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Import Existing Customers | Shopify How To one of the vital steps when transferring,over to a new pl

Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

Updated on Jan 14,2023

Import Existing Customers | Shopify How To

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Import Existing Customers | Shopify How To

one of the vital steps when transferring,over to a new platform is importing and,exporting your existing data so today,I'm going to go over how you import your,existing customers into Shopify so one,of the things you're going to need to do,when you transfer it over to Shopify is,you're going to need to import all of,your customers so the way the Shopify,handles this is you can either do it,through the API or you can do it through,a CSV a comma separated value excel,sheet I'm gonna go over the comma,separated excel sheet right now just,because this is the easiest way to do it,and it's the most likely the way that,you're going to be importing your,customers so if we go over to our,dashboard and we're on our dashboard the,best thing to first do is go to,customers and then at the top you'll see,it come up and it'll say import and,export we want to export the customers,the reason we want to do this is because,we want to go and grab an Excel,spreadsheet that gives us a sample of,the columns that we're gonna need to,fill out for when we transfer it over,from another system so we're gonna,select export the current page because,there's only one customer in there,and they're running it CSV for Excel,numbers or other spreadsheet programs,we're gonna hit export it's gonna ask us,to download it and then we can go and,open it up in our editor so I'm gonna,open this up in Excel now once we've,opened it up in Excel we can now go and,look at the columns that are in there,I'm gonna add in some sample data so,that when we import it we can see how it,works,so the first thing I'm going to do is,bring under first name we're gonna go,John Smith we're gonna put an email of,John at the company is Smith,incorporated we're gonna go 1 2 3 4,Smith Street in Smithers British,Columbia provinces BC Canada country,code,CA so if you're doing stuff for the US,would be us all you can look up to digit,country codes so you know which ones,need to go in there the correct zip code,I'm just gonna use a sample zip code,here and if we're gonna use a phone,numbers,then eight hey dude does this person,accept marketing I say yes the total,spend the total orders if they have any,tags any notes and if they're tax exempt,then we can hit save I'm gonna ask us if,we would like to save it as of the,current CSV some features may be lost,because Excel contains information like,formatting and column widths and stuff,like that where CS keys don't contain,those information it's important to,understand the difference between safety,and an excel file and saving in a CSV,for the point of this upload it needs to,be in a CSV XLS file won't work,so when hit save it's now saved it we,know its customer export in parentheses,one and now we can go back over to our,customers and we can go import customers,we can choose our file,we could hit over at existing customers,if they have the same email or phone,number which we're going to do and then,we're gonna hit import it'll go through,its thing and import and then when we,refresh the page we should have John,Smith in there John Smith there we go,the reason it's overwritten the other,item is because I selected the same,phone number so let's go and change that,so that we have two phone numbers in,here so that they have different phone,numbers so we're gonna make this on,triple eight three hundred two seven,okay now we're gonna save that one there,yeah save we're gonna go import the,customers again,there we go import okay customer,imported now what we should do is we,should have two customers in there one,John Smith everyone Jodi Edgar and,that's how you go ahead and import a,customer's now it's important to,understand that all of your orders when,you get to importing orders are going to,look up the customer name by their email,address so when you import your,customers make sure that you import,their email address it's a required,field so you all need to have it while,you can port your customers into the,shopper dashboard thanks for stopping by,I hope this video was helpful don't,forget to Like subscribe hit the bell,button if that's something you're into,and we'll see you guys in the next one

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