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Shopify Sitemap Tutorial - Submit Your Sitemap to Google hello I'm Chris Long with Go Fish,digital a

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Shopify Sitemap Tutorial - Submit Your Sitemap to Google

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Shopify Sitemap Tutorial - Submit Your Sitemap to Google

hello I'm Chris Long with Go Fish,digital and today we're going to talk,about Shopify sitemaps imagine a,situation where you update information,about a particular product including its,price and description ideally you would,want Google to crawl this information as,quickly as possible to recognize these,changes if this page is included in your,sitemap then Google should return to,crawl it more often than it would have,otherwise,Shopify sitemaps give Google an,indicator of priority so your key,content gets expedited in its crawling,queue a Shopify sitemap is an XML file,at Google and other search engine used,to crawl key content on your website,Shopify sitemaps will ensure that search,engines always have a way of accessing,your site's content regardless of your,site's architecture by default,Shopify will automatically generate your,sitemap file this will contain links to,your marketing category product and blog,pages finding your Shopify sitemap is,incredibly easy to do to find your,Shopify sitemap type in your home pages,URL in your browser's address bar next,append the text sitemap XML to the end,of your homepage URL this should take,you to your Shopify sitemap the first,thing you will see is what's called a,sitemap index file,this is a parent file that contains,individual links to all of your child,sitemap files here you can see links to,child sitemaps of your site's marketing,collection product and blog pages as,mentioned earlier if you navigate to the,child sitemap file we'll be able to see,a grouping of individual URLs to your,Shopify store this is a list of URLs,that search engines will crawl when they,discover your Shopify sitemap as well,you'll also see additional markup text,next to each URL this markup provides,information about each pages featured,image URL image title,modification date and more one thing you,might be wondering is can i edit my,sitemap file,unfortunately Shopify does not allow you,to directly edit your sitemap,you also cannot upload your own directly,through the platform however by using,cloud player workers you may be able to,edit your sitemap dot XML file and other,Shopify elements research for this is,still ongoing we've linked to some,helpful resources by Dan Taylor in the,video description the next question you,might ask is how does Google find your,Shopify sitemap to ensure that Google,finds it you'll need to submit your,Shopify sitemap to Google search console,to do this first navigate to a Google,search console in the left sidebar,navigate to sitemaps next find the add a,new site map form enter the text sitemap,XML in the enter sitemap URL field then,click Submit congratulations you've now,submitted your sitemap dot XML file to,Google search console Google will now,have direct access to your Shopify,sitemap dot XML file,feel free to reach out to us if you have,any questions on Shopify sitemaps can,also check out our other videos on,Shopify SEO and how to improve Shopify,performance we've also created a Shopify,SEO Learning Center which we've linked,to in the video description thanks for,watching

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