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How To Install Facebook Pixel On Shopify And Track Conversion | Simple Tutorial (2022) how to instal

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To Install Facebook Pixel On Shopify And Track Conversion | Simple Tutorial (2022)

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How To Install Facebook Pixel On Shopify And Track Conversion | Simple Tutorial (2022)

how to install facebook pixels on,shopify and track conversions hi guys,welcome back to another video and in,this video i'm going to be telling you,how you can install facebook pixels on,your shopify store to track conversions,so having said that let's just jump into,the video now i just want to say that,before we begin there are a couple of,things that you're going to need first,and foremost what you're going to need,are,some basic things such as facebook,business manager facebook ad manager and,then we're going to go ahead and install,on the pixels but,if you create an account or facebook,business suite you will automatically,create an account on your facebook,business ad manager on the event manager,and all of the rest of the stuff because,facebook business suite is basically,like the home for everything so you,don't have to worry about that,so having said that let's just jump into,the video now so i'm already over here,on my facebook meta suite right so the,business suite and what we're gonna do,is we're gonna go ahead and jump into,the ad manager over here so for that,just scroll down and click on all tools,and you will see all of the tools that,facebook has so ad manager business,manager you know they're all going to be,over here so what we're going to do is,we're going to open up ad manager in,another tab and we're also going to open,up the event manager in another tab as,well so this is the ad manager right,here so as you can see this is how it,looks like there is nothing over here we,have literally nothing so what we're,going to do is we're going to go ahead,and install and create an ad right,and once we come over here but before we,create a net we need to go over here,onto all tools and we need to go over to,the event manager so simply come over,here on all tools and click on event,manager,and this will open up the event manager,over here so as you can see we have no,pixels as of yet over here you're,basically going to be able to create,pixels so as you can see i have nothing,as of yet so what i'll do is i'll just,simply click on connect data and we have,a bunch of different options now since,we are going to be connecting our,shopify store so we're going to choose,web action over here and then click on,connect and then we have to enter in the,name of our pixel so i'll just say test,pixels,and then we'll just simply click on,create pixel,so now what we'll do is we'll add a url,of our website so for that we'll go back,over here onto shopify,login and once you've logged in just,simply copy the url over here,simply copy the url,and then come back over here onto the,event manager and paste it over here,and once that's done just simply click,on tick and there you go it's done and,then just simply click on next and then,we have to choose how we want to connect,to the website so conversions api and,metapixels or metapixels only so this,one is you know,recommended because since we want to,track conversions as well so we're going,to want conversion api and meta pixels,so we're gonna choose that and then,we'll just simply click on next,and then we are good to go,all right so as you can see,it's still creating we this is the test,pixel right over here and it's waiting,for activity so we have to come back a,little bit later to check for it,so but as that happens what we'll do,next is we'll go back over here onto our,shopify account what we want to do is,come over here onto online stores or,click on sales channels but uh we don't,want to add another sales channel we'll,click on online stores and at the bottom,we want to click on preference,so we'll click on preferences over here,and then it's going to open up the,preferences and then what we want to do,is we want to go back over here at the,bottom we will see facebook pixels right,what we'll do is we'll just simply click,on set up facebook and then over here,we'll just simply click on add sales,channel,and just like that it's going to be,added into our account over here as you,can see,facebook is added now what we want to do,is we want to connect to our facebook,account we simply click on connect and,we choose enter in the password of our,facebook account,next as you can see over here we just,simply click on,continue with the name of our account,and then we click on continue,and as you can see our facebook business,manager is now connected all right so,this is our marketplace we already had,an account so what we'll do is we'll,just simply click on connect to this,marketplace,we could have created another manager,but for now we're good to go then we,want to confirm our domain we'll just,simply click on confirm even though it's,unverified,so let me just go ahead and verify it,over here this is my account so,let me just confirm the email to verify,it there we go,your email has been verified,all right then we want to click our,and connect our ad account so as you can,see over here we just simply click on,connect all right you just view and,accept their terms and conditions,both of them,and once that's done i hope,this is their,terms and condition we just simply click,on accept over here there you go it is,now accepted,all right so i,think because i verified my account it,got logged out but now i'm logging in,again so we should be good to go,all right so now i'm logged in so let me,just connect my ad account again,there we go one is done let's go ahead,and view and accept another one,and now we just simply accept the terms,and conditions and,over here,here we go it's now done we just simply,click on done and now,all right uh add the account and then we,add the account as well because it,wasn't added before,and now this personal,okay so i need to add and run an ad,account so let me just do that actually,i'll catch you guys in a second,okay so i couldn't actually you know,um,do this i couldn't actually create an,account i don't know why,but uh something went wrong and i,couldn't actually create my ad account,but,i mean you're pretty much set to go,right like you understand what you need,to do like you just have to click on the,connect button over here and then in,facebook page you just simply have to,connect the facebook page and in data,sharing you will already once you have,created the pixel once it's activated,then you just simply have to choose that,pixel and click on connect and same with,the facebook target country simply,choose a target and then finish the,setup and you'll be good to go so pretty,much that's it now i'm sorry i couldn't,show you what moves on because now i,have this technical difficulty and if i,try to create another account,in that i would have to create and run,another ad and then which i would have,to run for at least 24 hours then it'll,work but i don't know,then it would take probably quite a long,time so pretty much just simply connect,to the settings that you have chosen,connect to the page connect to the pixel,of your choosing and your country and,you should be good to go so pretty much,that's it that's how you use it that's,how you connect your pixels to shopify,and track your conversion so,so having said that that is it for this,video guys i hope you guys enjoyed this,video if you have any questions or come,across any problem whatsoever then let,me know in the comment sections down,below and i'll be sure to help you out,in any way i can as soon as possible and,also be sure to like this video,subscribe to the channel and also turn,on the bell notification as you'll get,notifications every time we post a new,video your support to the channel means,a lot and also share this video with,your friends and family members if they,enjoy this type of content and like to,know how to make money online or just,simply want to know how a particular,software or website works we post these,types of videos daily so you don't have,to worry about running out of content,you will get new content every single,day so don't worry about it so having,said that thank you guys for watching,and i hope to see you guys in the next,video and until next time take care and,goodbye

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