how to enable checkout on shopify

How To Setup Checkout Settings On Shopify Shopify Checkout Page Customization hey guys,welcome back

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Setup Checkout Settings On Shopify Shopify Checkout Page Customization

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How To Setup Checkout Settings On Shopify Shopify Checkout Page Customization

hey guys,welcome back to my newest kitchen,and today we're gonna go over a few more,of,our settings last time we did,um shipping settings yes,this time we're gonna do um check out,so first,as usual click on the gear settings then,click on checkout once you're in the,checkout section,there are just a few things we'll be,doing here,i'll go through them one at a time,all right so first,accounts are optional,this makes it so that persons can sign,up with your website,and login like how they do amazon um,just makes them feel a little bit safer,customers can check out using either,their phone number or email,i prefer just using their email,we could test this to see if it improves,the conversion rate,customers can download the shop app yes,and choose to add a phone number after,yes we will require first,and last name company name was the,ebook because burn up cylinder business,is wrestling to customers,address line 2 is optional that's the,apartment number,shipping address phone number is hidden,again we can test um,you can test to see what it does,show typing options at checkout,now this is one way you can get like,extra money from each order,by just having the option for them to,leave a tip,now i'm not gonna do it at this point,i may enable this later but not,at this point,when the shipping is just use the,shipping address as billion address by,default,yes enable address auto completion,um this can be a double-edged,sword because you could end up getting,like a lot of customers coming in and,asking to correct their address,but i think i'll leave it on we'll test,this one as well,automatically archive order this is,after the order has been fulfilled we're,gonna,leave that on and this additional script,section is where where we're gonna put,our,google tracking code or pinterest,tracking code,and stuff like that,email marketing show option checkout,yes,yes let's click on the on the checkout,page to better,the conversion rates,we are going to be using an app for this,so we're not gonna,automatically send abandoned checkouts,and then we hit save,and just like that the account,the checkout settings have been,configured,so guys if you learned something today,if this clarified any issues or doubts,you had,just go ahead and leave a like for me or,subscribe,and share it with someone who needs to,help,all right and if you have any questions,please feel free to comment in the,description below,or comment below,you

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