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More Detail into Shopify Customer Management Hey, everybody. This is Ori from Astral Web, and I'm go

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

More Detail into Shopify Customer Management

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More Detail into Shopify Customer Management

Hey, everybody. This is Ori from Astral Web, and I'm going to introduce to you a little more detail,into management of customers in Shopify backend with defaults, what you can do.,So, I've made a video or a few videos about general Shopify, I've kind of introduced them a little bit,,but I want to go a little bit more detail to explain how you use it mainly from customer service,,but just as a management of customer, okay?,So, first of all, what you want to do, go to the backend, click on Customers,,and you can see your customer grid, your customer, you know, list, one by one though,,and all of your customers are here.,You can see basic information, the customer name, any notes about them, amount of orders,,the money spent over the lifetime, and you can also use your customer groups to filter.,So, what are customer groups?,These are built-in customer groups that are set.,But in addition, what you can do is you can use the search box and the filters to make your own,,and this I find extremely powerful for customer service and especially for marketing, right?,So, for example, if I want to send certain emails to customers that are very loyal, they've spent, you know,,over thousands of dollars, I can make that.,So, for example, I would go here, click on More filters, Amount spent,,and I would say for example over $1,000.,I click on Done, now, I can see all of mine.,Now, I don't have because this is a demo site, but let's give you a better example here.,So, let's say I wanted to do, for example, all the customers that accept email newsletters, okay?,So, I'm going to click, that's how I did this.,So now, I can go here and I can click on Save filters and I can call them subscribers.,And now that I did this, I can create many, many different types of groups.,And you can use them for just easy navigation, and especially apps can use these things to really,enhance the functionality, or custom coding if you want to do.,So, we've done very, very cool things with customer groups.,You can make things like restricted areas on the website only for customer groups,,like only special groups and customers can see things, you can make special promotions,,different abandoned carts, a ton, a ton of things mostly with external apps and coding,,but it's really, really a powerful thing and I can't stress enough about this specific thing, right?,Make a ton of groups, figure out what your business needs,,how you want to work with your clients, with your customers, and then go and make these things.,So, this is a really powerful thing, right?,So, you have a few more filters here, tags and account status and, of course,,you can search for names, right? Okay.,So, in addition to that, what you can do is you can actually,add customers yourself.,So, typically, customers come to the website, they just register themselves, they do it.,Sometimes, you want to add customers.,For example, someone has trouble adding their account, they might call you for customer service and say, "Hey,,I want to, you know, register account for me," or other.,So, you just fill it up, right?,So, Janes, let's just call it Jane and then M, then Jane M, just do that,,and you can fill up all that basic information, the phone number, you know, address,,do they want to join the email newsletters?,Let's say yes.,All the address information, do you want to collect tax from them?,And then, these things are, notes and tags are internal for the business.,So, customers don't see the notes about them.,So, if they were calling customer service all the time and annoying us, you might say, you know,,they like to talk a lot on the phone.,Be careful, right?,For your customer service.,Or whatever it might be.,They're very loyal and super nice, hey, and they're always very pleasant, right?,So, when they click, now, I have my customer here, okay?,This is my customer information, okay?,So, let's show you a few things.,So, in addition to that, you can actually search for customers, right?,So, let's say I want to search for a customer and I can actually view my customer information.,So, this is a walkthrough of what the customer detail page looks like.,Now, first of all, you can disable their account, right?,If there's some issue, you can disable, they can't log in, they can't use the account anymore.,You can reset the account for them.,So, what you can do is if they are not able to go back and log in, you can reset their password.,But because of security measures, you as a business owner and customer service,and marketing, etc., you're not allowed to see their information, right?,So, what you do is when you click on this, the customer will actually get an email, okay?,So, this account, this email that I have right now is both my business account and my customer,,just for example, just for this, right?,And so, when the customer resets, they'll get an email and they can click here,,they can reset the password by themselves.,Okay? What else can you see?,You can see their basic information, when they started to be a customer, where they're from,,you can make your own internal notes that only you as the business can see,,and you can see their last orders, the total spent, and their average order value, okay?,These are all things that you can use for marketing purposes, okay?,Now, you can also click here to see the last order.,Here, you can quickly see the actual orders they placed, and if they have more than one,,you can actually go and view them one by one, especially good for customer service refunds,,things like that.,And one of my favorite things are the timeline.,So, when you talk to a customer and you want to know more about them or they're asking questions,,you can actually see everything about them.,So, if they say, "Hey, I had an issue with an order, I didn't get the email," you can prove that they got,their email, or they registered on a certain date or they refunded, you can see the whole order history.,Now, if it's very long, you can go back and back and back and back, okay?,So, in addition, you can leave your own comments.,For example, you know, customer called and say I helped them, helped customer,,fixed their problem for example, right?,I didn't have any refunds, anything, I can attach things, I can add some more information,,and I click on Post.,Now, this is going to go on the timeline. Okay?,So, right here, it's in the timeline, and which admin that logged in.,There's a note, which customer service, which user logged in and did that stuff.,In this case, my name is just called the admin but it could be, you know, whatever customer service or other.,Okay.,In addition, you can edit for the customer their information, their general information, their name,,email and phone, and do they accept newsletters.,You can actually manage their addresses.,You can either add a new one right here, or you can actually edit their existing one,,or if you can have multiple addresses, let me give you an example,,so Jane M and let's just say Main Street, let's just say for example, okay.,If I save this, now, I have two addresses, okay?,So, let's see.,Oops. I think I clicked the Manage.,So, let me do this, Jane M, let me add a new one, and let's just say this is the address,,I'm going to click here. Okay.,So, now, I can click Manage and I can see multiple addresses.,And I can actually go and change and make them defaults, right?,So, I can, this is the current default one, I can help them change for example to this one,,and you see, it changed.,Okay.,In addition, I can make sure, I can have a customer that does not need to pay,for tax, okay?,And the most important are tag, right?,Another thing that's important is tags.,This is a way for you to organize, label them, right?,Here, this is a customer note which you can only have one, and this is a general note about the customer.,But tags can help organize them in many, many different ways.,You can have one customer have multiple tags, you can really use it for marketing.,So, for example, for tags, we've done things like you can have certain customers,and see certain products or see certain pricing or certain customers get certain emails,,abandoned carts are different, for example, for VIP or for a certain customer.,So, you can use this in many ways, and we've created videos for tags.,And the last part of the customer is the customer privacy.,So last year, 2019, Europe came out with the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation I believe,,and what it is it's a set of rules and regulations that make sure that businesses manage private information,,personal identifiable information of customers.,There's many, many things in that regulation.,The two very popular ones are the right for customers to request their data,,to know what kind of data you're storing in your business about them.,So, if they contact you, you need to give them that information, okay,,especially in Europe. So, how do you do that?,What you do, if they contact you, you click on Customer,,you can actually request all of them or you can request a specific one, and basically,,it shows in a spreadsheet...or, excuse me, in multiple spreadsheets,,everything you store about them, customer-related, order-related, transaction-related, fulfillment,,checkout and blog-specific, right?,So, if you do that, you can actually see the information.,For example, let me show you an example.,So, for example, a customer... Excuse me.,Let me go back here.,Let's say I'm going to do this.,I want to see everything I have about orders about them.,So, I can click here, and if I click here and open it, then you can see everything.,I know I have all their order numbers, their names, how much they paid for example here,,are they subscribed to the newsletters, what dates, what products did they buy, etc., right?,All this fulfillment information and their address and all the rest of the information.,So, you need to provide that for the customer if they request that.,The other thing that the customer can do is they can request for you to actually delete their information.,They can have a right to request for you to delete their information.,Okay. So, let's go back here, let me go back to Ori.,And if you do that, you click here, and you can erase the information.,And what Shopify does is it gives you 10 days to unerase it if you decide to change that,,but in six months from now, they'll actually erase it.,So, if I click here to erase, it will pend, it will have the request 10 days later,,you won't be able to cancel the request, and then, six months later, they'll actually delete it, okay?,Let me cancel this.,Okay.,So, the last two things I want to discuss are imports and exports.,So, if you want, you can actually export customer information.,So, for example, if I want to export everything, I'd click on All customers.,If I have millions, it will take a long time.,If I have a few, it will be very quick.,But let's say I only want to, you know, I only want to export some of them,,I can obviously click for example on Returning and only do that one, right?,So, for example, I'm going to click here, export, and I can export, you know, for example,,the current page, or all the ones matching the search.,So, I want to show you how this looks, and I made an example here before to prepare for the video.,So let's say for example, I have a customer, and let's say I have many, but I only have one.,So, everything here is the header.,This is explaining what the actual field is, and then everything from the second row down will be,the actual customers.,So, let's actually go here, and let me show you.,So, this is a big example, right?,So, this would be, every row is one customer.,But what I'm going to do now is I'm actually going to go show you this thing.,So name, email, company, address, you know, address address, do they accept marketing, yes or no,,total spent, customers, their tags and notes, and are they tax-exempt?,So, let's say for example you want to import new customers.,So, this is the last, last thing we're going to talk about.,So, how do you do that?,First of all, you need to export it.,Why do you need to export it?,So you can first of all have the structure which is row 1, you have to keep it exactly this way,,and the second one, you have an example.,So, if I want to add new customers, for example Jack Smith, and then,,I can start just following this.,It's very easy for me to remember if I have a reference. Okay.,Then, I'm going to fill up all the information I want, etc., etc., let's say I don't want address,,accepts marketing, let's say I do want them to accept marketing, and have a tag, they're new, and,no notes, okay?,So, what I'm going to do is I can either delete this or I can keep it.,Okay. So, let's say I delete it.,Now, I'm only importing one customer.,I'm going to click on File, download as .csv.,I'm going to go here to Import and I'm going to actually drag it here or just browse in my file.,Now, one more thing is very important.,You can also edit your customer.,So, let's say for example that I didn't...let's say the customer entered a typo and they didn't,spell their last name correctly, I can go and correct it.,So, let's just call him, you know, Smith, and then, I can do File, download as .csv,,and I can actually click here and say overwrite.,If it's he same customer with the same email or phone, I want to overwrite the thing.,If not, it won't overwrite it.,Then, I click on Import customers, okay?,So, if you remember, the first .csv I created is only one row,,it's not the two rows.,It's not the two, it's only this one.,Now, if you look here, I'm going to go remove my filters,,then you should see Jack Smith right here which is my row right here.,So, hope this makes sense to you.,If you have any more questions, any particular things, I'm happy to answer.,Appreciate you listening to this video.,Hope you like our Shopify videos.,And if you have any questions, ask us, happy to answer, let's go and do it.,Okay. Appreciate. Thank you for your time.,Looking forward for our next videos.

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