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How To Install Facebook Pixel Shopify (UPDATED 2022)! hi guys welcome to this video my name is,adam

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Updated on Feb 16,2023

How To Install Facebook Pixel Shopify (UPDATED 2022)!

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How To Install Facebook Pixel Shopify (UPDATED 2022)!

hi guys welcome to this video my name is,adam in this video i'm going to teach,you guys how you need to install your,facebook pixel because there's so many,videos out there showing you the,outdated stuff when it comes to,installing your facebook pixel and i'm,getting so many questions from people,saying hey i don't know how i need to,install my facebook pixel what do i need,to do it's not triggering the right data,it's not triggering all the events that,i need so in order to solve that i'm,going to show you guys how you need to,install your facebook pixel correctly,and how you also can test and see if it,is uh triggering the right events,alright so let's get straight into it,all right guys first what you need to do,go over to facebook and log into your,facebook account because we need to,create a facebook business page after we,created a facebook business page you,need to create a facebook business,manager account and after we create a,facebook business manager account we,need to create an ad account and our,pixel alright so let's get straight into,it so what you need to do is after,you're logged in on the left it's going,to say pages so click on that,and here it says create a new page so,you want to click on that as well and,after you clicked on it uh you can just,fill in your business information here,so i'm just going to put in dummy and,then for example on the clothing brand,and then dummy dummy,yummy dummy dummy uh so try to fill this,in as uh detailed as possible and you,know whatever question facebook has try,to always fill everything in on your,facebook business page because this is,crucial if you don't do this what's,gonna happen is if you later decide to,run facebook ads you may have the,possibility that your facebook ad,account will be blocked because you,don't have much business details on your,facebook page right so you don't want to,skip this,step guys so definitely,fill in everything as much as you can,all right,so after you created it what you're,going to do is you want to head over to,google,and type in facebook business manage so,after you typed facebook business,manager you want to click on the first,link that comes here so meta business,suite and business manager,and you'll be presented with this screen,right here so what you want to do is,from here you want to click on create,accounts and you just fill in your um,you know your business name so for this,video i'll just do dummy so dummy and,then business email so dummy,for example and then you just click on,submit fill,fill in some more information and after,that um you know you'll create your,business manage account and once your,business manager account is created what,you need to do is there are three lines,here so click on that,from there we need to go to business,settings so click on that as well,so,now uh you know obviously i have a lot,of business magic accounts so i have uh,you know that's why i have a lot of,accounts here showing up so i'm just,gonna click for the sake of this video,one of the dummy accounts so i'm gonna,click on this one,okay what we need to do now because we,created our facebook business page we,created our facebook business manager,but we need to create an ad account and,a pixel so if you scroll down to where,it says account and open this up it says,add accounts click on that,and then from here you can click on this,blue button here that says add so click,on that and then click on create a new,add account,and now we can name our ad account so we,can give it a name so let's do,dummy youtube,video for example,and then select your currency you know,i'm from europe so i'm gonna do euros,euro euro euro,but after you've done that it will say,this ad account will be used for and,then you can go ahead and select your,business match account so for this,account it's rights media and then i'll,click on my business and then create,okay as you can see our ad account is,created at the moment but we need to,give someone access to this ad account,and the person that needs access to this,ad account is ourselves so i'm gonna,select my own name click on manage ad,account and then assign,and now i'm officially the owner of this,ad account all right so click on close,you can go ahead and add a payment info,but since this is a dummy account i'm,not gonna add a payment info so i'm,gonna exit this and as you can see we,have a ad account right now all right so,we've done that as well all we need to,do right now is to create a pixel so,what you want to do is here scroll down,to where it says data sources open this,up and click on pixels,now it says that we don't have any pixel,yet so we're going to create one so,click on this blue button here that says,add,and then it's going to ask us to give,our pixel a name so i'm going to give my,pixel name and that's going to be,youtube,dummy,youtube and i'm gonna put my website url,here as well so this is my dummy website,url and then i'm gonna click on continue,and now it says are you ready to set up,your pixel so we're going to click on,set up the pixel now,and basically we have now three options,but the option that i like to go for and,which i recommend you as well is add,code using a partner integration so,click on that and now you'll be,presented with all the you know most,used platforms where people host their,website in this scenario because i'm,using shopify i'm going to click on,shopify,now it says connect your shopify account,to facebook so what we're going to do is,we're going to head back over to shopify,we're going to click on online store,click on preferences,and if you scroll down here it says,facebook pixel all right click on set up,facebook,okay now shopify wants us to add the,facebook channel to our platform so,we're gonna do that we're gonna click on,add sales channel,right now we have added the facebook,sales channel as you can see to the left,here we can see the facebook,logo as well so we need to fill in some,information in order to set up,everything so it says you connect your,facebook account to get started so,that's what i'm gonna do i'll click on,connect account,and it asks for my password so that's,what i'm gonna do right now,click on continue right now,as you can see our facebook account has,connected right now and we need to,select our business manager account,remember in the beginning of the video,we created a business manager account so,we need to select that business manager,account for this video uh you know for,for this example i've used rice media so,i'm going to connect that one,okay now it's connected and it's asking,for domain verification we can do that,as well so i'm gonna click on it confirm,okay i'm getting an error because it's,claimed by another business magic,account which is you know it's fine i,can skip that but if you're doing it,yourself definitely go ahead and verify,it,so now it's asking for an ad account,so what we need to do is we need to uh,select our ad account that we created so,obviously the ad account that we created,was done in youtube so i'm going to,select that one,and then it wants us to accept some,terms and conditions so i'm going to,click on this,click on accept here,and then close it,open the other one click on accept,close it,and then we can click on done okay so,now we need to connect our facebook,business page remember we create a,facebook business page so we need to,connect that now so obviously the one,that i'm going to connect is the dummy,youtube facebook business page so i'm,going to click on that click on connect,and as you can see it connected,instantly and then here it says data,sharing so i'm going to open that,because this is really important,and what you want to do so you have,three options here so conservative,enhanced and maximum you always want to,go for maximum because maximum just,works the best obviously you want to get,as many data as possible so click on,maximum,and then from here you can uh select the,pixel that you want to use so we're,going to click on disconnect because,this was not the pixel that we're going,to use,so i want to disconnect this one,and i want to select them in youtube so,i'm going to click on dummy youtube,click on connect,and then we can click on confirm,and from here it has facebook uh target,country so um you know you can just,select united states if you're in the,united states but for the sake of this,video i'm gonna do,uh the netherlands,and then terms and conditions we can,accept that,and then basically you can click on,finish setup obviously i can't do that,myself right now because um i need to,add a valid payment detail and this is a,dummy account so i'm not going to do,that but if you've done this correctly,you should be able to click on finish,setup and then you will have your,facebook pixel installed to your shopify,so,what we want to do right now so we,installed our facebook pixel to our,shopify but we need to know if it is,actually working so what we're going to,do is we're going to go back to our,facebook business manager and from here,you want to go to event manager so click,on those three lines here and click on,events manager,so i'm presenting with three pixels now,uh you may have one or two or you know,more than that just click on the pixel,that you created so in this case it's,dummy youtube,and what we're gonna do is,we're gonna click on test events,and then we're gonna fill in our website,url,and click on open website,okay what you want to do when doing this,is if you have adblock on you want to,turn it off because if you have it on,it's not going to trigger any event data,all right so turn it off if you can so,after you turn it off go back to your,facebook business manager okay we can,see that it is working right now but i,also want to know if my pixel is,triggering any events when it comes to,you know looking at the product page,adding to cart and you know initiating,checkout,so i'm gonna go back to my website,and i'm gonna you know click on one of,the products that i have for example so,i'm gonna click on this,and i'm going back to uh the events,manager,okay and now we can see that a few,content is also working so that's,perfect so let's add this product to,card and see if it's working as well now,i'm going to click on add to cart,and then i'm going to click on view my,cart,and go back to events manager,and as you can see it's working as well,so it says add to cart so it's working,as well,but i also want to know if uh checkout,initiated checkout is working too so i'm,going to go back to the website,i'm going to click on checkout,and let's see if it's working,so it says custom event it's because i,have a dummy website but for your,website if your website is live it,should say check out here right so for,me it doesn't say checkout but for you,it should say checkout so that's working,probably as well since it says custom,event so everything when it comes to our,facebook pixel is working correctly,all right guys that's basically how you,need to install your facebook pixel to,your shopify account now if you guys,have any questions feel free to you know,put them down in the comment section,below and i'll try to answer them as,quick as possible now i hope you enjoyed,this video um please make sure to go,ahead and smash that like button because,this is you know this is actually my,first youtube video right so go ahead,and smash that like button and subscribe,to this channel as well because i'm,planning to upload so much valuable,content for you guys so you don't want,to miss that out right so yeah again i,hope you enjoyed this and on that note i,wish you guys a wonderful day take care,bye

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