how to search for products on shopify

How To Search For Products On Shopify Stores what if a shopify store doesn't have the,search bar on


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Search For Products On Shopify Stores

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how to search for products on shopify catalogs

How To Search For Products On Shopify Stores

what if a shopify store doesn't have the,search bar on it and you want to search,for a particular product on that,specific store how you can do that,that's exactly what i'm going to show,you in this video,hi everyone and welcome back to on our,channel if you don't know my name is ns,and i'm working for you so if you have,any questions or any video requests make,sure to check out my instagram it's,right here or in the description box i,do reply to each comment and also each,message on my instagram if you are,wondering why is that well because i'm,working for you and also lately almost,all of my videos are questions by my,subscribers they do ask me a question,and i do reply to them with the proper,information to do that and to answer the,question but also i do make a video,based on their question so anyone or,everyone who has the same question he,can easily find the video and see how he,can do that and today i got a question,from a guy asking me well i think his,guy i don't know he has a weird username,on youtube but anyway he asked me how we,can find a specific product on the,shopify store that doesn't have the,search bar on it because the shopify,store has a lot of products and it will,take him a lot of time to start,searching for each product looking at,the titles and pictures to find a,specific product on the store so he did,ask me the question and i did reply to,him with the proper information and,successfully he did find a product with,the tip or the trick that i did show him,and i was going to do demonstration on,that store that he did ask me about but,after asking him he declined and he does,not want to share that store because,that store is his competitor so he does,not want to share that story yet he's,still working on those products and so,on but i did remember in my last video i,think in the last video or maybe the one,before it i did share a trick on how to,search for,other stores that selling a specific,product and in their store they did,demonstration on it i did notice that he,has a lot of products maybe over 200,products so i will do demonstration on,that store to find a specific product,without having to search on the search,bar and i do remember the website does,not have the search bar i'm not sure but,i think it doesn't have even if does,have the search bar i will not use it,and i will show you an alternative way,to search through the website even if it,does not have the search bar and without,any more talking let's just jump to the,screen and show you how you can exactly,do that and hold on please if this video,helped it you want help me out pressing,that like button make sure to check out,the channel and subscribe for more,future videos otherwise let's just jump,to the screen right now so as you can,see this is the shopify store that i did,demonstration on it on my previous video,and we will do demonstration on it right,now and i did notice that he does have,actually the search bar but we will not,use the search bar as i said i will show,you an alternative way to find a,specific product in the store because,for example if i did access the catalog,area right here,as you can see,279 products so if i want to look for a,specific product i need to keep looking,at the titles and pictures and so on and,scrolling down and go to the second page,and again looking at the pictures and,titles and so on and as you can see it,has 25 pages so i need to go through all,of them to find a specific product and,that would take me a lot of time but you,click it on the right video because i,will show you a unique trick to find a,specific product in the store without,having to go through all pages because,not every shopify store has the search,bar on it this one still has it and most,the shopify stores the old drop shipping,stores that particularly they do remove,the search bar so for this demonstration,let's just go for the page from here,to 15,just to pick a a product to do,demonstration on it what is this,baby nipple let's just go for this,product right here,so let's just say that i did actually uh,come across this product on maybe,facebook ad delivery on some spy tools,or something like that and i do remember,what the product is or the name for the,product so right now i did access the,website just like this,and i need to find that particular,product which is this one let's just,remove the the page here,it's called baby nipple so let's just,remove this i want to find the baby,nipple product inside this store and as,you can see from here,it does have,279 products so i need to keep looking,like this and if you do remember i did,find it on the page 15. i need to keep,going like this until the page 15 in,order to find it so how can a search,inside this product that doesn't have,the search bar,and it does actually just imagine it,doesn't have the search bar to find the,baby nipple product well it's easier,than you think simply the first thing,you're going to do is copy the link for,the website and make sure to copy only,the name without the https two dots into,forward slashes just like this in this,case it got the gadget and,if you are the owner of gadget paradise,i'm sorry man i've been doing,two demonstration right now on my videos,about about the different stuff and i'm,using this,shopify store i did find it by the trick,on google search engine to find,competitors which is a really good trick,so,i'm sorry man anyway so after you did,select the the name for the website,simply right click and copy it and after,that open up a new tab and access google,search engine just like i'm doing and,typing in the search bar of course site,two dots,just like this,and pasting the name for the website,which is, as you can see this query,is called a google search query with,this query we did your google search,engine to only show us results from this,particular website and after that hit,space and type in two quotation marks,just like this,and between them we will type in the,name for the product that we want to,find and if you do remember we did pick,a product for a baby nipple so i'm going,to type in here baby nipple,just like this this is the name for the,product that i want to find so i cannot,go through all the pages in order to,find it i'm going to do this and after,that hit enter and it should be the,first one in the result yes here it is,as you can see actually it has two more,products with no this is just,baby specified by stiffer pacifier the,first one i think is our product yes,this is the first one which is our,product that we are looking for let's,just check it as you can see this is the,exact product that we are looking for i,just did this trick to find,this product which is site two dots and,the name for the website and two,quotation marks and between them the,name for the product just do this if the,website doesn't have the search bar it,has a lot of products just like in this,case right here and here is the product,we did successfully find it without,using any tools or anything like that,simply by using our fingers and our,brain so as you can see this was really,simple right and you can do this trick,on any website it does not have to be a,shopify store or any website i mean any,website you can actually do it on, that we are watching right,now or facebook or whatever the website,name is you can simply replace the name,uh front of site two dash with the name,of the website that you want to search,on and after that you can look up,anything on that particular website even,if it does not have the search bar and,as i said this video is a question by,one of my subscribers so if you do have,a question or any video request make,sure to check out my instagram right,here or in the description box because,simply i'm working for you otherwise i,think my job is done and thanks for,watching and catch you on the next one

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