how to edit shopify packing slip

Add Logo to Packing Slip SHOPIFY STORE #shopify #ecommerce good morning good afternoon good evening,


Updated on Feb 14,2023

Add Logo to Packing Slip SHOPIFY STORE #shopify #ecommerce

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how to edit shopify packing slip catalogs

Add Logo to Packing Slip SHOPIFY STORE #shopify #ecommerce

good morning good afternoon good evening,wherever you are today i'm going to show,you guys on how to,include your logo in packaging sleep,so let's begin the first thing you need,to do is to log on to your shopify store,once you log on to your shopify store,click on online install,then navigate all the way down to,settings,make sure you click on settings navigate,to files because the first thing we need,to do is to get the url where our logo,is,navigate to files because on the files,you have all the images that you upload,on shopify store,all right and this is the logo that we,need so we copy the url,all right i save it on my on my note,once you save it somewhere then go back,to,then we go back to settings on shopify,store on shopify,then we go to shipping and delivery,once you click on shipping and delivery,navigate all the way down to packaging,sleeps you guys see this,right click on edit once you click on,edit,you can preview your packaging sleep,to see if you like how your packaging,slips look like if it is okay it's fine,you know you don't need to make some,changes,so now let's look at the preview so this,is a preview,all right but this is not the logo of,the company,that i'm actually editing your code,right i mean,your logo right now all right ignore,that,so in order for you to be able to see,your regional logo,let's go back i already you know i did,the code for you guys all you have to do,is,delete this right here you see shop, delete that right there in,order for you to sample,click on preview again,once you click on preview let it load,you will see you don't have the name,anymore you don't have the name because,the name,will just show as a title because the,title of the website,shows as the name all right so then we,go back,and copy this code you're right,copy this entire code give me a few,seconds guys,let me copy this code and paste it under,you see this on that upper case,all right this is very important guys,you see where it says,paste your final you,paste your file url yeah that is very,important,so do you remember the url that i asked,you guys to copy,previously so go back to files,all right when she copied the url then,you paste it because i already copy mine,i showed you guys earlier and i copied,it and pasted it,the colons are very important make sure,you don't delete the column because,they're very important without the,column they won't be able to work,then you click on preview without saving,click on preview then you'll be able to,see the original logo,that the company designed so this is the,logo that the company designed,you can increase the size all right you,can increase the size and also you can,decrease the size,depend so for the height i like to put,it on,auto okay because it makes sense reason,when it is on auto that right then we go,to,the wii let's make the week um i like to,make my wheat about like,120 because that is still,still more vegetable then we click on,preview again,and you see you can see the code so yeah,i mean you can see the logo so i can,increase the logo,as much as i want if you guys have any,question you know please let me know,i'll post everything also the,instruction thank you guys for watching,please like subscribe whatever you guys,like enjoy

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