amazon,music or google play this is direct from,you,because you get a bigger cut and also,you get access to,that customer's information so you can,market to them later on,so toon boom is an app that i recently,found,and this is different from one that was,called single music which allows you to,sell singles but you need all these,technical things and upc codes and stuff,just to sell your music with toon boom,you don't need any of that,you can set whatever price you want that,was another limitation of single music,which i don't recommend,this one allows you you can set a single,for a thousand dollars if you wanted to,which,hey this one it allows you to add new,tracks to add new albums,you can sell beats from here you can set,up licensing terms from here,you can also um sell sound kits from,here sound packs so those will be coming,soon for me as well,shout out shout out but make sure you,download,toon boom in the shopify app store so,when you come here,go ahead and search for toon boom,by pulse wave that's the one right there,you add the app there is a free plan,available,but i would recommend going to the more,expensive plan so what you want to do,first is you want to come to,click the plus button here on uploads,and this is where you would upload,your audio file for your beat your song,whatever it may be that you're trying to,sell the music,uh you click add file and then let's,just,uh upload this right here,you want to make sure it's an mp3 file,or a wav file um,anything else is not going to work for,you,so it's going to go ahead and upload our,song here it's processing this,and once this is done spinning it'll,basically be within,our uploads so whatever track you're,adding once it finishes processing it'll,be in your mp3 files,appropriated has been uploaded and so,now at this point,what you want to do and this is in terms,of selling an album or,music let's just say i want to sell a,single,what i would do from here is on the,tracks,section i would click create a track,here or in the dashboard,i can click add a new track it doesn't,matter which way you do it,but now we would name our track so a pro,created this is a song you can also,choose,vocals if it's just vocals or you can,choose b if it is,a beat but in this case it's a song i,can select the release date,this is a song about love or whatever,description you want to add to there you,can do that as well and then we can,upload some artwork here,for our song i'll go ahead and select,like,in the upload section my uploads you can,upload not only um mp3 files and way,files but you can also upload,album art a bunch of if you have like a,bunch of art,of yourself or cd covers that you want,to use for these different things you,upload them to my uploads and that'll,appear here in this section when you're,ready to upload a track here so,these are just some things i i use to,upload to my type beats and my beats as,well,so i'll just select this one here and so,that's our,cover art now here in the audio file,section obviously this is where we,upload our mp3 or our wave so it takes,both,we'll click browse and then we'll go to,our uploaded now you can also,upload directly to this from the the,tracks page but if you have um the pro,version and you want to,bulk upload a bunch of tracks usually,this is for people who are selling beats,i would recommend doing the my uploads,first so that,everything these are all my beats here,that i have to to list and sell,so you see how much how much it is,um but yeah so we'll go here we'll look,for appropriated,so then we have our selling preferences,so you can put that it's not for sale,you can put it to private or you can,allow a preview,in this case we want people to be able,to preview the song so we click allow,preview it will not play the full song,which is a good thing,because you don't want people just going,to your stuff and streaming it and then,screen recording it and all that so just,allow the preview,and you can set whatever price you want,so,this is a single normally people would,sell for 99 cents or a dollar or,sometimes 199 129 149 whatever,you can upload the track lyrics here,which is pretty cool,and then if you want to add,collaborators so if this had a feature,of,kelly dante i could add her here track,details,i can go to the genre the mood the bpm,the musical key and the tags this is all,important stuff as well for sorting in,your store especially if you're doing,the selling of beats and then the tags,uh here you just add whatever tags you,want so in this case it's a single,it's from the new album uh 2021 if i,wanted to add that,whatever the case may be and then so,we're done pretty much with the track,itself and now it should be updated to,where when i go to this link,here is our song the way that my theme,is set up this is not exactly how,it would look in your store it could,depend on what theme you're trying to,to get but it looks a little bit,different in terms of a store that's,actually been optimized,for this particular application and they,are,sending out an update the guy told me uh,to where,it does or it is compatible with other,themes that are in shopify so this is,not going to be the final product i do,have to change my store layout but,you can preview it if you want to,where's the play button,so it's like a quick little preview of,the track,i can uh see the tags here new album,whatever this is set because i put,it's a collaboration with kelly dante,that's why her name pops up here,now the full song would appear here if,you know it was optimized once again but,i do have to change my layout,and then when people click the add to,cart button it automatically adds to,their cart so you check here there's,appropriated they would check out just,like it's a regular product,in your shopify store the same thing,goes for,your beats so let's say we went through,the whole process,of uh making a beat we uploaded the beat,here,and so now we're in tracks we want to,create a new track here,and this one's going to be a beat right,if you're a producer let's go ahead and,click,our project here this is called beat now,here's where things differ a little bit,because,here you want to upload the untagged,audio because it's going to be only a,preview that plays anyway so you don't,have to tag it you can tag it if you,want to but that's just adding an extra,step,um so you would browse whatever your,beat is,in the same case i'll just pick i don't,know uh,this timberland one,and then you would click to add the,stems if you want to have,stems available for your beat so you,would click to browse for the stems you,upload the zip file of all the exported,stems for that beat,so that when people buy whatever license,you have,that allows them to have the stems then,they get delivered the stems as well,now that brings us to the next thing,which is the licensing,but to get this part set up the first,thing you want to do before,you start building your beat is you want,to set up your licenses,um or not building your b but building,your your your beat product page,so here in licenses and contracts,this is where the licenses come into,play,and this is also where it's important to,to know,that whatever plan you have has a,certain amount of,licenses you can have active i have the,pro one which allows 50 licenses i do,not need 50 i only need probably maximum,like,five to ten if that probably more like,five because i have four now,so you click on licenses and then here,you would create a license,so let's go ahead and click create a,license,and then in this case you would,determine what that license may be,so uh in my case i just put like a,really no,low number because this is my cheapest,license so i think i put like,299 or something like that um that's,gonna be for every single,licensed price that i that i have for um,all of my sync license tracks it'll,automatically put it,to 299 and i can customize that later on,when i'm actually in,the track page if i want a specific song,to have a,more expensive license i can do that but,automatically,for starters it'll populate this which,kind of saves time anyway,now if i had a whole album that i wanted,to license i can set that as well,so it could be fifty dollars whatever,and then,here in the order processing section,change how your store responds to,checkout and order events when this,license is purchased,so you can choose to automatically,fulfill the mp3 file,you can choose to automatically fulfill,the wav file,and you can choose to automatically,fulfill the track stems so that you,obviously have to have a wave file,selected or a mp3 file selected,and and a zip file track stems selected,as well and upload it in the track,section for this stuff to even work,um but this is a great,thing for selling your music online it,automates the process,so you can automatically fulfill waves,you can automatically fulfill track,stems if it has both of those i,do want to have both of those selected,because i just don't,i don't want to add more steps for,myself and then here in this section you,can customize the contract of this,particular license so,so then you would click activate license,and in that case what would happen is it,pops,up here and then basically it would be,an enabled license,here is where you would allow people to,uh,buy your song in whatever way you want,so they can buy,a basic license for 49.99 exclusive for,499.99 or a sync license for 4.99,and then the way to exclude the license,from,any song is to just put zero and that,takes off that license from the page so,if i copy this,and i go to the page here you'll see,this is my song this is the beat,they can preview it all that good stuff,um they can when they click the add to,cart button,it shows them all the licenses so sync,license for 4.99,allows them to not use it for any of,these things basically just for,youtube videos basic license as well,different things like that this gives,them the stems so they can select,whichever one let's say they want to buy,the exclusive,they add it to their their cart now they,have the exclusive,right here 4.99 automatically click,checkout boom you're good to go,now with albums it's the same way except,you just add a bunch of your uploaded,tracks already to,a album so let's if we go to create an,album,this is the screen you would see the,same kind of screen you upload your,cover art,you type in the name of the album if,it's a beat album or a song,album or a book album now the release,date you do the tags you type the,description,and then you do the same thing for this,so since this is a beat album,i have licensing here because it's for,beats if it was a song album,you just uh put the price here for,however much that album is that's like,if you're selling,your songs um and then of course you,would go to,the album tracks you click browse tracks,and this is for all your uploaded tracks,you can,select whichever ones you want to add,here and then click add to album or you,can search for them here,so whether it's a beat album or a song,album,boom here you go five track tester these,are one two three four,five songs that i have in different,styles this is a beat pack,so they can buy all these beats sync,beats for their youtube videos for,instance for twenty dollars they can use,all these for free for twenty dollars,or if they wanna lease these beats which,is a basic license,um they can do that here as well,um i do have exclusives as well but,since none of these beats have the stems,i have the no stem exclusives,so they can buy this entire five pack of,beets,for 900 and they get to use it,all for themselves so that's basically,like the price of a beat and a half,exclusive but that that's pretty much,the main,uh thing i wanted to talk about now,there is an example store you can check,out,that shows you really what it's supposed,to look like i want to show you guys,make sure i do because i want to make,sure i represent this,i'm not being sponsored by these people,i just think it's really dope and,they've been they've made something that,i haven't seen on shopify,i've been looking for something like,this for so long and just now,finally i've found something this is,what it would look like with a theme,that is actually working with the the,layout of the app,so you have your nice looking uh tracks,here you got your,your track um cover art here,but yeah this is this is a beautiful,product also it works in mobile so,that's something you also don't have to,worry about but toon boom definitely if,you don't get anything else from this,video,uh obviously you want to have shopify to,be able to use this but,the one app to download,to sell your music online and customize,whether it's beats or songs or albums,and set whatever price you want,without having to jump through hoops to,get upc codes and all that stuff,toon boom is what you want to download,uh thank you guys for watching if you,have any questions or comments leave,them down below in the comment section,leave a like on this video if you found,it helpful if you're not subscribed,already please hit that subscribe button,turn on the bell notifications so you'll,be notified every time i upload a brand,new video just like this one,if you have any other questions or,things you want to see regarding this,whole aspect let me know,as always appreciate you and stay,legendary,you

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