how to grant facebook permission for shopify

How to Give Workers Access to Shopify Store hey everyone welcome back so for this,week's youtube vid

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

How to Give Workers Access to Shopify Store

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How to Give Workers Access to Shopify Store

hey everyone welcome back so for this,week's youtube video we are going to,take a look at how to grant user,permissions in shopify,now why would you need to set this up,well let's say that you are going to be,hiring a graphic designer or a web,developer to help design your website or,make edits to your existing website,well,you want to give them access to this,section in shopify to make edits to your,website but maybe they don't need to,also have access to your orders or your,sales information or your other settings,and channels,in that case you would want to set them,up in shopify as a staff member with,very specific,access or permissions,so that they can't go and poke around in,places that they shouldn't be,another example would be let's say,you're hiring someone to help you ship,your orders,ship your packages,well you would of course want to grant,them access to your orders and order,history but you probably don't need to,give them access to make edits to your,website or to take a look at,your marketing,or other analytics,so,let's take a look at how we can,set this access up and make sure your,people have the right information the,right access to,help you out with what you need,so let's get started,we are going to,log on to shopify,so when you're logged onto shopify,you're going to come over to your menu,options on the left hand side,and you're going to scroll down and,click on,settings,now within settings you want to come,down to,users and permissions,now just a quick note i am using one of,my clients shopify website,so i am going to block out anything that,would be,confidential information or anything to,show you who they are,so in this example we can see that i am,listed as the store owner,and below that we can see that i'm also,listed as one of two staff members,so,i'm going to go ahead and click add,staff,and now what you want to do is fill out,their contact information,so you would enter their name,and email,and then from there,you would want to scroll down and take a,look at what you want to give them,access to,so,we can select all and when we select all,it gives them access to everything,within your store,so if you have a partner,or,a part business owner or someone on your,team who needs access to everything you,would want to select everything and send,them the invite,but in the case that you're hiring,a web developer a web designer,you would want to grant them access just,to the online store,so you can give them access to themes,blog posts and pages navigation and,domains,and that should give them everything,they need,now,once again let's think about if we're,hiring someone to help us ship out our,products we would want to give them,access to orders,and then from there you would need to,determine well do they need to have,access to,all of my orders,or do they need to have access to also,edit orders,or draft orders,do they need to have the ability to make,changes to existing orders,yes or no,so that's something you want to think,through,another thing to consider,would be if you're hiring someone,to support let's say marketing,you can give them access to,apps and channels so if you come down,here we have a whole section for,what apps and channels we want to give,this user access to so for my marketing,person they might need access to,facebook google,my email marketing,and that could be it,so once you've decided what access to,grant to the user you can scroll back to,the top,and you can actually click send invite,and what this does,is it sends the user an email with a,link to sign in,and depending on what you've given them,access to they'll be able to go to those,sections within your shopify account and,view what they need to view and do what,they need to do,so,that was a quick overview the last thing,i want to show you is,let's scroll down,point of sales access so,what this would mean is if you need to,grant someone access to,make sales in person you can give them,access to,your app,so when we do this we can click give,point of sale access to the staff,and what happens is you get an alert it,says this staff member will be able to,access the point-of-sale app with a pin,but won't be able to log into the app,because they don't have 12 of the 13,required permissions,so if you click on show permissions,it shows you that in order to access the,point of sales app this user needs to,have access to all of these sections,so what you can do is click,give staff,access and then from there you can see,now that,alert went away,and,we can set up a pin for them,so,you can use the pin that's already been,generated you can enter your own pin,or you can,generate random pin,and from there,once you're ready you can click send,invite and once again it'll send them a,link with all the information they need,to get logged in,and you should be good to go,i hope you guys enjoyed this content um,let me know if you have any specific,questions,and make sure you give this video a,thumbs up and subscribe and with that,i'll see you guys next time,you

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