how to import etsy reviews to shopify

How to import Etsy reviews to your online store for FREE hi there girlfriends and boyfriends,welcome

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to import Etsy reviews to your online store for FREE

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how to import etsy reviews to shopify catalogs

How to import Etsy reviews to your online store for FREE

hi there girlfriends and boyfriends,welcome to location freedom hub,in today's video we're going to go,through how to add,etsy reviews to our online stores,especially if you're selling digital,products,this feature is huge for your,dropshipping store,to get that proof um and confidence with,the customer social proof,get reviews onto your product page and,get you,sales so let's get started first,what you need to do is head on to,,this is how i'm going to show you how,you can easily get,etsy reviews on your store,free of charge so you see here,a variety of features these guys offer,i'm so excited in fact,right after this video i'm going to add,a couple of more to my store,i've never really had an instagram feed,and facebook feed on my store,particularly instagram is what i'm,interested in,is because i've now built my instagram a,little bit and the feed looks really,pretty so i think you'll look really,nice perhaps on the home page of my site,so that's something i'm going to be,doing,and also what i recommend and what draws,my eyes,especially is to add some sort of chat,feature into your store and could,increase your conversions,um drastically so let's focus on,etsy for now you have a search bar here,so i'm going to write etsy and you can,see here ebay as well quite interesting,but etsy review you click on create,widget,then on here you choose your,layout such a nice,uh way of presenting the,the reviews you've got so many options,here,so just choose the one that goes with,your site more,what i like is they have a dark,so with a black background dark widgets,as well as light,so whatever fits with your site if you,have a black site of course it's so much,easier for you to have,this type of layout in in incorporated,yeah so let's say we'll go with white,we'll go with the carousel format,right so we'll do that,here you will name your widget,etsy reviews let's call it etsy reviews,okay right so we'll click continue with,this template,now on here i want you to go on to,etsy right and,take the url of your store,of your etsy store and put it in here,then click apply,so then what the widget will do it will,automatically pull out,all the um well insert all the,reviews on your store,into the widget here and we'll update,all of this,basic template right but let's say for,me,this is my link this is what i'm happy,with these are my reviews,so let's go ahead and edit that further,so,the four things you can edit further on,this layout,are um content layout,reviews um,themselves and the style right light,dark,and custom you can even incorporate your,um your colors your site your brand,it's so customizable and i love that,the most whatever i'm working with any,sort of app for my shopify store shopify,is what i use but,i i'll show you this is a very easily,integrating,widgets this site works for any,site you've got i'm sure woocommerce,wordpress,because the way you install the widget,is via html code so,that applies to all sites but we'll go,for that later,uh just wanted to go through some of the,um options here so in terms of uh,where are your content we have a few,filters so you can filter what um,what's the words reviews the import from,etsy so you can do,anything from all to,five star only right so you just,filtered through them through what what,reviews you'd like to bring over to your,site,which is great you might not want to,bring the negative ones over,yeah so i suppose you could hide reviews,that you know some,sites allow you to just give stars as,opposed to writing,something about the products and you can,submit a review,just by doing that well here you can,actually filter those out so,you will bring only reviews that,actually bring value to your product,page and provide some sort of customer,feedback so,you know it depends on you if you want,to bring,all reviews over feel free,and then what i really like here you can,actually exclude all widgets,all reviews that mention a specific,keyword,so let's say we want,to exclude the word etsy itself,right and then it will you saw how the,widget just went,the writing disappeared for for a second,there what it did is it filtered out,all the reviews that had the word etsy,in them,uh because you might want to import,reviews but not,mention where they came from when you,when you put them on your site so you,can hide,um that equally you can handpick reviews,by name or keyword so this is another,way,of helping you bring over only the,reviews that you want so say if we write,derrick because,this is what we've gone on screen here,see we'll filter just the reviews that,were written by derek,and then you can easily import them over,to your store,the only thing about this widget it,won't pull,reviews live so as they happen on your,site,automatically pull them through no you'd,have to go,and do it do that yourself every time,you get new reviews onto,your etsy store you want to bring them,over you have to manually go and,buy using the widget and bring them over,but as you see the widgets lovely,the website is lovely to use it's super,easy so you can do that say on a weekly,basis,yeah you can also write how many total,number of reviews you'd like to show in,your store so you can do that as well,you can limit so you have thousands on,your etsy store but you only want,to display about 30 because you want to,make it look like this is a new product,that you've just launched on your store,right,it's not an old one then you you might,want to just reduce the number of,reviews so that it coincides with the,timeline of which you said that you have,launched this product,since so that's everything for content,layouts um again here is what i like is,that you can,hide this um header altogether,um but say for example i only want to,hide the title,right so that etsy rating title has now,disappeared which is fantastic because,it's kept all the other key information,and again it helped me hide where the,reviews are coming from,you can play with the width how many,pixels you'd like the carousel to be how,wide,um you can even change your layout again,further on you have more settings,number of reviews per view so auto but,say i want to just have,five per row before people have to,scroll over they can see,five all all together i can do that show,navigation uh arrows yes no you can,toggle that,and enable auto play so this for a car,so,is very good because it just kind of,does that every couple of seconds,without customers having to scroll which,enables the chances of them,seeing even more positive reviews um,in a in a heartbeat okay,review,this is how it's uh showing,so the review itself you want it to have,a spotlight,structure you want it to have a classic,structure design just kind of,change that there,uh further things that you can take off,and on,um how to display review text short and,full,um again for really long reviews like,that,i'd recommend having them short and then,with a read more text,in case customers want to read more so,it doesn't look too messy on your site,and then i'm not sure what this is but i,just toggled off,personally i've done that when i,designed my widget,and the style again lights dark,and then i encourage you to play around,with fonts,and to insert your brand colors which is,what we want we want to make the widget,look as it's purposely part of our site,and it's,incorporated nicely with the rest of our,design,once you save your widget and apply all,the changes,that you've done from a customization,point of view it will appear,here on your dashboard under my widgets,you can then later on if you'd like,duplicate or edit,or remove the next step is how you add,to website then you go in here,and then you will copy this code,click on it once it's automatically,copied to clipboard,i'm not sure where you guys are using to,design your stores but for shopify you,go to online store and then click,customize,and then from the left hand side you,will choose a,element to add into your page design and,then it's um just add,html simple it gives you an empty box,and then you,paste your custom html code that you've,copied from,from elf site into that box and save,that and that's it,i believe that's everything i wanted to,go through today,and finally i just wanted to go through,the plans that elfside has,and the reason why i said you can get,this done for free because,literally i've done that for my site,today with this,light version right so you can see,i'm currently on the light zero dollars,per month,plan and that allows you to have a,widget on one single website,that's fine i'm not sure if you're,allowed to do multiple widgets,as i said later at the beginning of the,video i'll try and do,the um chat for my my site,as well as um the in try incorporate the,instagram feed onto my homepage,so i'll let you know in the comments,below how i get on with that and if i've,managed to add multiple widgets,on the same site it should it should,work on the light,plan because here it doesn't say,anything about how many widgets,it just says uh you can only do it,for one website and 200 views,even if you were or needed to go on to,one of the paid plans,it is so affordable i do believe that,it is a fantastic way of bringing over,reviews from etsy especially if you,are already successfully selling your,digital product on,etsy and then you want to bring some of,that social proof onto your site,i really encourage you to do that or you,perhaps have been,selling your own candles or physical,products but have started on,etsy and now you want to try and expand,your market and just sell to a wider,audience,now it's your time to bring over those,reviews and,bring your product page to life and,hopefully increase those conversion,rates so i really hope you enjoyed this,video,if you found it useful give it a thumbs,up and until next time,take care and i'll see you later bye

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