how to get a qr code for my shopify website

How To Easily Create QR Codes For Your Shopify Products hey guys christian here and today i'm,going


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Easily Create QR Codes For Your Shopify Products

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how to get a qr code for my shopify website catalogs

How To Easily Create QR Codes For Your Shopify Products

hey guys christian here and today i'm,going to share with you how to create a,qr code for your product so that your,customers can check out from their,phones without you,awesome,the way we're going to do this is with,shopify's shop code app you can generate,qr codes for your store that act like a,physical buy button or you can use them,online to direct customers to a product,or checkout page these qr codes you,generate with the shop codes app doesn't,change anything in your online store it,doesn't affect your customers or change,any orders or anything like that so you,can use these qr codes to let customers,get more information about your product,or scan the code to check out no matter,where they are you can place qr codes,around your physical retail store that,customers can scan and get more details,about your products or view additional,variants which is pretty cool or you can,add qr codes to your window display to,make something viable maybe you're not,open for that particular time of day but,your customers can still shop from right,there because they're able to see the,products that maybe are on display and,buy them from their phones you can add,qr codes to your product packaging so,that customers can reorder that,particular product by scanning that code,and you can add discounts to qr codes to,incentivize purchases as well,um after you create the qr codes you can,actually save them as png files or you,can do svg files if you're doing them,for print and actually doing maybe a,little tags for your products inside of,your store now before we get into how to,install it and how to create those i,just want to say welcome to everyone new,my name is christian pinon one of the,co-founders here at bitbrandy we've been,helping frustrated store owners since,2015 become impactful store owners,through tutorials tactics and strategies,and again the one way you can support,this channel is by hitting the subscribe,button and turning on notifications,all right so we're gonna go to apps then,we're gonna go to customizer store once,the app store loads we're gonna,search for,shop codes,and it's gonna be this one it's gonna be,made by shopify click on it and add the,app agree to all that,install app all right and now that we,have the shop codes app installed we can,actually create a shop code by clicking,on the green button we're going to,create one for colorful bones,click add and then in here it will give,you a few options so,the scan destination where do you want,the scan to go so again based on some of,the use cases that i talked about,earlier you can take them to the actual,product page or you can link to the,checkout page with the product in the,cart already which is a lot faster to,purchase and go through the purchasing,process right,you can also apply discount,automatically to that particular product,so again if they're repurchasing the,product and you want to incentivize them,to repurchase that product by scanning,that qr code you can automatically apply,a discount right here,and then that's it it's pretty simple,options in here and then the next thing,over here will be the if you want it for,web use or print use it will give you,the ability to,download that particular file so i'm,going to create the shop code and there,we go scan to shop we got the png for,web views and then like i said svg for,use you can download this,and it will download it as an svg,document on your computer,now if you enjoyed this video you,definitely definitely want to check out,the next video which is the top five,shopify apps that you need to have in,your shopify store you can click right,here and go to that don't forget to,leave a comment below if you have any,questions about anything that we talked,about today or any additional apps with,shopify make sure that you hit that like,button that will help us a lot subscribe,turn on notifications,we'll see you in the next video,you

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