how to sell affiliate products on shopify

💰How To Use Shopify For Affiliate Marketing | 👉Simple Code to Add and Start🔥🔥 hi guys in this video

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

💰How To Use Shopify For Affiliate Marketing | 👉Simple Code to Add and Start🔥🔥

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💰How To Use Shopify For Affiliate Marketing | 👉Simple Code to Add and Start🔥🔥

hi guys in this video i am going to show,you a most,important concept that how you can use,your shopify store for,affiliate marketing so basically i will,be showing you all the steps to follow,and,generate such type of affiliate links so,that,the customers could able to purchase the,products from your store and you get the,profit of affiliate marketing,so basically affiliate marketing is like,uh you,there are certain e-commerce websites,like,aliexpress and you also have heard about,ebay,so there are multiple other websites uh,where the online products are going to,be sold out,but you have the option to promote their,products onto your shopify store,and then you will get the percentage of,the profit,so how you will be doing that is earlier,you was using shopify store for,drop shipping right but for now what you,can do is,like you can add a simple link from,the affiliate website and then once,you are promoting your store and anyone,is uh,anyone is purchasing the product from,your shopify store then you will be,getting the profit from,uh the specific e-commerce website like,for example you are promoting the,products for,so you will get the profit from, once a specific product,sold out uh because of your website all,right so let me show you how you will be,doing that,currently you can see that on my screen,i have the product page and i have just,added a,shop now button and you can see that,this is the product which is already,existing,on the shopify all right so let me click,on this one so for example i am clicking,on shop now,and you can see that i redirected uh to,the, and here the sam product is,showing and now i can purchase from here,and once,a customer is going to purchase because,of clicking on your website,then you will be getting the profit off,profit from that specific e-commerce,website like amazon,so let me show you how so first of all,you,have to go to your products so each of,the product which you will have,uh so every product you need to,add such type of links how so for,example you have couple of products here,for example i am considering the first,one,so you need to click on this product,and once opened this specific product,here,then what you need to do is for example,i am opening this specific store on,a new tab so you can see that,all the things are over here and,first example i am just exploring few,kitchen related products,so yeah so this is the actual product,right,so currently you can see that i have,already implemented paypal smart buttons,if you don't have implemented i can also,do that for you,so i have already created a lot of,videos if you will go through my channel,you will get all the stuff so for,example below this add to cart button i,wanted to,add a new button for shop now so,first of all you can see that the,description is over here,so this is also here so i am interested,to,add a specific button above this right,so what you need to do is you need to,click this specific link,specific button which is show html right,and then you have to click,press the enter key and here you need to,copy and paste a specific,affiliate link but before that let me,generate a tag here for example anchor,tag,a href equals to,here i will be adding a specific link,from my,e-commerce website like,and then i am writing here shop now,shop now and then i am closing that,anchor tag here,all right so for example i am going to,save this,specific product here,so once the product is going to be saved,then let me refresh this page,and now you can see that there is a link,generated here sharp now,but this is empty link once you will be,clicking on this one then,nothing would be done here so what we,gonna do here is like uh,we are going to uh log into amazon,account or maybe amazon dot,in i am living in india because of which,i have amazon dot in so if you are,living in any other country accordingly,you will have to register on the amazon,so amazon is providing an affiliate,program so down below,you will get a become an affiliate,so once you will be clicking on this,specific link then,you you will have to register with,uh this specific program of amazon,i mean that is called as affiliate,program so i have already uh,i have already created the account on,amazon as,affiliate program so after that you will,get a specific key,store name so this is the store name,keywords dot,dash 21. in the same way you will have,different one right,so but now what we gonna do here is like,we are interested to purchase a specific,product here,so let's say i have this product so i'm,gonna copy this,uh title and i'm going to search here,so once you are searching here and,if you are yeah this is the product,so once you will be clicking on that,specific product and you are,already logged in with the affiliate,program then,you will be getting this specific uh top,bar,what we will have to do is uh,you can see that this product is over,here and we are interested to,copy the link of this so you need to,click on this top link,get link so here is the text so,here is the link so you need to copy,this link,and then after you need to paste that,link in between the,double quotes of href equal to double,quotes right so i have just,pasted that link and,this whole anchor tag should be enclosed,inside a,div tag so for example i have div and,i am going to write here a class name,equals to,class equals to uh affiliate a,f i l i a t e dash,l i n k so this is the affiliate link,and,at the end of this anchor tag i am going,to close the div tag,so this is the way to close that tag,all right so once you are done with this,one,then uh let's save this,page and,let me refresh this page once again,so you can see that i have the same link,here now,if i will be clicking on this link then,i will be directly,sorry okay so i have one problem here,yeah wait a minute so let me refresh,this once again,and i am going to click on shop now,so once you will be clicking on shop now,then you can see that,we are redirected to this specific uh,product which we are interested to,sell from the amazon all right,so now there is the thing which is like,we are interested to design this,specific link which is over here,so this is shop now so i'm going to,design,uh this whole thing so let me do some,css over here,but for the css you have to,actually copy this class first so i have,just copied this class,and i'm going somewhere,i am going to duplicate this tab,once this is open then you have to click,on actions,and here we have edit code so you need,to click on this,link and then after you will be getting,few,more things here you have certain,folders and files you need to click on,sections or maybe,any other uh maybe there would be,certain,differences like a product dash template,dot liquid,file maybe in some themes you will be,getting that,file in the templates folder but in this,theme we have in the,sections folder so let me click on this,project template dot liquid file,and on the top of this i am going to,write here,some style,y l e,and then i have another thing which is,style,and inside of it i am going to write,here the same thing which i just copied,and before that i have to add dot full,stop,and after that i have to add the curly,braces,and inside of it i have to add some i,have to add some,css properties so what is that,first of all i am interested to keep it,center,so i have to add here text,align dash align,center,and next thing is again i have to,paste the same thing here affiliate dash,link,space anchor tag and inside of it,i will have to write the color for,example,i am interested to add,background which should be red for say,example,and i am going to write here some,padding,that is for example 10 pixel,so let me save this code now,so i have saved this and now let me,refresh this page,so you can see that here we have uh that,specific button,but one thing i have to do here is the,like color of the text should be,for example i have color which is,white all right so let me save this,file once again and now if you will,refresh that would look great,so this is looking great right so,in this way you can design and actually,copy and paste the link,from uh the affiliate website like,for example i have used for now the, but you can also use the ebay,and other right so if you are interested,to remove add to cart and other payment,options so you can also do that now i,have already,created some videos if you are still not,able to search any video you can,comment me on the comment section i will,be helping you out with,whatever issue you will be facing right,so in this way you can sell the products,for um for other websites and you only,use the shopify store for,for the sake of promoting others,products right because in some,cases we don't want to manage,the shipping and other delivery things,so if you wanted to get freedom from,everything then you have the option to,do the affiliate marketing like,the there are other website they have,already the,whole bunch of things like they have,tie up with the sellers and they have,already the team and everything and you,are just promoting the products on the,shopify store,by running some ads on the facebook or,any other social media platform,and you are generating the money by,affiliate marketing,all right because in some cases you will,be getting eight percent of a specific,uh,sale of a product but in some cases you,will be getting five percent four,percent so there are,actually uh there is a list of uh,list of products in which they have,categorized that how much profit you,will be,making in after uh selling a specific,product from,a specific website like all,right,so this is one of the best thing that i,have implemented and i thought that i,have to share,with you the same thing so that maybe if,you are interested in future,that you have already or maybe you have,heard about the affiliate marketing and,you are interested to implement but,you have no mean to learn so,i thought that i have to share this,specific video with you so that you,learn a new concept new opportunity for,uh running the shopify store because,you're already paying the amount you,already,have issues lot of issues with payment,gateways and payment methods because in,some cases,people are very much frustrated from the,payment gateways,so the better idea is that forget about,all the things just go for the affiliate,marketing and this is really a safe,way to earn money all right so for,example i have this specific,i have this test account actually so if,i will be,seeing my account and clicking on that,specific,link you will be getting that there are,people who are you will be getting,everything over here like graph,how many people clicked on a specific,product and all,so your earning would be over here and,whatever product you will be,you will be searching on the internet,and if you are redirected to the,,and then you can copy and paste that,link to your shopify store and once you,are promoting that,product onto your shopify store then,once a customer is,clicking on that link then you will get,paid for the,uh sake of promotion all right so this,is one of the best thing because some,people are also earning money by,uh running blogs uh so they have the,affiliate,links on their uh website so people are,visiting on their blogs they are reading,the content and once,for example a blogger is selling a uh,book so,he will be giving the link on the or,maybe a button on the,page and once someone is clicking on,that link,and redirected to the,so over there if someone is buying that,specific,uh book then that blogger,will be getting the profit out of uh,that specific,sale all right so i think that you got,the basic understanding of affiliate,marketing,as well as the link between the,affiliate marketing and the shopify,store,so you have no need to worry about if,you are uh facing any issue with,generating the links,from your products so in the same way,for example for this product i have,done this so you just copy and paste uh,this,uh line of code to all the products,and you only need to modify this href,attribute,i mean href equal to this link so you,only need to,remove this link replace this link with,the new products link,all right so you can copy and paste the,images,uh and show on to your store if you are,selling,the products from amazon so in the same,way you can do anything whatever you are,interested in right,so whichever product you are thinking,that is trending,and that can be sold out easily so you,can do,that you can pick that and place onto,your store and promote the store and,then definitely you will get,the money out of that okay so thank you,so much for watching this video if you,are new on this channel then please,subscribe this,channel and like this video also so,thank you once again see you in the next,video thank you so much for watching,this video,all the links of my video courses are,below in the description,which are absolutely free so in the next,video we would learn,new and wonderful things please,subscribe this channel firstly,to get the information of updated videos,in the comment section you can write,your feedback,about the video and also write your,queries if you have any,have a nice day ahead

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