how to increase shopify store speed

Increase Shopify Store Speed without coding Easily (For Non Developers) in this video i'm gonna show

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Increase Shopify Store Speed without coding Easily (For Non Developers)

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Increase Shopify Store Speed without coding Easily (For Non Developers)

in this video i'm gonna show you how to,increase the loading speed of your,shopify store without hiring any,developer and without coding just by,following simple basic stuff i have been,in shopify for over four years and over,the years i have run multiple drop,shipping stores help many people start,their online business and right now i'm,using shopify to sell my own products,for all the shopify stores i had i have,managed to have the best possible,loading speed thereby reducing bounce,rate and increasing conversion rate i,have done this without hiring anybody,and without coding the thing is that,shopify itself is built for anyone to,start their online store without coding,so in reality you don't need to do any,coding or hire a developer to increase,the speed of your shopify store,if you do some simple basic things in,the right way your shopify store will,have an amazing loading speed so i'm,gonna be sharing you four simple things,which i follow when i run a shopify,store in order to have a fast loading,speed thereby increasing conversion rate,alright guys the first thing is not,actually a tip but it is the main,concern for most people it is gt matrix,gt matrix is a website that measures how,fast your website is loading so if you,have been using zt matrix to measure the,loading speed of your website you have,been measuring it in the wrong way the,results of zd matrix are not consistent,and it bearish from day to day okay just,to give you an insight i did a test on,gt metrics for billion dollar company,like zim sock and kylie cosmetic and i'm,gonna be sharing the result with you on,the screen right now and as you see the,results are really really horrible so if,a billion dollar company gets a really,bad metrics on gd matrix you can decide,so if your website scores b it doesn't,mean it's bad the real way to measure,the loading speed of your website is,through your browser so in whatever,browser you are using there should be a,mod whether it is incognito or private,mod so what you want to do is go into,that mod and type in the domain of your,website and see how it loads the way it,loads in the incognito or the private,mode is how your actual website is,loading you can try it in different,devices in your pc in your laptop or in,your phone in your tablet and see how it,responds if you are happy with it you,are good to go what i'm trying to say is,that even if you have a website that,loads really fast and you use gt matrix,to major it may solve really bad data,and you may feel bad and feel like you,need to do something for your website,while in fact your website is perfectly,fine so that's the first thing i want to,tell you don't use zd matrix to measure,the loading speed of your website,instead use incognito mode or private,mod in your browser the second thing is,really simple it is to uninstall all the,apps which you are not using so,literally uninstall every single app in,your shopify store which you are not,using in fact the way to avoid using a,lot of apps is to use the team which,come with inbuilt apps the real problem,with shopify app is that when you,install an app it install a piece of,code into your shopify team pile and,this line of code often ends up,conflicting with your team pile thereby,reducing the loading speed of your,shopify store the problem is that for,some app even after you uninstall the,app it leaves a line of code in your,shopify store conflicting with your team,pile and it keeps reducing the loading,speed of your shopify store so as a,precaution whatever team you are using,before customizing and adding any kind,of app make sure you make a copy of the,original theme file so in case anything,goes wrong with the theme you can always,come back to the original file and do,the same thing from scratch the way i,have managed to solve this app problem,is by using the beautify so regarding,using less apps the game changer for me,was using the team the beautify my first,year in shopify i was experimenting with,a lot of free and bad team but then i,switched to the beautify and i have,never looked back the beautify in my,opinion is the best shopify team ever,right out of the bed the team lots,extremely extremely fast and the,beautify offers more customization than,any other shopify team it is much more,flexible in designing your shopify store,whether it is a home page product page,or any kind of pages and the thing which,i love about db25 are the inbuilt apps,which they call add-ons at this moment,they have more than 50 plus add-ons so,these add-ons are basically apps which,are built inside of the theme meaning,using these inbuilt apps will not slow,down the loading speed of your shopify,store it has a wide range of add-ons to,enhance the look of your shopify store,to increase your conversion rate and to,also increase your average order value,it has things like trust seals and,badges which looks really clean and,professional sticky add to cart add to,cart animation to increase conversion,rate it has things like card countdown,timer product bullet points it also has,add-ons to increase the conversion rate,by offering a lot of upsells in the,product page and the card paste so with,these add-ons you can customize your,product page and your card page to have,a much better conversion rate and to,stand out in the competition which is,really important in 2022 the beautify is,100 percent free to install so make sure,you check it out i guarantee you you,will not like it you will love it at the,time of recording this video the,beautify has 54 add-ons best speed,booster it even has an add-on,called best boot booster which will,increase the speed of your shopify store,alright guys point number three is,actually an opposite to point number two,that is to install an app the app goes,by the name best speed optimizer and i,use this app in all my shopify store,there are some apps in shopify app store,which promise you to increase the,loading speed of your shopify store but,ends up doing the opposite but this,particular app which is free from my,experience this app is doing a really,great job to be honest this app doesn't,actually increase the loading speed of,your shopify store but it creates the,illusion that your store is loading,really fast so let me try to explain it,in a simple way when someone comes to a,landing page of a shopify store this app,actually starts loading the other pages,that is linked to the landing page so,when the visitor clicks to another base,from the landing page it loads,immediately actually the loading started,even before the visitor clicks on,anything,but when they click on the button it,gives the illusion that the base loads,almost instantly you may not understand,what i just said but this app just,improves the visitor experience by,creating the illusion that your shopify,store is loading faster alright so the,last tip i have for you is to resize,your images so when you click a photo,with your phone or your camera or you,download a stock image to be used on,your website it tends to have a really,big file size these photos will range,anywhere between 2 mb and some even more,than 5 mb this greatly reduce the,loading speed of your landing page the,way to solve this is to resize the,images without minimizing quality,to do this you can go to app store or,play store just type in emails,compression before you upload the image,in your shopify store make sure you,compress the image if the app gives you,an option of how many pixels you want,you can go for 1000 pixels max don't go,beyond that because it is really,unnecessary so normally a photo or an,image which is clicked with your phone,camera or a stock image will have pixels,of around 4000 and some even six or,seven thousand pixels,so when you resize it down just to 1000,pixels the size of the image will be,reduced to around 100 kb and some even,at the maximum 300 kv which is much,lower than what the original file was,and just by doing this it will greatly,increase the loading speed of your,shopify store even if this is the last,bullet point in this video this was a,game changer for me for most people what,is slowing down their shopify store is,probably having these images which are,really large in size that's it guys if,you follow these four simple basic,things when running your shopify store i,guarantee you you will have the best,possible loading speed if you do get,some value from this video please do,like this video and also subscribe for,more value thank you for watching and,see you in the next video peace,you

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