how to make a drop down menu in shopify

How to create drop-down menus || Shopify Help Center If you want to create  drop-down menus for your

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to create drop-down menus || Shopify Help Center

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how to make a drop down menu in shopify catalogs

How to create drop-down menus || Shopify Help Center

If you want to create  drop-down menus for your store,  ,but aren’t sure where to  start, then keep watching.,If you haven't set up your  header and footer menus,  ,then watch the previous video  in this series to learn how.  ,You’ll need to have your header menu set  up before you follow along with this video. ,Drop-down menus are used to organize products,  collections, and pages in the main menu of your  ,online store. This type of organization makes  it easier for customers to navigate your online  ,store, and quickly find what they’re looking for. Drop down menus are made up of top level menu  ,items, and nested menu items. Top level menu items appear in  ,the main menu of your store, and nested  menu items appear in a dropdown menu. ,You can have up to two levels of nested  menu items within a top level menu item.,In this example, one of the  top level menu items is Shop.  ,Shop has four, first level nested items within  it. Shop all, Tops, Bottoms, and Outdoor. ,Everything nested under those first level  items, make up the second level of nested items. ,Let’s create a first level nested menu item now.,In this example, I’ll start  with the Equipment menu item,  ,and nest the collections for Fitness Trackers,  Yoga Equipment and Water bottles under it.,Start in the Shopify admin. From your Shopify  admin, click Online Store. Then, click Navigation,  ,and then, Main Menu.,If you haven't created the menu item that  you want to nest, then click Add menu item,  ,give the menu item a name, and link  it to an existing collection or page.,For full instructions on adding menu items,  watch the first video in this series.,To begin the nesting process, first, I  grab the icon next to Fitness Trackers,  ,and drag it up, and to the right, under Equipment.,When you drag a menu item to the right, it nests  it under the previous, or top-level menu item.  ,You know that the menu item  is nested correctly because  ,it’s offset from the rest of the menu items. ,Now I’ll do the same for the Yoga  Equipment and Water bottles menu items. ,To see what the nested menu  looks like on your online store,  ,click Save. Then click the  eye icon next to Online Store. ,Now let's create a second level nested item. ,In this example I’m going to  take the collection,”Yoga mats”  ,and nest it under “Yoga Equipment” making  it a second level drop down menu item. ,I’ll do this by clicking and holding the six  dot icon next to “Yoga mats”, and moving it  ,under and to the right of the Yoga equipment menu  item. Let’s click save and look at that change. ,Now, when we look at our homepage, you can see  Yoga mats, under Yoga Equipment, under Equipment. ,Subscribe now for new tutorials from  the Shopify Help Center every week.  ,If you have questions, then visit for more information.

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