how to manually fulfill orders on shopify

How To Fulfill Orders Manually & Automatically With DSers (Shopify Dropshipping) so now we're going


Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Fulfill Orders Manually & Automatically With DSers (Shopify Dropshipping)

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How To Fulfill Orders Manually & Automatically With DSers (Shopify Dropshipping)

so now we're going to be running through,how you can actually manually fulfill,orders using the default Shopify,dashboard and the orders section then,we're going to move on how to,automatically fulfill orders by using,the DSs app so first of all in Shopify,on the left hand side you want to go,down to this order section this is where,all of your orders from any customers,that have bought your products and have,either sent a payment through or who,have a payment pending will have sent an,order through via your store so all of,the orders will show up here it will,show you the date the order number the,actual customer the order channel the,total that they've actually paid and,whether it's pending or fulfilled and,any other statuses Etc we have a few,different sub headings we have all which,shows all orders and we have the orders,which are particularly unfulfilled,orders that are on Page open orders and,also closed orders which are kind of,archived orders if you like so if you,want to create a test order you can also,press create order in the top right,which is actually behind my camera you,should see a green button in the top,right of your screen which is hidden,behind my camera and you can press,create order to you create a test order,if you just want to try this out for,yourself if you haven't yet got any,customers so that's how you can do that,so what you would do is you would select,this button which lets you select all of,the orders or you can individually tick,which order you want to actually select,and then when you tick that it comes up,with some boxes based on your selection,right so we have create shipping labels,we have markers fulfilled capture,payments and more actions where we can,print packing slips archive the order so,that's usually when the order is done,and dusted and we don't need any more,and then we can also unarchive the order,too this also shows any apps you have so,we can process the orders via our other,apps but we're going to ignore that for,now if we wanted to capture payments,we'd click on here this will capture all,payments for the selected orders so if I,press that it will capture the order,payment over here and then it will have,this small progress bar and it'll say,payment pending obviously if they,haven't sent a payment through then we,can click Mark as fulfilled this will,send a notification to the customer,which you can customize in the,notifications menu in the settings of,Shopify this basically allows you to,customize the notifications people,receive based on orders being confirmed,orders fulfilled and certain other,aspects too and now it says payment,status paid because we've captured the,payment and the Fulfillment status is,unfilled so we could tick this now that,we've captured the payment we can press,on Marcus fulfilled pressed Mark is,fulfilled and it will say fulfilling,order over here and we just wait for,that to complete and you will have to,wait for a few of these actions to fully,process in the Shopify dashboard just,like the payment took a few moments to,process but once they do process then it,should mock the orders fulfilled,actually in the dashboard as well so,after refreshing the page now the,Fulfillment status says in progress,which you can see over here so if you,actually click on the order we can see,where it says in progress and then where,it says DS's fulfillment service,requested this sends a request through,to actually complete the order once,you've marked it fulfilled so from there,you basically have to go through and,complete the orders so if I was to,manually do it I would then place the,order through AliExpress for the product,itself okay and we can see that all this,being paid for we can see the order,totals the actual products which has,been ordered and the location of our,fulfillment service now mine is,currently selected as DS's because I've,settled with the app but usually this,would be set as the default Shopify,information we can also scroll down and,see customers information we can see an,analysis on fraud whether people have,tried to dock a payment or not and also,the timeline aren't as archiving and,requesting fulfillment for an example,okay and we can do additional,information here and we can also leave,comments we can refund the customer,directly from this order too and we have,a few other options if we want to scroll,down we can also press delete order so,we could also go ahead and delete this,order and that's how to manually fulfill,them so now I'm going to show you how to,fill orders automatically using the DSs,app now you can see we have a few,additional orders now these are test,orders as you can see the customer is,the Google store bought so this was,marked as a fake customer this is a test,order which I've created to show you the,process we go to DS's now DSS is very,crucial throughout this course I have,videos on DSs and how to use it and how,to install it if you want to refer to,those but you install in the same,fashion you would any Shopify app now,when you install DSS it will come up,with this catalog so I can go ahead and,press settings and we're going to go,into the actual settings of the DSs app,so DS's when you install it it will ask,you to link it to your AliExpress,account I really recommend going on to, and creating an,AliExpress account you'll need this,because this is where you usually,manually create orders via and since the,asses is made by the AliExpress company,you'll need an account there to then,bulk make orders through the DSs app in,Shopify so making AliExpress account,install DSS and then follow the steps,which it prompts you with to your,AliExpress account so then you get to,the point that I'm in at this position,in the course it holds your hand through,that so there's no requirement for me to,show you it's very straightforward and,basic after you've installed the asses,and after you've connected it to your,AliExpress account like I have here we,can then set it up it will also link,into your Shopify store as you see I've,linked this to my Shopify store too we,have a few different settings under here,now under shipping this is very,important so you can set up your default,shipping method for specific entries you,can add a global Shipping method card,under here in this section so if we were,to add United States for an example,which is very important this is going to,be most likely your main source we can,add a shipping system you want to add,the AliExpress shipping under here so,this is where we would select our,default shipping system which we're,going to use to fulfill all of our,orders with by default I'd recommend,using AliExpress shipping so you can,just type in AliExpress to filter this,order list and then I'd recommend,finding AliExpress standard shipping,over here and selecting that as your,main shipping method over here press,save so this should be your global,Shipping method which we've added onto,here and of course if you want to add,more shipping options you can do that,via Shopify or you can add more in this,box in DSS if you wanted to be more,advanced later under order this is where,you can customize the orders which are,sent okay so this is the message sent to,suppliers with your order information,okay so I've already customized this so,I'd recommend you to copy mine you're,basically sending the supplier I.E the,company which you're buying your,products from to then drop ship to your,customers you send them a message okay,we sent them this message I'm Drop,Shipping please do not put any invoices,QR codes promotions or your brand name,Logo in the shipments please ship as,soon as possible for repeat business,thank you so you're basically telling,them that I'm using Drop Shipping as my,business model so the products which you,send to me which I'm gonna obviously,root to the customers of mine don't put,your custom packaging or logos on it,because I don't want them to see that,it's Chinese products and lose trust in,my store so that's what you tell them,that's very important so you don't have,any annoying packaging on it then you,can also customize the order management,here so I'd recommend leaving all these,options by default fulfillment settings,I'd recommend leaving fulfilled items in,bulk so this allows yeses to fulfill an,order only after all products of the,order has tracking numbers and then,triggers Shopify to send one email per,customer so leave it on here so we don't,have to have a strenuous fulfillment,process okay you can also activate the,tracking feature if you have the,advanced plan so that offers tracking,information which is super important so,if you do upgrade I really do recommend,using that feature and you can also send,tracking number numbers to PayPal which,mainly sends it to your transactions so,that can be useful to refer to as well,as for customizations on the,notifications you can get notified when,suppliers change prices on iexpress or,when a product is out of stock okay so,inventory you might want to turn this on,for an example now this is very very,important information so under the,settings on synchronization this is,where you can actually tell DSS to,disable the product that you've got in,your store from being sold if the,AliExpress supplier actually selling it,runs out of stock and the product goes,unavailable because then that means you,won't get any further orders that could,backtrack you that you'll have to,fulfill later you can set the quantity,to zero on Shopify when they have no,stock so people don't accidentally make,an order or you can set the product as a,draft temporarily while the products out,of stock so it doesn't actually show up,on your store so that might be something,you want to consider and you can also do,this for specific product variants and,when inventory changes on that product,too there's also automatic price,updating so this will change the updated,price according to a specific price rule,that you set so if the supplier changes,the price you might want DSS to increase,the price based on the supplier,increasing or decreasing theirs and,there's a lot of useful information,which you want to pay attention to here,guys when using DSS okay now on DS's,you'll also have an order list so over,here we have open orders and archived,orders so the archived orders are the,ones which we archived before open,orders are the ones which are currently,active and sent through by customers I,currently have two test orders which I,showed you previously so when we're,going to pending it will show all these,test orders under here it'll show the,product cost the shipping cost and the,total price of the transaction as a,whole so we can view information of all,orders under here and we can select them,with a tick box to select each one,manually and we can also fulfill the,orders directly from here too okay so if,I select both of them I can press,fulfill orders manually for an example,and I'd recommend to install the DS's,product importer plug into Chrome as,well this is very important because it,allows you to use the app a little bit,quicker and use a few different features,so when you've installed the DSs plugin,we can then use the plugin in the best,fashion and quicker so we can sync via,the DSs Chrome extension and this will,synchronize your orders if there's,anything to update we can also sync the,latest tracking number from AliExpress,which shows your customers the tracking,information so these are two options you,might want to consider now if we select,both of these orders and press a fill,orders manually this will take us to the,selected orders box which allows us to,Mark selected orders as fulfilled so on,this screen you can tick the orders in,Bolt call at once and we can also mock,the orders to filled on Shopify too so,we can just press Mark as fulfilled and,it says are you sure you want to,manually fulfill these orders please,note the DSs will stop syncing all the,information for the orders that have,been placed on AliExpress and then we,just press confirm once we have that in,mind and press OK and now we have zero,pending orders that are open and we have,two fulfilled orders so it now says that,these orders are fulfilled via,AliExpress as if they've been paid for,now these were two test orders so since,we didn't actually make a payment and no,payment was actually theoretically,captured this means that these orders,won't be placed unless obviously you've,made a payment or you've saved some,payment information and a payment has,been made they should just be test,orders so that's how you can test these,orders always be careful when doing,testing because sometimes you may have,to make a payment so pay attention to,your AliExpress account if there's a,payment method bound to it already just,to keep that in mind so that's how to,manually bulk fulfill orders on DS's,when you start getting a lot of orders,and I'd recommend doing this when you,start getting five to ten daily orders,to save you a lot of time,thanks,foreign

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