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POS: How to set up payments in POS || Shopify Help Center now that you have products on the cart,and

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

POS: How to set up payments in POS || Shopify Help Center

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POS: How to set up payments in POS || Shopify Help Center

now that you have products on the cart,and your customer is ready to checkout,there are a few different ways that you,can accept payment from your customer,this is your guide to setting up your,payments in your Shopify POS app hey,everyone it's Jamal from Shopify today,we're discussing four different payment,types Shopify payments gift cards cash,and custom payment types to make,adjustments to the payment settings you,need to be an account owner or staff,member with full permissions start by,logging into the Shopify POS app with,your PIN next tap the menu icon and then,tap Settings on the new page tap payment,settings in the payment settings you can,manage the payment types for your,Shopify POS if you're planning to use,Shopify card readers then you need to,setup Shopify payments which is the,provider you see here do you Shopify,card readers keep the credit debit,button toggled off if this button isn't,enabled then you can't accept card,payments if you want to learn more about,POS Hardware including the card readers,then click the links in the description,next decide if you want to enable skip,customer signatures when possible when,this is enabled customers don't always,need to give a signature to complete the,transaction depending on your customers,card type and Bank a signature might,still be required but you're often able,to skip signatures as most credit,terminals have fraud protection built-in,next if you want to accept cash payments,and use cash tracking sessions for your,store you need to enable cash as a,payment side,next let's look at enabling gift cards,as a payment method before you set up,gift cards in the Shopify POS app there,are a few steps that you need to,complete first your Shopify subscription,plan needs to be on the shop fly tier or,higher second enable the gift card,feature from your Shopify app third add,a gift card product from your Shopify,admin and finally if you plan to issue,physical gift cards you can purchase,gift cards from the Shopify hardware,store after you complete these steps you,can enable gift cards in the payment,settings of your Shopify POS app tap,accepted to open the gift card settings,from here enable gift cards as a payment,type when you sell a digital gift card,Shopify POS automatically generates a,unique code for the gift card that,customers can use to pay for their,orders online or in store next enable,accept physical gift cards so you can,manually enter a gift card number a,checkout or scan a Shopify QR gift card,you can scan QR gift cards if you have,the 2d barcode scanner from the Shopify,hardware store or with a device's camera,finally you can create a custom payment,option for any payment types that aren't,processed by Shopify like a bank,transfer or a check to create a custom,payment type tap add custom payment type,then enter a name for the custom payment,type and tap save the new payment type,now appears in the custom payment type,section after your custom payment type,is enabled it is available to use at,checkout remember processing an order,with a custom payment type will mark the,order as paid,however these payments are not processed,by Shopify you must accept the custom,payment type outside of Shopify now you,know how to manage your payment settings,for the Shopify POS path before you,start selling make sure that these,settings are customized for your,business needs and don't forget to,subscribe for more videos on the shop 5,POS if you have any questions comment,below or contact us at help Shopify com,it's,you

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