how to set password on shopify store

How to Setup a Password Protected Landing Page - Shopify hey guys this is carrie with,core marketing

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How to Setup a Password Protected Landing Page - Shopify

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How to Setup a Password Protected Landing Page - Shopify

hey guys this is carrie with,core marketing group i had a request,from,a customer so i thought i would do a,quick tutorial,on how to set your site on vacation mode,or if you just need to take it down,for making updates or other things to,your site so,this is the back end to the site and if,we were on the home dashboard all we're,going to do,is we're going to go down to online,store,and preferences this is also great,if you are first setting up your shop,and you need to throw up a password,protected page while you,continue to build your site so you're,going to go right here to the password,protection,and all you're going to do is enable it,so for this client,we are actually there going on vacation,so we're just going to put a quick,little message here,and then we're going to hit save,and now you'll see their site when we go,ahead,and refresh it now they have this little,password,protected page with a little message,says be back soon thanks for stopping by,and then i'll link to their uh mailing,list,um now on some themes you have some,customization abilities available,for your password page,so to see if you have those options you,can go over here to themes,and then customize,and then you'll hit this down,arrow here and you go to password page,now this particular thing does not have,any customizations,if you needed to actually update any of,this,text what you could do is you could go,over here to theme actions and edit,languages,and then you can just do a search so all,the text within your site,is based here in these,fields so if you wanted to customize,things or change any of the text,throughout your site this is where you,would go,so if we wanted to change that text what,was b back,just do a quick search,see it'll be back soon so maybe if we,want to update this,um out of the box standard it's going to,say opening soon,so if we were using this for a vacation,method or just um,doing updates you can customize that,text we're going to say,on vacation um,and then hit save and then you're going,to go back over to your site,and we've updated that text,now if you want to take down your,password protected page you essentially,do the same,method you go down here to,preferences and essentially just,uncheck the password box hit save,and then,your site is live again so thanks for,coming along to this quick tutorial if,you have any,questions feel free to connect with us,online at,instagram at our tag is core marketing,or head over to our website at, we'd love to,connect,have a great day

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