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How To DOUBLE Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2022 one of the most underutilized ways to,increase yo

Chase Chappell

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How To DOUBLE Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2022

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How To DOUBLE Your Shopify Conversion Rate in 2022

one of the most underutilized ways to,increase your sales on shopify is by,increasing your actual conversion rate,in fact cro is a big thing and being,able to actually increase your overall,sales volume and make your ads convert,even better so many people really focus,on their creatives they focus on their,targeting but they never think to focus,on the actual landing page that is going,to be converting the individuals through,the actual funnel and that's exactly,what we're going to be covering today so,let's go ahead and get into the video,now if you're new here my name is chase,chapel and over the last seven years,we've grown over 250 different brands,and businesses and so many different,niches and we've collectively generated,over a billion dollars in sales and,that's all through managing facebook ads,tick-tock ads and even google ads and,we've gained a lot of experience through,the agency after having advised on over,200 million in ad spend across,facebook's products and spending 600 000,in the last 90 days on tick tock so,let's go ahead and jump into the video,so that way we can go over the,conversion rate optimization for your,shopify store so that way you can 2x,your conversion rates so we're going to,be covering how to 2x your conversion,rates and to 2x a shopify store,conversion rate isn't as hard as you,think there's a few key,actual designs and items that you need,on your actual landing page to increase,trust to actually add authority and you,know drive more individuals to be able,to convert just by making the process,super simple in fact actually lowering,the number of clicks somebody actually,has to make from an ad like facebook or,tick tock you're actually going to get,better cpms because the faster somebody,can actually check out the quicker they,can get back to scrolling on their,social media feed which is what these,big tech companies want especially if,you're running ads so you need a very,fluid process to bring people through,your funnel and that is through your,shopify store and so when we're looking,at the landing page some of the things,you really need to focus in on and these,are some of the top things that we,always see convert best and what,actually makes a big difference in your,overall conversion rate we're talking,about like if you're actually spending,you know a thousand dollars and you're,getting back 5 000,in actual sales well if you actually,double your conversion rate you're quite,literally going to see a huge increase,in your overall sales without spending,any more money so you know the practical,thing to do here is to maximize the,overall conversion rate growth so that,way you can get as many sales as,possible,one of those first things is testing,your website on both desktop and mobile,to ensure the most important information,is always appearing above the fold and,essentially above the fold is whenever,the actual website loads on your mobile,screen or desktop screen above the fold,is everything within view upon the load,and that's really important because you,want to have the actual product you want,to actually have the name of the product,you want to have all the relevant,information above the fold so that way,people can see what they need right away,without having to scroll to find it and,then the main thing is you're going to,need to create a strong and clear bold,header title and that is having a strong,clear,actual header here with your actual,product name sometimes people make,really thin text for their you know,product titles and it's really hard to,read you want to make sure it's very,clear and bold so that way people can,read immediately and know what it is,that you're selling the other thing is,you want a direct product image if you,have models showing off your you know,clothing or you have a model showing off,the actual item or doing a how-to it's,good to have those in the second third,fourth fifth image or video on your,actual product image page rather than,showing it as the first one you want to,make sure the first image is always,super direct and focused on the exact,item itself that way there's no,confusion and people can see exactly,what it is that they're purchasing right,away and know that they made it to the,right landing page if you're running ads,and then the next thing is we're going,to need a strong call to action button,and full color add to carts is really,increasing overall add to cart click the,rates which is driving more people,through your actual funnel so having a,full colored added cart it makes it bold,it stands out if you have an outlined,you know add to cart where it's white,and then you have to buy it now that's,full you know a full color add to cart,is actually going to really increase,your overall add to cart conversion rate,which is going to help you get more,people to actually you know make it to,the checkout process which you can then,get them to actually make it to the,purchase and the next thing is having,your contact details and you want to,have that in the actual footer of your,website you want to make sure people,know how to contact your brand you want,the shipping information so that way,they know how long it takes you need,your policy information makes people,feel more comfortable because they like,to read these things to ensure that you,know who they're buying from they're,going to receive the product that's,going to be safe and they understand all,the terms down there and if you're,actually sharing that information it,just makes it easier for somebody to,actually make a purchase whether they,read it or not just having it down there,just gives them a visual so that way,they know that you know there is,information if they want to look at it,it is there and they can find it easily,and then some other items here that are,really really important the banner at,the top at all times so many stores i,see that are just recently launching and,they don't use this banner and the,banners are huge in terms of actual,conversion rates this is where you have,a special offer call out whether it's,free shipping over a certain amount of,money or it's just free shipping in,general cuts is doing free shipping over,150,this is where you call out if it's us,shipping international shipping or if,you want to talk about a special offer,that's you know it's day only sell 20,off get use code these are the types of,things you have in this banner here and,that's really important to have because,it has a distinct call out so people,know immediately okay if i buy this item,i'm not gonna have to pay for shipping,if it's over this or if i buy this item,i know i get this percent off or here's,what i know based off that banner it's,where you want your big special offer,callout to be immediately so that way,people know you know what the actual,offer is in addition to what they're,buying and then you're going to want to,have reviews if you have them this will,increase trust a lot of stores that are,just starting out they don't necessarily,have reviews and that's fine you can,turn them off and then when you get some,sales later on you can add an app send,out an email and get all the reviews and,then activate them but if you do have,your reviews you want to make sure it's,very visible so that way people can,actually check out all the reviews and,the more reviews you have the better,because it increases overall trust and,allows people to see how other people,have experienced the product people like,to read reviews and it builds trust and,really gains a higher conversion rate,for your overall store if you're just,starting out it's okay not to have them,initially but eventually you're going to,want to add them because it only gets,better when you do and then you want to,make sure that your sizes colors and,selections are easy to see specifically,you want to have it on one line so you,can see here that the actual staple,colors that they have for this product,are all on one line and then their,seasonal colors are on another line,sometimes people have multiple rows of,you know different selections and it,gets really complicated you want to make,sure that you know for each specific,selection it fits on one row if you have,sizes that are small medium large extra,large,xxx large and it's like you know going,down it's just not going to work you're,going to decrease your conversion rate,it's easier for somebody to visually see,it click it and move forward makes it,much more simple for somebody actually,wanting to purchase and that way you're,not adding a lot of friction to your,overall shopify store and i can,certainly assure you if you do these,things you're going to see an increase,in your overall conversion rates without,spending any more money and the other,thing you're going to want to do is have,special offers to capture email that is,a pop-up whether you're using you know,an actual app to do so you give a,specific percentage off you're doing a,giveaway or some special offer just to,get somebody to submit their email so,that way you have it for email marketing,later because that can drive up your,conversion rate because now you have,their contact info if they leave your,website you can always send them email,to get them to come back and make the,purchase this helps recovery and,increase your email marketing conversion,rates which increases your overall,shopify store conversion rates and then,you're going to want to make sure that,you have consistent branding throughout,it's really important to make sure the,colors are very consistent it's easier,on the eyes people know that it's the,right brand it's more trusting and it's,more memorable over time when people see,your ads they can come back and remember,that you know they've been to the site,before or when they purchase they can,remember the site if they're,recommending it to somebody you want it,to be consistent if there's too much,going on with colors and they're not on,brand it can really take away from the,overall value and it's harder for,somebody to actually remember your brand,and you know feel a connection towards,it and these are just a few stores that,you know are really doing great sales,volume overall and you'll start to,notice a lot of them have the exact same,things in common and this comes as no,surprise because the biggest brands in,the world that you know have gone from,doing 500k months to million dollar,months to eight figures per month in,sales they understand the value of their,actual shopify store conversion rate and,most people never really spend the time,to talk about these things because they,don't really understand how to do it and,a lot of people focus on the ad side but,they really miss the full conversion,rates and this is what we want to focus,on because when you're running ads you,can get more dollars out of your ads,just by having a very solid conversion,rate and so you can see how all these,stores have you know a lot of key things,here in common and we'll just cover a,few so that way you can get an idea of,what it is that each of them are using,you'll notice right off the bat they,each have a banner with their special,offer that we were just talking about,this this website has a code they have,the 25 off blender's eyewear then cuts,has you know a special offer where if,you buy a certain amount you get free,shipping they're doing this as a,strategy to get you to buy more items,specifically in the space you know with,clothing and apparel it makes sense you,can have those you know free shipping at,higher items because whenever people add,more to cart that's totally fine because,most people will buy multiple t's or,multiple shirts in the apparel space,that is normal so that strategy works,specifically there this company here,schoolyard snacks they're using a,specific offer for 10 percent off at,checkout and it's like a today only type,sell so that's really interesting and,then they have their free shipping,banner below it so they're doubling up,on their banner which is definitely,going to help especially because they,made it super concise and compact and,then neuro here has start 2022 fresh,with your body of mind free shipping on,purchases 35 plus and subscriptions and,then the next thing you're gonna know is,each of their items are very direct you,can see that blenders eyewear they're,selling sunglasses the sunglasses are,being shown it's not the model image,first you'll notice the model image,comes second to show off the actual item,if your model is first you're,automatically going to have a lower,conversion rate we've proven this time,and time again in our agency we've spent,millions of dollars per month you know,sending actual ads to e-commerce sites,and we have found that this is the case,people get distracted by the model's,looks but it definitely helps having a,model to show off the item after they,already know what it is that they're,purchasing and that's why it's so,important to just have the specific item,directly right away and then you can see,the same thing for cuts you can see this,for neuro and then you can also see that,you know schoolyard snacks is showing,the actual item,itself it makes sense because this is,something you eat so you know they're,pouring it out of the bag which is,totally fine and then it starts at,1.69 for bags so they actually did a,really good job of actually including,their offer in there so that's a special,you know deal because probably a lot of,their competitors are priced much higher,and so that really resonates with,individuals schoolyard snacks is a good,example of being able to deliver a lot,of information in a very short amount of,time and in a very concise way most,people will spend you know all this time,putting all this text on their site and,it runs for days and they're scrolling,and scrolling and scrolling and really,it's just too much information whereas,you know these types of brands have,already figured out that they can,deliver that same amount of info just in,a more precise and concise way like,schoolyard they already recognize the,fact that they could actually use their,images to have some additional text in,here they can double up on banners and,make them you know smaller with their,padding they can actually shrink the,size of their menu to add more space for,you know actual conversion driven,line items that people actually enjoy to,read because it helps build up the,overall trust and value of the brand so,people will convert,and then the next thing we'll notice is,they have additional images on these,actual you know,sites you can scroll through and see,each image for the products they're,going over models or they're showing you,know the benefits that's really,important,the next thing you notice they'll each,have like specific categories they call,out for their products or some you know,unique tag and this one's polarized,that's a benefit because you know some,sunglasses aren't polarized and then,cuts has last call you know and then,they also talk about their special blend,of stitch that they use and then over,here for this one they have their keto,sugar free so they're calling out some,you know bullet type benefits that are,very you know,high level but are really important to,consumers because it helps them make a,decision when purchasing and the neuro,has this is as well they have the vegan,you know aspartame free sugar free and,that really helps increase overall,conversion rates and then as we continue,to look down we're not going to cover,each individual item here but you'll,start to see what's commonly run,throughout each of these you have the,reviews on all of them you start to,notice the add to cart buttons are,actually full color lots of you don't,use full color add to carts and it is a,big game changer because it makes it,more visual it gives a good pop and it,allows people to click on it and,increase your overall site conversion,rate and then the other things are are,upsells upsells help increase the,overall average order value which can,help actually you know add into your,profit margin if you have good margins,especially if you spend money on an ad,to get somebody to add an item to cart,and if they purchase that in addition,with other items you're automatically,getting more bang for your buck and then,some other quick things are some,additional pop-ups this one's get 15 off,they probably have to enter in their,email they have a loyalty program,schoolyard snacks has a video from one,of the founders which builds a lot of,trust because now there's a face to the,brand they know it's legit they know,they're not a fly-by-night company and,then cuts has you know a little button,here that you know you can also find,special offers and contact individuals,from their actual company,another big thing is the model they,actually talk about the model's height,and what size they're wearing because if,they say you know if somebody's six foot,and they see that in this case tristan's,also six foot and he wears a medium it,makes it easier for somebody to know,what size to buy so always call out what,your actual model is and what the size,they're wearing so that way when people,see the image they can get an idea of,you know what size they should buy as,well as having a size chart to actually,help them you know with the measurements,you'll also notice each of their,selections are very easy to do it's very,you know quick you can click on them,easy call outs to make it simple bullets,and very concise very you know direct,making it easy enough for somebody to,actually make a purchase now increasing,conversion rates on your shopify store,doesn't just come down to your landing,page either in order to really measure,an impact of being able to actually see,an overall increase you have to have,traffic and one of the ways you get,traffic and actually being able to see,if people are purchasing and increasing,your overall sales is through actual ads,and in fact we you know strategize and,actually go over ways to maximize,overall growth with your tick tock ads,and your facebook ads you know we've,been spending millions of dollars every,month on these platforms to really be,able to scale up our overall client,results and in fact we actually have a,one-on-one mentorship program where we,actually help you know individuals,whether you're in the e-commerce space,b2b space software space or even local,space be able to actually get a good roi,on your tick tock ads and facebook ads,and really scale up we do this in a,one-on-one environment where you're,actually able to hop on a call with my,team and myself and actually go through,your actual you know site improving your,conversion rates working on your ads,figuring out ways to actually increase,your overall results whether you're at,twenty thousand wanting to go to a,hundred thousand per month or you're at,two hundred and fifty thousand per month,and you're wanting to crank half a,million dollars per month we cover it in,our one-on-one mentorship program and if,you're interested in the one-on-one,mentorship program feel free to dm me,the word mentor real chase chapel on,instagram and i'm happy to be able to,share more information about how it,works we do have a limit of 10 spots per,month so those spots do go fast if you,are interested feel free to dm me the,word mentor and i'm happy to share more,now like i was saying before in order to,increase your shopify conversion rates,you're going to want to make these,design tweaks here to be able to really,maximize the overall potential and,deliver the right information you need,for a consumer to really make a decision,purchasing and feeling comfortable with,the process and the other ways is to,actually have quality traffic lots of,you might actually be running traffic,campaigns or doing boosted posts or,sadly just be getting a lot of traffic,but not actually any sales and that,actually could come down to you know,misinformation or on quality traffic it,does happen and it really does mess up,your overall metrics and can really skew,numbers and trick people into thinking,that their site actually might need to,be fixed when in reality it's their,actual traffic source and in fact here's,an example of us actually increasing an,online store conversion rate on a,shopify you know one of our clients and,actually taking them from a 2.76 all the,way up to a 5.62 at scale,all through optimizing their actual ads,and being able to focus on the organic,content strategy that really drives,quality traffic and breaking down those,objections so yes there are ways to,increase your store conversion rate even,outside of the actual landing page,optimization and here's an example this,is month one when we started with them,they were just doing organic tick-tock,posts and they had about 587 added cards,about four percent of people were,actually clicking their add to cart,button and about two point seven six,percent actually ended up converting,which is about 409 people end up making,a purchase and that was primarily from,the organic traffic they were getting,from tick tock posts which is absolutely,incredible in fact we have a video right,here you should check out about how you,can go from zero to thirty thousand,dollars in a daily sale,all from tick tock organic strategies,and they had one flavor and one item,specifically and they weren't running,any ads at this time we started working,with them and we quickly started to,actually increase the overall store,conversion rate because they ended up,adding a few more actual items to their,site but we launched facebook and,instagram retargeting plus cold,audiences so based off of the traffic we,were creating audiences and going after,new individuals and we scaled up pretty,quick over the course of three months,going from roughly 587 added carts to 10,840 and not only that but 8157,individuals actually converted which,ended up growing their stores,significantly into the hundreds of,thousands of dollars per month and that,was primarily from them one getting a,really solid viral tick tock video from,the strategies we're using and them,being able to have enough items for,people to you know make a decision to,purchase from as well as us really,maximizing the overall facebook and,instagram retargeting strategies where,we're retargeting the traffic that's,hitting their site so that way we can,break down other objections people might,have if they never converted and we,really focused on the cold audiences,because at this point there was so much,data coming to the site that we were,able to really allow the algorithms on,facebook and instagram to really,optimize effectively to their true,potential to get sales and then a few,months later we got the store conversion,rate all the way up to 5.62 they really,honed in on the tick tock strategy and,have really been nailing their videos,ever since and have consistently seen,viral videos help them sell out their,store and this happened many times in,between these months and they had three,flavors now because they're fully sold,out on another one and they're down to,one flavor left right now but that's all,right because it's only a good problem,to have especially if you're scaling,your online business and so we got to a,5.62 conversion rate a lot of returning,customers because they love the product,that's a huge thing you need a solid,product and we weren't really heavy on,retargeting because there's so many,people hitting the site we're talking,tens of thousands to hundreds of,thousands of people hitting their actual,website this gives us a huge opportunity,to have the right types of ads really,get people to be comfortable with the,process and come back to the website to,make the purchase,and then we really started to focus in,on you know not only facebook instagram,retargeting in actual audiences for cold,over there but we also started to get,the tick tock ads rolling so that way we,can maximize the overall growth from the,tick tock account because there's so,many views so many people seeing the,videos that now we have retargeting,audiences there as well as focusing,heavy on a cold strategy reaching new,eyeballs every day to be able to drive,more sales and quality traffic with all,this being said not very much changed on,the website other than the fact of,adding a few flavors nothing really,changed in terms of the actual you know,text there was no color changes no brand,changes everything remained the same,over the course of this six months and,their conversion rate only goes up and,that's because the quality of traffic,has only gotten better over time as,we've optimized the ads we do cover this,in our trainings on our youtube channel,so please do make too sure to actually,subscribe and like this video if you do,like it so that way you'll see more,content that we do around these actual,strategies because we do put a lot of,work and effort into this and are,spending so much on ads and actually,helping so many ecommerce brands that,we're able to identify information that,is really important and direct that you,can use as well to have success and from,some of these bigger actual sites that,we were looking at we ended up pulling,through an app to be able to identify,what tools they're using on their,shopify and i wanted to highlight just a,few of the ones that were consistently,being used between all of them so that,way you can know what could be important,for you as well one thing that was,really common was the email marketing,everybody is using clavio's or clavio,and feel free to actually use the links,before below this video to actually,access these tools that these other,companies are using to have success as,well this is where you send email,campaigns and social campaigns and,really get people back to your site from,emails this is a big thing that lifts,conversion rates if you're not doing,email marketing then you're certainly,missing out on extra sales the next,thing was product reviews every single,one of them had product reviews that is,really important to increase trust allow,other perspectives not just coming from,the brand but you want perspectives of,people's experience with your products,from their point of view your actual,customers because your customers are the,best sellers for your brand they're the,voice and they can really lead charge in,being able to drive a lot of sales for,you one amazing customer could get 10,more amazing customers just from one,positive review and how excited they are,about your product so give them a great,experience because i can assure you,they'll chant the actual mantra of your,brand and bring you lots of great,business,the next thing we saw was actually,product recommendations and having,multiple products and relevant products,around the ones they were purchasing,offering other items and in this case we,saw that they were using this specific,tool code black belt also bought so that,way it was giving their customers,recommendations on what other customers,bought,this item and also bought this and,that's helping them increase sales,increase their aovs get more conversions,and get people to spend more money on,their actual site and at the end of the,day the consumers love it because,they're getting you know an item that,pairs well with another one and they saw,that other people were doing it too so,it must be a great,combo the next thing we saw was sales,recovery and fomo,and this is really important because,fomo stands for fear of missing out you,want to create you know a little bit of,scarcity around your actual brand and,product so that way people really want,to make sure they do purchase if they,know that it's always going to be,available or won't sell out we're,selling out our clients products all the,time and it's not just because they're,intentionally wanting to sell out it's,quite literally because they can't keep,up with the demand of their products,because it's going so fast because,tick-tock organic and tick-tock ads are,on fire right now and that's really,amazing because if you also have a,little bit of fomo in there it's going,to make it even more insane with the,conversion rates and then there's,recurring subscriptions the middle one,here they didn't have a recurring,subscription business model which makes,sense but these other two online stores,did so they were certainly using a tool,called recharge and that's so people can,actually you know get on a subscription,plan and receive these items on,recurring whether it's you know a,product that you can actually eat drink,then it makes sense to have a,subscription or if it's a you know,subscription box or if you have you know,specific items that you know people are,going to want to have on a recurring,basis to be able to receive then you,certainly want to make sure that you,have a recurring subscription app,because that can help you increase you,know not only sales but lifetime value,of your customers which once they,purchase once and if they continue to,come back and buy well now every dollar,you've spent on ads is infinitely,increasing in value over time and then,we also noticed loyalty programs between,these actual sites and whether they had,you know an actual tool for actually,referring individuals or having loyalty,programs where they get special offers,the more that they purchase with the,actual brand this helps increase you,know customer retention and builds you,know overall brand around the actual,online site so that way people actually,enjoy coming back and they do want to,refer people as well as be a part of,these programs so that way they can,unlock these amazing benefits and cool,offers that you're giving them and i,hope you enjoyed this video these are,some of the top online conversion rate,metrics and overall tools and actual,site changes you can make to see,incredible results and it doesn't just,come down to making changes on your,actual site that increases your,conversion rates you quite literally,could see a 2x increase in your overall,site conversion rate just by getting,into quality traffic and really breaking,down objections through your overall ads,and feel free to dm me on instagram if,you have any questions and definitely do,comment down below this video i'd love,to see what your thoughts are on the,overall video and please do give it a,like and subscribe because it truly does,mean a lot to us i really appreciate you,watching this video cheers and bye y'all,hey if you made it to the end of this,video then i know you're an ambitious,learner and you're looking for more so,go ahead and click this video here i,hand selected it for you,you

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