how to request collaborator access shopify

How to Send and Accept Collaborator Access Request in Shopify | Complete Tutorial | ShopiDevs hi eve


Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Send and Accept Collaborator Access Request in Shopify | Complete Tutorial | ShopiDevs

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How to Send and Accept Collaborator Access Request in Shopify | Complete Tutorial | ShopiDevs

hi everybody this is rahat from,shoppydevs welcome back to our channel,today i'm going to show you how to send,and accept,collaborator access in shopify,first i would like to tell you what is a,shopify collaborator account,in shopify a store owner uses the,collaborator accounts to provide access,to the shopify partners,so that they can perform certain tasks,to a store,it's a unique access that allows shopify,partner to access the sections of a,store that the need to perform their,assigned tasks,for example,if you hire a developer,or designer or even a marketer to help,you out for your store,you can give them collaborator access,a collaborator account is completely,different from a staff account,and these collaborator accounts are not,considered when it comes to counting the,stuff limit of your shopify store,so if you don't know what is a staff,account or if you have confusion between,staff account and collaborator account,then i'll suggest you to watch the video,i have already created about shopify,staff account,so please check the video,and i will put the link of the video in,the description,now i will show you how to send a color,router access request,that means,as a shopify partner,how you can ask collaborator access to a,shopify store owner,so let's see,first login to your shopify partner,account then,from dashboard click on stores,then click on add store,and from store type click on managed,store,now you have to put the url of the store,and then in the permission section you,can ask for all the permissions by,clicking on select all,or you can also ask certain,permissions for different sections of,the store,that you will need to perform your task,i will suggest you to do that instead of,asking for all the permission because,most of the store owners will not give,you that,and after the permission section you,will have a message section,and it's completely optional if you want,you can write something here,and then click on save,as you can see,the collaborator account,access request has sent,and,the status,right now is,pending,when the store owner will accept your,collaborator access,then the status will will be changed,so,uh this is how you can,send a collaborator access to a,shopify store owner,you have already know how to send a,collaborator access,now i will show you how you can,accept the request as a store owner,so in order to do that first you have to,log into your shopify store,and from the dashboard,go to settings,and then click on users and permissions,and then scroll down,and under the collaborators,you will find a notification here,and it is asking for review request,so click on review request,and now,you have the,freedom to,change or edit the permissions so no,matter,what the,partner asks for,you can change the permissions,according to your preference,maybe you can add,more permissions or you can also,deselect previously selected permissions,and then,just click on accept request if you want,to give the partner,the,access of your store,or if you don't then click on reject,request,so i'm going to give the person the,access so i'm clicking on accept request,so now if we go back to our shopify,partner store,and refresh the page,now the status,has changed you can see,the uh it shows that collaborator access,is,on so this is how you can easily send a,collaborator access,and also give someone,the access of your store as a,collaborator all right this all for,today if you like this video give us a,thumbs up subscribe to our channel keep,watching our videos to learn more about,shopify,you

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