how to make money using shopify

How To Make Money With Shopify in 2022 (Step by Step) in this video revealing a step-by-step,tutoria

Mike Vestil

Updated on Jan 12,2023

How To Make Money With Shopify in 2022 (Step by Step)

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How To Make Money With Shopify in 2022 (Step by Step)

in this video revealing a step-by-step,tutorial on how to make money with,shopify and how complete beginners is,earning 100 to 700 a day with no,experience more at that after the intro,hey guys mike fasil here welcome to this,video before we actually remind you that,several spots have opened up for this,week's free workshop where it's the,fastest and easiest way to make money,online sign up for it in the link below,we literally have a 62 year old woman go,from zero to 160 grand in 90 days so,check it out now so i get it when most,people get started making money online,and just like any business in general,they have like all these fears like oh i,don't understand it i don't have the,time i don't have the money i don't have,the experience but yet they're like,youtubing how to make money online and,they see like all these like 16 year,olds or 70 year olds or 18 year olds,making like millions of dollars with,shopify in like 10 minutes and just,before that they see that and like well,that can never be me and seeing that and,comparing themselves to others they,almost prevent themselves from actually,going ahead and getting started and this,was my biggest problem when i was first,getting started because before i,actually made money with shopify before,i went from zero to five grand in 30,days to 1.6 million that first year in,shopify literally i was just like you on,the other side of like this channel,looking at video seeing people,successful being stuck in a cubicle that,i did not like wearing my scrubs working,for somebody that i didn't actually,enjoy working for wondering how the heck,was i going to go ahead and make this,happen which is why if you want to go,ahead and make money with shopify i,didn't care about making millions i just,thought okay if i can make a hundred,dollars a day a hundred dollars a day,profit that would at least free up my,time build up my belief and then go to,the next level i think the biggest,problem when people get started with,shopify is they already start seeing all,these big numbers from other people but,they fail to realize that the ultimate,goal when you first get started is just,hit a hundred dollars a day then we,could talk about all the other things,later on but until you hit 100 a day,nothing else doesn't matter which is why,in today's video i'm going to show you,exactly what i did to make a hundred,dollars a day profit right and not only,that when i was able to go ahead and do,that how i scaled passed to 1.6 million,dollars that first year with shopify i'm,going to tell you i learned a bunch of,things there's a lot of things that i,did wrong and you got to decide if you,want to go ahead and make the same,mistakes i did or to choose to learn my,mistakes hit your first hundred dollars,a day and then move forward from that,does that make sense so let's actually,begin where it all began right because,like i said i didn't understand much,things my background was biology,chemistry math science i'm asian look at,me right and i had to figure out how to,go ahead and you know do the shopify,thing now let me tell you what not to do,because what i did is i thought i had to,read all these books i had to go to all,these events all these things to learn,how to go ahead and create a shopify,store because i'm not that tech savvy,but little did i know like it's really,not that complicated the moment you sign,up for shopify for example you could,have a done-for-you website in the next,30 minutes right so it's not complicated,at all they have all these like themes,and all these things like that and the,way that i'm going to share with you on,exactly how to build a shopify business,is exactly like what you can actually do,right now you can literally grab any one,of these themes and get started,literally within the next 30 minutes,right,so the moment you actually go ahead and,create your shopify store you don't need,the expensive account you just need like,the basic regular pro version of shopify,right the next thing that you want to do,what i did is i need to go find a,winning product okay so i have like my,website and it's all nice and beautiful,why because i didn't do anything to it,because they have all these done for you,themes right here the second thing that,i need to do is i started realizing okay,well if i wanted to sell something,online i should probably sell something,that's already working does that make,sense because if you literally go ahead,and try to just throw something up there,right and have no idea if it's going to,sell or not you can either lose a lot of,money or a lot of time or lots of mental,bandwidth so i wanted to go save time,and i realized okay what is already,selling and what is,a low-risk way because i didn't have,money to go ahead and get started to go,ahead and make this happen so this is,what i found out that i had to find,what's already selling on other,platforms so one of the things that i,did is i would go like for example,aliexpress and say if i wanted to come,in here and i don't know like sell,something in home and let me go over,here there's bakeware kitchen tools,gadgets accessories let me just do like,bakeware if i want to go ahead and sell,something bakeware on my shopify store,what i would do is i would click on a,category right here,hit orders because you know what people,use aliexpress for a lot of these people,on shopify use these as a supplier to go,test which products to go ahead and sell,and you could see that there's all these,products that have like a lot of orders,that people are using to go ahead and,sell online right this is one of the,things that actually sold online um in,the past they did really well as well as,like this and you could see the amount,of orders that did well right here,remember you want to go from what is,already proven to work right maybe later,on you could create your own product you,could design it but understand that,takes a lot of money and for me i didn't,have that much money so i couldn't,design and manufacture my own product,from china i had to sell something that,was already existing does that make,sense another place that i looked at is,like for example because,it shows the most popular products on,ebay okay so i would go ahead and browse,through all of these categories now try,finding some type of you know product,that has a bunch of watches and a bunch,of like people wanting it meaning demand,and if i could supply that demand in a,platform that hasn't been supplied this,product before that is actually the,secret to how i scaled right the reason,why you could see that it went so fast,is because i found a product that was,actually very popular on amazon okay i,found a product that was very popular on,amazon and it had like 18 000 reviews or,something ridiculous like that and then,i looked at another platform and i was,like no one's selling this product on,this platform right so i was like okay,well if it's working on amazon what if i,just sell it on this platform and i,literally took what was working on one,platform put it on another one and then,i was just so surprised when lily i put,up the ad right here and within a couple,days i got my first hundred dollars a,day and i was like whoa,something happened here what the heck,just happened and then it just started,scaling right um so at that point what i,ended up doing is,when i find a product that works i like,doing one thing i like buying one just,buying one and then shipping it over to,my place because what i ended up doing,was i ended up hiring my sister and her,friends like in college to go ahead and,take pictures and videos of this product,to go ahead and sell it now this is what,turned into my like for example,creatives okay and we're going to talk,more about creatives later on but,essentially you need to create some type,of create it be via either on a social,channel or for an advertisement platform,to go ahead and sell this product now i,literally found ads that worked by going,to this thing known as the facebook ad,library literally just like google it,and the coolest thing about it is you,could find any person in their ads and,all the ads that they're running you can,see united states all ads and i have,this for example ecommerce business and,you can see all the ads that they're,using so what i literally instructed my,sister to do is i was like these are the,ads that i want to create here's some,money go ahead and create these ads for,this product and remember i only bought,one product right and she went and,created it right and the moment she,created those ads what i ended up doing,is i then literally took those creatives,those pictures those videos threw it on,my shopify store and then i had to begin,selling now here's a here's the biggest,thing okay when you go ahead and sell,this is what's very interesting remember,you could pick a supplier we used,aliexpress and we used ebay like for,example when we were using grill mats,and we had a place where we could go,ahead and buy it if someone sold it but,i didn't do it the opposite where i,bought it in bulk and then sold it i,first sold it first to see if i could,actually make a sale and then buy it and,the multiple ways you could go ahead and,do it is very simple right you got to,look at what's already working you know,the main ones are like facebook ads,youtube ads and then influencer,marketing those are really the main ones,that you know people are doing i,actually chose the facebook route right,now we do a lot of youtube ads and then,right now for beginners that are just,getting started influencer marketing is,one of the easiest and i'll show you,exactly how right so at that moment we,literally had this product and it goes,all to this one product and remember of,course later on you could go ahead and,build all these different you know,traffic sources or visitors go to your,website but ideally you want to begin,with one i started off with facebook,because i found a mentor that was able,to go ahead and teach me on facebook a,lot of people that were having success,right now is having it on youtube ads,but if you have like no money whatsoever,you know,influencer marketing is like one of the,easiest right uh but essentially what,happened in the story right is i ended,up finding a product on aliexpress right,and it was like for example grill mats,and i threw it on my shopify store i,began selling it and what happened here,right is it started blowing up like,crazy and around this time right here,right right literally leading up to,christmas uh we ended up selling,everything out from like all these,suppliers so i was kind of like freaking,out because i was making sales with ads,but there was no suppliers on the back,end so literally this blessing turned,into like like this was a blessing in,disguise because then i just went to,ebay i started buying it from ebay at a,low cost but the only difference from,this in aliexpress was it shipped from,the us instead of china and just like,that you know i literally put like buy,two get free shipping so people were,buying like two three four five grill,mats at 19 a piece right and then i was,able to just go ahead take the money buy,it,from ebay with the money that they gave,me and ship it directly to them does,that make sense and this is where you,want to get at because ultimately what's,going to happen when you sell a lot from,this ebay supplier they're going to,reach out to you and they're going to,say this they're like you're going to be,like did you mean to buy all these,because i was buying like 100 girl mats,a day right i was like yeah why i run,facebook ads he's like oh no no when you,buy from ebay they actually charge us,and they charge us an extra fee so if,you want to like not get charged that,fee you could just buy directly from us,i'm like are you serious and they're,like yeah you can go ahead and do that,we actually have a software which is,like ship station which connected to my,shopify store whenever someone bought,from my store they would automatically,ship it right it was all completely done,for you and automated which is what you,want to get to do because that's when,you go from shopify business to passive,income and that literally explained the,next entire year right but for people,that are just getting started like i,said you could find a lot of products,you could get started anywhere the,hardest thing is actually the marketing,99 of your time will actually be spent,on marketing not on how beautiful your,website is because my website was,playing and i just use the theme right,an easy way to do marketing right now is,literally like what fan joy did if i go,to for example creators and you could,see that they literally go to these,creators and they have them create,content about their products right and,then they split the profit with them why,because if they could outsource the,delivery and they could outsource the,marketing they could create a,money-making machine and i mean you,could do this with any product right say,i want to go ahead and sell cat products,right i could go to youtube,type in the word,cat tips right,scroll down and one of my biggest things,is i want to find someone that has a lot,of views but very very little,subscribers why because that shows that,it's like an undervalued resource and an,undervalued audience and what you see,when you keep on going down is you'll,see someone like for example amia stone,someone who has 700 000 views 4 000,subscribers and look right if you,literally went up to her and said hey i,could create like you know a bunch of,products for you and then whatever you,sell from your channel will split the,profits they're not making money,monetized with their channel right like,at all they have very little subscribers,but they enjoy making these videos,anyways because they love doing it right,this is also another way where if you,don't have a sister like i did if you,don't want to run paid advertising like,i did and look at what's already working,to go ahead and get started but,obviously there's always faster and,easier ways to make money online right,now and actually the best way to make,money online is exactly a brand new,opportunity that's happening this year,they're literally people in our,community people like stay-at-home mom,dina at 47 years old went from zero to,30 grand a month in five to eight weeks,if you want to know exactly what she did,step by step and what hundreds of other,people did as well to get crazy,life-changing results sign up for this,week's free workshop below check out,this video in this podcast radio see you,guys

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