how to get a free shopify card reader

FREE Shopify Chip & Swipe Card Reader Set Up Tutorial welcome to my youtube channels the one,and onl


Updated on Jan 21,2023

FREE Shopify Chip & Swipe Card Reader Set Up Tutorial

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how to get a free shopify card reader catalogs

FREE Shopify Chip & Swipe Card Reader Set Up Tutorial

welcome to my youtube channels the one,and only miss chin from jin tsunami care,and in this video i'm going to be,teaching the out there so how to set up,your chip and so swipe card reader from,shopify,and all to get it for free instead of,paying 30 stay tuned,like subscribe do all that great stuff,now and yeah keep watching okay really,really quick this right here is the,shopify card reader packaging contents,of course it comes with your charger,accessories as far as the charger base,and the cord,and then of course you get your shopify,card reader with the opening and the,shopify engrave,and then best of all your travel case,this superstar package to me at least i,love this thing i love this game overall,in hindsight i really do think this is,the superstar of the chip and swipe card,with the packaging because they're able,to package all of your contents nice and,easily,it's nothing big or heavy so you can,conveniently put it in your bag,and best of all it can really facilitate,in-person sales at a different spectrum,without worrying about adultery y'all,telling you oh yeah this will come back,man go to atm,no siri swipe the card right here so,just like,that also really quick you're not gonna,really need the charging base on the,cord,once this bad boy gets up to about 60,because,by then you can use it without it so you,can use it as is so for in-person,transactions don't worry about plugging,it in once this is at 60,or better same thing for pop-up shots,you don't want to ruin your tables look,by having bare cords and,crop on your table you just want to have,this there you can do that once the,card reader is actually this entire chip,and swipe card reader by shopify is,online at for thirty dollars,valuing,but why pay for something if i can't get,it for free because me know me not here,for,for free i actually got my chip and,snipe card reader for free,just by entering my website shopify,website,onto,and the process is very easy it delivers,it to your desired address you get it,within two or three business days and,you're up and running okay as the boxing,permits you will be able to use your,shopify chip and swipe card reader by,downloading the app shopify pos,that will be able to connect wirelessly,to your phone your tablet or whatever,the device you want to,use while using this to track your,transaction the app is actually really,easy to find you don't even need to type,out point of sale you can just type in,shopify pos,like the letters pos as so you'll be,able to download it in no time,and this right here is just me i tap the,on the open side just to open up the,shopify pos,app so we can get started and this is,where you're going to put in your,information for your account,here i have logged in to the shopify pos,app on this device,and as it shows payment cards and passes,in your wallet will network which means,if you have this working and you had to,publish up your apple pay,everything that's in your apple wallet,will not be working while you have this,work,i'm just going to press okay and give,you a little tutorial on the app,you guys can always come back and see,that that right there just sees,like what your display preference is for,the purpose of this video i'm going to,click light i prefer the dark preference,i just want you guys to see everything,clearly,and now it's loading okay so here this,is the homepage of the app you have your,add customer add custom sales shopify,pos,your and then your business name this is,this right here is the home page in the,app you're just gonna click the,three tabs over here in your left lower,hand corner,you're gonna go all the way to settings,once you get to settings you're gonna,scroll all the way down,so this is the top of settings scroll,all the way down you're gonna click set,up hardware,and then you're gonna be able to click,if you wanna do the receipt printer,barcode scanner customer view,and you're gonna click the card reader,you find the type of cardboard that you,got for this case we're using the,shopify,chip and swipe card reader which is such,and such,like this like day i really love that,lady anyway it already found it because,i already turned it on,so all i'm going to do is going to click,connect um card reader,and boom that is it i'm going to click,done,and i'm able to accept visa mastercard,express,um and discover payments really nice and,easy,you're able to insert the chip or over,here in this slot right there,or you can pay by swiping the card right,here,putting your card through there you can,wake the reader up just in case it,sleeps just by pressing this button over,here,and then of course these are just the,signals as it shows with the chip and,swipe reader,and that is how you set it up literally,that quit you just go ahead and click,the item,add it to cart or if you have the,preference you can search whatever item,you want,in your business add it to the cart go,ahead,and leave out go to the home,you see your item cart right here it,says one item,get to your item it says check out get,to check out and you see how it says,insert a swipe card,you don't look at any of these things,you can ignore all of this you just go,ahead and insert the payment,swipe the card and you're good to go and,that's it this right here is going to,tell you if it went through or not,and if you want if this is giving you,any trouble you can always enter the,card manually with the card number the,expiration date the cbv,the name and the um the zip code,it's actually really easy just to set,this up to be honest,ultimately i hope by watching this video,you were able to learn some things about,chip and swipe card readers from shopify,i hope i helped your business out,and if you don't have a business and,you're watching this and you know,somebody with a business go ahead and,send this to them save them some money,all these expensive ass card readers out,here and,um yeah go ahead and like share and,comment um let me know how you guys feel,about this video,and oh yeah go ahead and check out my,business

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