how to mark items on sale on shopify

How To Set Sale Price On Shopify Products | How To Set Compare At Price On Shopify | Set SALE Prices

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Set Sale Price On Shopify Products | How To Set Compare At Price On Shopify | Set SALE Prices

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How To Set Sale Price On Shopify Products | How To Set Compare At Price On Shopify | Set SALE Prices

hello guys welcome to another video,today i'm going to show you how to set,sales prices to,products and products variants on,your shopify store okay let's go to the,video,okay now i'm on shopify dashboard,shopify first i will show you,how to save sale price for single video,product,okay now we can see on the website,products,click on products now this is a single,variant product,click on that,then scroll down then you can see here,pricing this is the regular price,that this product sells,so now i won't set sales for,a price for this product that means,i want to reduce the regular price found,let's see five dollars yes i want to,reduce,this price from five dollars,so now my current price will be,15 dollars so,we need to put here our regular price,we need to put our price on compare at,price,this is our current price that means,this highest price previously we,are going to add here,our previous price so i put here,has 20 and now,my sale price is my current price is,15 so,this is my previous price now this is my,current price,there is the sale price i have already,is five dollars from,my previous regular price,that's it also you need to keep in mind,here you can see cost per item,then you can see our here our selling,price and our profit is calculated,on this,selling price not at the highest price,this is our selling price our,selling that means our profit or margin,is calculated in this price let's see,our cost item is,10 then you can see here our property is,five dollars and margin is 33.3 percent,and let's see our price is 15,then you can see this price our selling,price and cost price is,same so we don't have any profit for any,much,keep in mind you can see here,customer won't see this customer works,see the first four item he's only seen,price selling price and our compare,price,that's it so you can see here,charge tax on this product if you are,charging tax you can,check this box oh if you don't charge it,and uncheck it and click on save,now let's go to our site and check it,out,okay here now you can see how it works,it's working this is our,previous regular price now is our,current price we saw,sale price okay now let's see,how to set sales price for,multivariate products that's mean there,are,many variants for that product so let's,see how to,exit sales price for that kind of,products,okay let's go again go to,products this product i'm going to,set sail price this product has four,variants,okay that,yeah scroll down here you can see we,don't have,uh compared price for the kind of,uh section to edit our,to edit our price or set ourselves price,so we have different methods to do that,you can see here on the top,check box put click on check those,now this product has four variants,now it has selected uh pole for variance,now you can see here open bulk,edit click on that,here now you can see here,price is our regular price and,you can see here compare price this is,um what we see in,last product so now we can set our,serial product here,okay this is again same as previous,we need to put highest price on compare,at price,and our sale price as yeah on,price now my current price is,20.75 dollars,for now i'm going to sell it uh i'm,going to show reduce,it has five dollars and 15.75,so let's put our,regular price at uh,regular price on compare price i will,show you how to,put all these prices at once,now you can see we have selected,this cell then you can see on the left,side,of the cell small,dot like small block small square,so when you put your cursor,there you can see small arrow,then click on that and drag,to then you can see,all sales are all the sales have been,selected so now we can,type our price here,let's say i will put trend,75 is my regular price,then now i will reduce this price my,sale price is 15.75,then again let's click this track,75 that's it,then click on save,okay now let's go to site,and check it out,here now you can see,it has worked this is the same this is,the same price,my previous regular price,i hope you guys enjoyed the video and,now you know,how how to set sales price for single,variant products and multi videos,product,it's simple check out my channel for,more shopify videos,also i have given five to five premium,themes for free,i have put the link on this video,description,you can check it out thumbs up and,please subscribe my channel for more,videos,have a great day,you

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