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POS: How to connect Tap & Chip card reader || Shopify Help Center setting up your card reader to acc

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

POS: How to connect Tap & Chip card reader || Shopify Help Center

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POS: How to connect Tap & Chip card reader || Shopify Help Center

setting up your card reader to accept,payments on the all-new Shopify POS,doesn't have to be complicated keep,watching for a complete demonstration on,setting up the tap and chip card reader,hey everyone it's Jamal with Shopify,before we get started with the hardware,setup is a few important details about,setup requirements we need to cover,first this video discusses the tap and,chip card reader make sure that your,Hardware matches what you see here to,follow along the card reader is,available to you depend on where you're,located for more information about what,card readers are available in your area,click the link in the description you,also need to confirm that both your iOS,device and Shopify POS app have,Bluetooth enabled open the Settings app,on your device and tap Bluetooth be sure,the Bluetooth button is toggled on then,scroll to the shop provide POS app and,toggle on the Bluetooth button there as,well next to use one of the Shopify card,readers with POS you need to set up,Shopify payments to see if you're,eligible to use Shopify payments for,card reader transactions in your area,check the description below once you've,taken these steps you need to confirm,that the Gateway is enabled in the POS,app from the POS app tap the menu icon,and then tap Settings on the new page,tap payment settings and then tap credit,debit for Shopify payments make sure,that the button for accept credit cards,at checkout is toggled on now you're,ready to set up your carburetor tap back,to go back to the settings screen you,can connect your Hardware in few,different ways the first is to open the,connectivity section and tap Add,hardware the second is to scroll to the,hardware section on the settings screen,and tap set up hardware either method,brings you to the same screen on the,hardware screen you see a selection of,hardware to choose from now tap card,reader and choose tap + chip follow the,on-screen prompts and hold down the,purple button located on the back of the,card reader for five seconds until you,see the lights animate this action,enables bluetooth pairing mode when the,card reader is discovered by the device,you see the name of the hardware pop-up,with a device number you can confirm,that the correct reader is being paired,by checking the device number on the car,reader itself,once you confirm that the carburetor is,correct select pair carburetor you see a,pop-up confirmation that you're,connecting the card reader to the device,select pair the device might take a few,seconds to pair when it's connected tap,finish setup and read through the,hardware overview on the next few,screens once your card reader is paired,it stays connected to the POS app unless,one of the following scenarios takes,place first the Shopify POS app is,closed second a user selects connect a,card reader even though the card reader,is already paired this triggers the,connection process to start over or,third forget card reader is selective if,any of these snares happen follow the,same steps outlined in this video,to connect the device again and that's,it your card reader is now connected and,you're ready to accept payments in,person for more videos on Shopify POS,Hardware subscribe now if you have any,questions comment below or contact us,directly at help Shopify comm slash,questions

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