how to integrate stripe with shopify

No-code Stripe Checkout for Shopify hi and welcome to our video on how to,embed stripe checkout butt

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

No-code Stripe Checkout for Shopify

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how to integrate stripe with shopify catalogs

No-code Stripe Checkout for Shopify

hi and welcome to our video on how to,embed stripe checkout buttons into your,shopify website with no coding required,so this video is for non-technical users,who want to embed stripe checkout on,their shopify website if you're a,software developer you can always use,the stripe api to write all this code,yourself but we write it for you with no,coding required with paid members app so,here we have three buttons obviously,this website would have lots of,beautiful images and text,but we're just showing you the buttons,so,uh the top two buttons are right out of,the box the styling of striped that,stripe gives you and if you want to have,your buttons match the styles of your,other shopify buttons we do that for you,as well so if your customers click on,one of these buy now buttons they're,just redirected to, to buy one of your,one-time payments or your recurring,subscriptions and the new stripe,checkout has all sorts of features and,they're adding more from stripe tax to,google and apple pay it's pretty cool,okay so that was the buy now button,here's a subscribe button again they're,just redirected to,for payment and they'll be redirected,back to your website or to any url that,you want that you let us know you want,people to be redirected back to if you,have like a thank you page so that would,be a subscription and then this button,has some of the advanced features it's,not only styled but we put in a promo,code field and we're collecting shipping,and billing address and we put a one,month free trial so you can add free,trials with our app really easily we,added a 30 day free trial you can add,any duration you want we add a little,field for promotion codes if you have,coupon or actually they're called,promotion codes now they used to be,called coupon codes with stripe your,customers can enter a special promotion,code that you give them for some kind of,discount,and we're also collecting shipping,information,and billing information as well,so,that is what the buttons look like and,let me show you how you do that with,paid members app,so you'll probably start out on setup,checklist and then site and we just ask,for the url of your website and which,platform you're using we have tutorials,that are specific to your chosen,platform so this is a shopify tutorial,but you can watch one of our other,tutorials if you're using a different,platform,and then you'll click on install code,and we give you a little snippet of code,if you need some help embedding that,code into your theme.liquid just go to,our tutorials look for the stripe,section and we walk you through where to,paste that it's just a really quick,little pasting of a snippet of code and,then one requirement of our app is you,do need to have a stripe account so just,create a standard stripe account and,then you can use stripe connect you just,click this and connect it to us and,then we can,make payment buttons for you etc so when,then you'll click on create payment,button like i just did and you can make,a one-time payment button for an example,would be like a 100 one-time charge or a,20 one-time charge or you can make a,recurring subscription where stripe,holds the customer's credit card number,and will charge them on whatever billing,cycle you want and you can customize,that so you might have a monthly plan or,you might have an annual plan those are,the most common or you can customize it,you could have a two-week plan or a,two-month plan or whatever you like and,i will show you how to do that so just,click on one-time payment button if you,want a one-time payment button,we do save every button you've made so,you don't have to ever have to retype,this you just click save checkout,buttons and i've made some examples you,can see here but i will start off from,scratch um you do need to give it a name,so i'll call it a one-time payment,button,and there's a little bit of text you can,describe that that,that plan,and let's see so i will say this is a,one times charge,stripe used to call all the recurring,subscriptions plans now they're called,prices it's just a recurring price so,you should see a drop down of all the,prices you have in your stripe account,here we'll list all the ones that we,pull from your stripe account if you,have them and you don't see them just,click sync with stripe and then we will,pull in just give it a couple seconds,it'll pull in all of your,one-time prices on this page all your,recurring prices on the other page and,if you don't have any prices and you,want to make some we recommend that you,make them through the app just click on,new price,so test price will make a test button,and the test button will only accept,test credit cards and i suggest you use,that to test to make sure everything's,great and also make a live button then a,live plan a live price,and then that will take real credit,cards when you're ready to collect real,credit cards but i already have some of,those made and they're listed here,so we're just going to choose our basic,plan which is 29 again this is a,one-time payment on this page and you,can customize the text to say whatever,you want so let's just say pay with cart,okay we have all sorts of advanced,options i'll show you in a minute but,right now let's make a simple button and,embed it on your website so you didn't,have to hire an expensive software,developer to write the code write it for,you you just copy it so when we say it's,no code there is code you just don't,have to write it um let's go here and i,have a page,called example so i'm going to click on,that page and that's just blank,so,you're going to hover over here which,says show html and click it you don't,want to paste the code into,this view the editor view you want to,paste it into the show html view so you,just paste it and you're done you can,click again on this to show editor and,it will show what the button looks on,your website it should show up here,sometimes shopify's um this editor won't,show the buttons correctly but then,you'll just save it and you can view it,on your live website how your customers,will see it so i'm just going to click,save,and then view,page okay here we have that button pay,with card and i'm going to click it,and i'm redirected to stripe for payment,for this 29 one time charge and here you,see that custom text that describes the,plan this is a one-time charge you'll,know that this is a test mode plan,because it was a we used a test price,and you can see this big orange pill,that says yellow orange billet says test,mode and so that will only take test,credit cards my favorite test credit,card is this one here 4242 you can go on,stripes website and see a whole list of,different testing cards to test,different things you just need a date in,the future,and,anything i'll do for this one two three,works great i'm going to go to make a,subscribe button so for a subscription,you just click on subscription very,similar and i'm going to say,subscription,example and this is just for my,reference and let's say subscribe on the,button and i'm going to use one of my,plans my pricing plans prices the,recurring prices technically now and,then i'm just going to click create,button and copy that code,and then go into my shopify website we,kind of mark where our code begins and,ends so it's kind of easy for you and,then i'm just going to paste in the rest,of the code there and go back to editor,and now i have a subscribe button if i,save that,and i view the page now i have a,subscribe button if my customers click,on that they're redirected to, for payment and now,this is a 20 a month subscription,okay so let's show you how to make a,more advanced button,so,back in the app let's take that,subscription button and i'm going to,click back,if you go to this page and there's not,text in here don't worry we save all the,text for you under save checkout button,so just click that and the most recent,one is on top and if you give it a good,name,that's easy to identify it that makes it,easier click edit to edit that button,okay so now i'm back here i'm going to,click advanced options so we have all,sorts of advanced options you can define,if you want your customers to be,redirected to a specific url,um let me add shopify button style so,that the button doesn't look like the,standard stripe button it's,that it um looks styled like your other,shopify buttons i can add a free trial,period and i'll add a 30 day free trial,period let's say i want to add a,promotion code input field i'll add that,there and let's say i also want to,collect shipping,so let me make that button and i just,update the button grab the code go into,shopify and paste that in and now i have,a third button it doesn't look styled in,the editor but don't worry it'll look,styled on the live website which i'm,going to go to now by clicking save and,then view page okay so now we have this,new subscribe button and when i click on,it you'll see all sorts of,customizations that we made on this,button you can see that it says 30 days,free because there's a 30 day free trial,again you can make that however long you,want or no free trial at all and there's,a add a promotion code field if your,customers click on that they can enter,any of the promotion codes that you have,in your stripe account and you can see,we're collecting shipping address here,as well,so,that is how you make,payment buttons in,paid members app and embed them into,your shopify website

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