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STOP Buying Your Domain From SHOPIFY! Do This Instead... you know what's going on you guys today,I'm

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

STOP Buying Your Domain From SHOPIFY! Do This Instead...

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STOP Buying Your Domain From SHOPIFY! Do This Instead...

you know what's going on you guys today,I'm gonna be showing you guys how you,can find a domain for only 99 cents for,your Shopify store or just for your,website in general but again I'm just,started getting the Shopify seller I'm,gonna show you guys how you can find the,domain for 99 cents and as you guys know,on Shopify it usually charges you $15,which is a lot and most Shopify sellers,use the $15 one and they don't,understand that you can just buy a,domain for just 99 cents and Link it to,your Shopify store in just like two,minutes it's not complicated at all and,I'm gonna show you guys how and you guys,can save a lot of money from this and by,a lot I mean you can actually buy a,shout out for those money you save so,you can buy a shout out for a hundred to,150 K page for just $10 that you save,I'm not buying the domain from Shopify,but anyways it's pretty simple there's a,trick to it because if you go to GoDaddy,or Hostgator or whatever and they also,charge you $15 but there's a way you can,get a discount and get it only for $1 so,I'll show you guys what I mean then you,go to google calm when you search up,GoDaddy which is like a really famous,domain website let's go to buying a,buyer domain so whatever it is let's,just a ever eat,and I don't even know what that means,I'm just searching it up okay so I don't,know if it's voting there it is so when,you go to have a tree whatever calm it's,charging you $15 again like I said,there's a technique where you can get it,for just 99 cents and basically all you,have to do is go back to Google it's all,in the search it's a really really neat,and I just found it randomly when I was,searching it up on Google and I will,show you guys how you can do it too,all you have to do is go to Google again,then search up $0.99 domain and then,from there just go to GoDaddy and then,click this link and then from there just,go to promos I'm not sure if it was,there before or not but that's how I,found it but anyways you go here and,then click show code and then copy this,then go to the website and the domain,find a domain domain name search and,then I'm just gonna type something,random search and then from there you,can go to calm raise it calm I'm not,sure why calm is not coming but search,up some you know hmm,why it's calm okay okay okay there you,go I'm not sure why I wasn't coming and,I don't know what the word is but,anyways he just added to card continued,card and then from there no thanks,Archie website 15 nope and then continue,with these options and from there you,just search the one year actually have,money so you can just apply coupon but,I'm just gonna show you if you guys,don't have honey and then from there you,can just go to on your domain wait,alright guys so I don't know why it took,me so long to figure it out but,basically I've already applied the promo,code and I've actually bought a domain,from them so it didn't let me but,anyways this is the codes that you can,use and you can find it over here when,you go to promos all you have to do is,come here like that and then apply and,then from there you get the $0.99,discount,I've already availed it so that's why,it's not letting me do it but anyway so,this is how you can save like $14 and,actually get a domain for just one,dollars so again just gonna be really,helpful you can save a lot of money from,this and use it for one free influencer,at because you're saving money I'm not,buying the domain from Shopify a jackass,that's pretty much it's pretty simple,again in order to link the domain all,you have to do is go to domains and then,from there you go to connect existing,domain and then you from there you,search up your domain whatever it is and,then calm and then next and then it'll,automatically tell you to connect your,domain to GoDaddy,so from there you connect automatically,and then app I believe you have to sign,in mine is already connected so I don't,have to worry about that but just,connect automatically sign in and you're,basically done it only takes like three,minutes to connect and you save like 14,dollars again guys never buy the domain,from Shopify you can save a lot of money,using this method and I hope you guys,found value in this video so I hope you,guys have a lot of money out there and,you will like let's article for 5 likes,subscribe if you're new again I'm so,close to under subscribers

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