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Updated on Jan 14,2023


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how to issue store credit on shopify catalogs


hey guys it's your girl happiness here,welcome back to another shopify tutorial,in today's tutorial i am going to walk,you through how to issue a free gift,card so basically what we are going to,do today we are going to generate a,special gift card card and you can send,that code to your customer's email or,their phone number so basically your,customers will use their card and,purchase things from your website,in exchange you won't receive any kind,of money,there are so many reasons of why you're,going to issue a gift card so basically,one of them is either you're going to,provide an incentive you're going to,provide a reward to your customer either,a promotion or you're going to offer a,store credit and now before moving ahead,to the other part of the video please go,ahead and smash that like button leave,me a comment down below if you have any,kind of question and don't forget to,subscribe on my channel if you haven't,done so without further due let's jump,into this video so now on our shopify,admin page we'll go ahead and click,products,and then gift cards then we are going to,issue a gift card to our customers so we,will go ahead and click issue gift cards,and this is the gift card page so,basically every gift card has a randomly,generated code that is specific or a,gift card and this is going to be your,card after clicking issue a gift card,you'll see right over here your gift,card card don't edit at all you have to,leave it just like how it is and this is,the code that your customer is going to,use it to,buy anything from your website and on,the initial value this is actually is,going to be the value of the card that,you're going to issue to your customers,so let's say you're going to issue like,a 10,gift card 20,500,100 it's all up to you so i am going to,issue a 50,gift card and right over here we have,expiration dates so you can go ahead and,pick if you want your card to be expired,on this certain time so you can click it,and set a date for the end of using this,gift card or you can go ahead and cite,no expiration date,but you have to be careful that there,are certain countries that they have,different laws regarding the gift card,expiration state if you're only not sure,about if you,want to state an expiration date and,your country doesn't let you don't go,ahead and just set up an expiration date,on your gift card because that will not,be good to you but i would really,recommend you to go ahead and consult,the law in your country before you use,the expiration date feature next we are,going right over here on the find or,create a customer so if you have your,customers already on your,shopify shop you can just go ahead right,over here and search their name,but if you don't have a customer you can,just go right over here and create a new,customer so you will click this one and,you can go ahead and put the first name,last name their email as well as their,phone number,so,let's say the first name of your,customer,is,happiness johnstone,happiness johnson and you can go,and type their email,happiness,on,,and put their phone number,okay 646.,okay,once you're done you can go ahead and,click save okay and if you think you,want to edit this information about your,customer you can go ahead and click edit,and it will take you back on this page,right over here so you can go ahead and,edit your informations okay and on the,section for the notes you can actually,go ahead and write the notes that you,want to put for your gift cards but,these notes will actually be private and,your customer won't be able to see them,so let's say you want to type instagram,gift card gave away once you're done and,you think everything is correct you can,go ahead and click save,now your gift card is good to go so if,you did put the information about your,customer you put their name their email,and phone number,after you click save the email of the,gift card will be sent to the customers,automatic just as you can see here the,gift card is successful issued and this,is the card and the gift card has been,sent to happiness johnson but let's say,just in case if you didn't had the name,of your customers their email or phone,number you don't have to worry about,that you can go ahead and copy this gift,card card and send it to them on their,email address,and they will be able to get it and use,the gift card and you can see here this,is our gift card details,and this is the balance and we don't,have any expiration date on our gift,card and also shopify will show you the,timeline that an email containing the,gift card has been sent to happiness,johnson at okay and your,customer was able to receive an sms,message containing a gift card and then,we'll go back on our gift card page and,now over here you'll get to see all the,gift cards that has been issued,or the gift card you sold you'll see all,them here as well as your customers,information and the date that was issued,as well as the balance remained so if,your customers use the gift card you'll,see right over here how much they used,and how much they have left with on,their gift card so yeah guys this is how,you manually issue your free gift card,to your customers i hope you like this,video if you have any question just go,ahead and leave me a comment down below,and i'll be happy to answer your,questions or if you have anything you,want to tell me you can go ahead and,leave me a comment down below also don't,forget to give me a big thumbs up if you,like this video and i'll see you guys on,the next video

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