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Shopify Product Review App (Free): Install and Setup in 15minutes (2021) | Tutorial hi everyone it's

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Updated on Mar 21,2023

Shopify Product Review App (Free): Install and Setup in 15minutes (2021) | Tutorial

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Shopify Product Review App (Free): Install and Setup in 15minutes (2021) | Tutorial

hi everyone it's me louis and welcome to,a new video,so in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how you can install,shopify's free product review app in,your shopify store,if you've been thinking about adding the,product review to your store,then stay tuned for this video,no matter what people are buying online,these days,one of the first things they look at on,a product page,are the reviews they rely on product,reviews to,give them an idea of whether the product,that they're thinking of buying,will actually meet their expectations,other than that they're also looking at,products reviews to find out whether the,e-commerce website,that they're thinking of buying this,product from is actually a reliable one,as such product reviews have become an,almost essential part of any e-commerce,experience,interestingly though shopify doesn't,include a product review,app natively so if i take a look here,um you know if i click around these,core features in shopify you actually,won't,find a section,for reviews what you'll need to do is,install a separate app just to add this,product review feature into the site,well there are a lot of different review,apps that you can add to your shopify,store,if you're looking for something really,simple and,free then i highly recommend just going,for the one that shopify has built,so to find this app you need to go to,apps shopify's app store first okay so,go to apps and,then click on customize your store,okay so once you're in the app store if,you're looking for the,specific product review app that shopify,has built,type in shopify product,reviews okay and then click on the,suggested query,okay so at the very top of the results,list you'll find,this listing called product reviews by,shopify so that's the correct one,okay click on it,okay so let's take a very quick look at,what this app is about,okay so usually i just take a quick look,at the,screenshots so as you can see here um,it's a really simple,product review app where there are,signed,stars that your customers can give,for that product along with the subject,plus the review itself,and of course their name and um email,okay,so this is how it looks on the uh back,end,okay and then um you will need to,install it,on your site later as well okay so this,is the app that,i will install today okay so to do that,then,just click on add app,okay so just click on install app,all right so once the app has um,installed,on your shopify store you'll come to,this page where,um it's prompting you to add the,uh code snippet to your theme okay,so the reason why you need to do this is,because if you don't then,there's no way for this code to be,generated,on your store okay so very quickly i,just want to show you what i mean,by looking at the store right now okay,so let's,look at the product page here,okay so if you take a look at your,product page,you'll find that if you haven't,installed any,product review apps at all you won't,have a,review section okay so unless you have,one of the product review apps installed,um this is,basically going to end with the product,description only,okay so what we want to do here is to,follow the instructions okay so copy the,following code snippet to your clipboard,okay,and then paste it into your product,template,okay so um usually the uh,where you want your reviews to appear,okay so that really depends on you,where exactly you want um the product,review to appear,typically um you want the reviews to,appear just below,your product descriptions okay okay,so um let's uh do right just that um,just to give you a demo okay so just to,let you know that,every theme is different so it depends,on the team that you're using okay,so this placement might work perfectly,or,it might not okay so let's give it a try,okay so uh once you're in the product,template,file okay you you want to look for the,uh product description tag and then,paste the,code just below that section oops sorry,okay so let's look for that product,description,okay so we found it um so we want to,paste it here,and then save it okay so uh,this would add the product review um,widget,just below the description okay so let's,take a look at what is done,after we have added the code,okay so um for this theme,um adding that has actually,added the review here okay,but uh obviously this isn't the best,place uh to have the review so,um i might need to come back here and,then tweak,uh the location again okay by just you,know shifting it around,until i get it right or um i might,just change this um layout,or remove something okay so it really,depends on,you know what you're trying to achieve,with the,product reviews but the idea is that you,know um you know you have to come,come here to the template and then add,it in uh,manually before you it will show up on,your,store okay so assuming that,your customer reviews section is where,you want it already,let's look at the next thing you need to,do which is to configure the,app okay so the first thing you want to,do is come back here and then,go back to apps and then look for the,product reviews,okay so you want to configure how,exactly this review works on your site,okay click on settings okay,so um you can,find out you can actually configure it,um to auto publish or not,okay so auto publishing it simply means,um,you know what happens if a customer,or non-customer user submits a review,okay,would you like it to go through a manual,review process,or are you fine with having the review,um published automatically,on the on the page okay so if you think,um there's a lot of spam,you know or some uh you know you want to,make sure that,buyers who leave a review are legit or,you just simply want some control over,your reviews then,you want to go for the manually manual,publishing route okay so if you want to,go for,um the manual publishing route you need,to disable auto publishing,okay but if you're someone who you know,you think it's fair,to give everyone a chance to write,whatever they want on the page then,you know just leave it at the default,which is um to have it enabled okay,so to give you an idea of what i mean by,this um okay so now,it's enabled let me try to,write a review here,okay so i could leave you know a one,star review bad,shirt lousy okay,so if you have it on auto,okay you've submitted it let's refresh,that,then um this review would show up,automatically okay so you have no chance,of,you know checking it first of course um,you can still delete it if you don't,like it but,you know it's already out whoever has,seen it will have seen it already,okay but let's say you know you know you,don't want that to happen,okay let's disable that and then save it,okay so i'm gonna try writing another,review,okay quality okay okay,okay so i'm gonna submit this review,excuse me so as you can see,um the second review wasn't,automatically published to the site,okay so it's only still one review okay,but um if we come to the back end um,okay you actually see that you know you,have one published which was,when i um submitted my review and it was,auto published and then you have one,that is unpublished,that will be pending your review okay so,if you like this review you know come in,and say all right,you know what this is a pretty okay,review or i want to leave a reply first,or something like that,i'm happy with it you know click on,publish,okay so if i come back here you know,after the manual approval,process um the review gets published and,then it will only show up,after that okay after you've approved it,and click on publish,okay okay so um let's get,back to the settings,all right so um the next thing you want,to set up is the email so,do you want to receive an email every,time,you know you get a new review um maybe,it's kind of fun if you have a new store,you know you don't really have that many,orders it's okay,but let's say you know you have like a,lot of orders and you're getting like a,few hundred or thousands of reviews a,day,uh you might not want to turn this on,okay so it's totally um up to your,own preference okay star icon okay star,icon basically um it refers to these,stars okay so you can um opt for,you know just going with your theme,color or you can choose a different,color so,i have black here which isn't isn't,quite appealing to me so,maybe i want to go for the standard,yellow okay so if you want to do that,just save it,okay,oops okay it's a little bright okay so,but i think you get the idea so you can,change the,colors or just you know stick with,whatever um your theme,generates review listing uh layout,okay so how many uh reviews you want to,show and do you want,the reviews to show okay let's say you,know you don't want the reviews to show,okay all right so let's see how that,looks,this doesn't seem to make a difference,actually,okay yes okay so the earlier um was uh,probably a cache all right so if you,have disabled this if you have disabled,this like i have here,then this won't show up okay so i'll,need to click,for this to show up okay so it totally,depends on you,for me and i think for most businesses,you want um the reviews to load,but let's say you have a super long page,or you have so many reviews that,loading everything would um slow your,page down then you might want to you,know switch this off okay,but it depends on you okay the other,thing um you know see,these borders okay you can also change,the colors on those okay border colors,maybe i want to go for like,you know something brighter okay so i'm,just like randomly picking colors,you know for uh so you can see,all right what this means okay so maybe,i can refresh this,twice maybe okay yeah,all right so you can see that you can,change the um,outline and divider okay you can also,change the padding,okay so that padding only refers to you,know the space between,this line this text okay so,i think this padding is okay but um,if you think it's a little too tight you,know you can always increase the padding,okay that just gives you um you know,some control over,the styling of these reviews okay for me,um the default looks just nice okay,but it totally depends on you what what,you're looking um to,have your reviews look like on your,store okay so and then the number of,reviews it just means you know,um on the first page uh without,pagination how many reviews will show up,okay,pretty straightforward um review review,listing text,okay so you can even change the headline,okay so it says here um customer reviews,if you think that's a little boring,maybe we could say like,what others others who have,bought think of this product,okay maybe you can do that or you know,write a review i think write a review is,okay or you want to say um leave a,review,um review summary if there are no,reviews uh some people don't like to say,no reviews they want to say you know you,know be the,first to review okay,okay and then this uh refers to the,summary here okay based on two reviews i,think that's okay,yeah these the rest um are all right um,i think you know there isn't much to,adjust there so let's say you've made,some changes to the text um so why not,let's take a look at,what that has done,all right so as you can see i've um,changed this text,and this okay so i think it looks okay,all right so the next section you want,to edit um,is the review,form okay so this is the form okay,um when i click here this form okay,what uh you want the um edits you want,to add to this form,okay so email i think i think these are,these are all,fine okay i don't see a problem with,this of course you can you know just,edit,anything you want all right no problem,batch tags okay batch with no reviews,okay,batch with one reviews okay so i think,these are all fine okay so just save,that,okay so um once you've done this then,you're all good to go,alright so that's it for my very quick,tutorial on how you can set up shopify's,free product review app in your store,if you've learned something new today or,enjoyed this video,do remember to give this video a thumbs,up,and if you want more content like this,then remember to subscribe to my channel,in my next couple of videos i'm going to,show you how to set up,popular review apps like,,so if you're thinking about taking a,look at those apps as well,do subscribe and stay tuned to this,channel,otherwise thank you so much for watching,this video,and i'll see you again in my next video,bye

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