how to see how much a shopify store makes

How to Spy on eCommerce/Dropshipping Stores & See Their Actual Sales! 🤑 - MUST WATCH! (Shopify) hey

Hogan Chua

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Spy on eCommerce/Dropshipping Stores & See Their Actual Sales! 🤑 - MUST WATCH! (Shopify)

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How to Spy on eCommerce/Dropshipping Stores & See Their Actual Sales! 🤑 - MUST WATCH! (Shopify)

hey guys it's hogan here and i'm really,excited for this video because i don't,see many people actually sharing this,with you guys so in this video i'm going,to show you guys exactly how to figure,out how many sales a shopify store is,actually making what products are,selling you know what are their most,popular products,so this is uh an australian brand called,the udi and the founder which is,australian guy from adelaide he's really,successful here who also has a youtube,channel called davey fugati you can go,to his website the udi and with this,plugin over here it's a chrome extension,called ali hunter so you can download,this onto your chrome and use it so set,it up and once you do you can go to any,shopify store and it's going to show you,the sales so click on the live sales,over here and it's going to show you,exactly what they're selling and how,long ago as well so as you can see it's,making sales every single second i know,it's sort of hard to believe but they,are making around i think 750,000 to a million dollars australian,dollars every single day um that's from,the founder himself he's also got like,the screenshot and things like that,and you can also sort of verify it if,you just go to a shopify store that you,normally shop from and you can actually,try it and purchase and then you'll see,your product pop up over here right so,from my experience it's fairly accurate,now this is a really amazing tool that,no one has,shown on youtube because you can,actually figure out what is the best,selling product so let's say if you want,to start a drop shipping store or if you,want to start an e-commerce brand,sometimes if you want to create an,e-commerce brand the minimum order,quantity is quite high and you can't,just start off with like dozens of,different product lines it's going to be,too hard if you're just starting out,with this tool you can sort of figure,out what is the best selling especially,if you have like different variations as,well you want to know which are the most,popular colors that you should start off,with so this is a really amazing tool,you can also go to their products as,well to see you know when was the last,sale this is another website called loom,deodorant and you can see they're making,sales every single second as well so you,can also sort of verify by going to,their facebook page,so normally if you go to their facebook,page their home page scroll down,and on the left hand side there's page,transparency,so click on see all,and then scroll down and go to ads from,this page and then go to ad library,so this is a really great sort of tool,and where you can actually check out to,see what ad creative that you sort of,need to create in order for you to sort,of advertise and be successful um you're,able to sort of reverse engineer success,so this is really amazing because you,can really figure out uh you know what,type of ads that you need to create you,can also click on uh shop now and it's,going to go linked to that specific page,so sometimes,you may not actually see anything over,here because you have to select the,specific country,um normally i just select all so you can,go to all okay and then go to the all,ads right and then put in the brand so,the udi and then click on enter,sometimes there is multiple brands so,you might need actually select the right,one so i'm just gonna click on enter and,let's have a look,so over here they have over a thousand,different ad creatives running so you,can actually see that the reason why,they're actually able to do make so many,sales like per um per second right you,can see all the creatives um and one of,the reasons why they're so successful in,my opinion is that they're able to,appeal to such a wide audience right,they're able to appeal to kids to,teenagers to you know couples to older,people,any sort of demographic as well um it's,a really simple product everyone is at,home and things like that and this can,give you so many different ideas like,you don't have to like copy them exactly,but this can give you inspiration for or,ideas for your own thing perhaps perhaps,if you know travel is going to start,opening up next year then perhaps you,could do something that is related to,travel right,so,you can also go to,other websites for example this one over,here so this is just like a simple sort,of drop shipping store that i came,across uh by scrolling tiktok and you,can actually just go to tiktok and,scroll and then click on some sponsored,ads and you can actually see that,they're actually making sales if you go,to live sales um they've made a few,sales um in the last day or two so over,here 21 hours eight hours ago so they've,actually probably made a little bit more,maybe um the reason why it's only,showing two is that because they only,have a few products right and they're,actually not even running any facebook,ads from what i've seen over here so,it's not running any ads they're only,running uh tick tock ads by using this,video over here,of a model okay so this is an instagram,model i think she has like 1.6 million,followers so i think they got a video,and essentially she made this video and,then they're just running this on tiktok,and they're making sales right so this,can give you confidence to start your,ecommerce store or your brand it's just,so amazing because you can just like use,it and you know no no one is actually,talking about it this is another store,over here is running a tick tock ad as,well for these earphones um and they've,made a really good tick-tock ad where,they're showing the sort of earphone in,the water and how it's waterproof and,they're comparing it to other more,expensive brands as you can see they're,not selling for too expensive so besides,actually seeing their recent sales you,can also click into find supplier so,you'll be able to click on find supplier,and that's actually running on the,background you can also go back over,here you can also click on the apps used,so you can see which apps they're using,for the shopify store let's go back over,here let's see if they found the,supplier okay so let's just see,this one over here we can click into,that so sometimes it may not be 100,accurate,but it's going to link you to the exact,same product so you can also go to the,sort of ali hunter website as well so,let's just go to the ali hunter website,so just go to and click into,that,and from here you can actually easily,browse the top trending products and you,can click into the trending product and,you can actually search which store is,actually selling it on their store,so let's just say for example let's try,and find something cool maybe bags,so let's just scroll down okay so these,ones,all products best selling let's scroll,down,so this is not too interesting maybe,men's bags,let's have a look,so let's just say this one over here and,let's click into that,so over here we can click on first of,all you can click on the product details,the buy reviews which is also really,good as well because with the buyer,reviews it shows what's good and what's,bad so if you're creating your own,ecommerce product or your drop shipping,store you're able to see,what improvements you can actually make,to your products right,so you can also click on similar as well,so this can give you a sort of a,bird's-eye view on what other stores are,also selling this product and you can,see the pricing so sometimes if it's,like a top selling product the pricing,might be actually higher than a similar,product because sometimes if people like,other suppliers are selling the same,product they want to make it cheaper so,that's so for example this one over here,they want to make it cheaper so that,people can start buying their one and,then build up their reviews and,reputation as well so you're able to,source uh the cheapest product so if you,click into that one over there,that's going to load up you can also go,to who sells on shopify so you can click,into that and that's going to basically,see which store is actually connecting,it to this exact product so you can go,to that store and then you can go and,check out how many sales actually making,you can go to their facebook page and,you can check out basically uh what ads,they're actually running as well and,then you can create a similar creative,so it's a really really amazing tool if,you actually go to the aliexpress,website,so this is the aliexpress website let's,go to the home page,so let's go and find a product maybe,let's just do phones and,telecommunications,let's close that one oops,over here iphone,and let's say if we click into this,product over here,it's also going to add this download,button right so you're able to easily,download their product images you can,also download the individual product,images as well,scrolling down over here you'll also see,the sales analytics for the last 30 days,or 90 days it all is displayed on the,same page so you don't have to go to,like the drop shipping center or,anything like that,and yeah it's just really amazing um you,can go to who's selling this product and,it's going to analyze it so once it's,finished analyzing you can select the,websites that actually sell it and click,onto it and see exactly how they are,selling it,see if they're running any facebook ads,or anything like that go to the live,sales,see which apps they're using and,basically reverse engineer success,so that is pretty much it for this video,if you like this video make sure to give,it a thumbs up and subscribe um,hopefully i can make a longer sort of,tutorial to show you guys um some more,advanced sort of product research,techniques,yeah so see you guys in the next video

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