how to edit newsletter in shopify

Create a Shopify Newsletter Fast - Tutorial in this video we're going to be talking,about how to suc

December Savage

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Create a Shopify Newsletter Fast - Tutorial

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how to edit newsletter in shopify catalogs

Create a Shopify Newsletter Fast - Tutorial

in this video we're going to be talking,about how to successfully create,a newsletter on shopify stay tuned,welcome back to my channel i'm coldest,december here to teach you all your,little business insider tips,you know the vibes we are about to kill,this business game,okay stick with me make sure to like and,subscribe to my channel,for more insider tips now as a beauty,supply owner for my store glam room la,we sell hair extensions wigs ponytails,beauty supplies like conditioner,shampoos,all the goodies that you would need for,your hair to thrive and be flawless and,for you to define your glam any way that,you want to,right so with that i try to send a good,portion of newsletters a week so that,people,are up to date in how to care for their,hair what new products that we have,what's on,sale goodies that i like to send out to,my loyal fan base right you should,always be staying in contact with your,customers just so they know that you're,still there,you want to be their friend so for me if,somebody's going to think about a wig,how to take care of their natural hair i,want them to think glam room la,let me go there first so with that,newsletters are a fantastic way to stay,in contact with your customers i work,for iheartradio as a digital content,manager,and there we actually send out,newsletters every single day,to our listeners because we want to,update them on all the current news,now you don't necessarily have to do,that for your business i don't actually,do that for my business i probably send,a newsletter every other day,so three or four times a week however,that may go i use a couple of services,to handle my newsletters i actually use,privy,and i use shopify i found that privy,is a bit more customizable with your,layout,and your newsletter and you can do a,little bit more with it however,shopify is easier and much quicker,to execute because they already have,everything integrated within,their newsletter section so that if you,click to add in,a discount the code is already hooked up,and applied and you don't have to,customize that button,and where the text are going to go and,stuff some people may find that using,shopify is a lot easier,the only downside about using the,shopify email platform is that,it's a bit more plainer it's not as,spruced up mind you they just launched,this a couple of months ago,so give it some time and i can see,shopify really,investing a lot of money into using this,platform because i've already used it a,ton of times and,i like privy but i also like shopify for,the ease so let's get into it i'll show,you guys how to actually make that,newsletter so you go to the marketing,side of your,website so you can see my my store name,right there glamour mla and then you,come on down,and then you have the home orders,products and then you go down to,marketing,i have the stuff blanked out right here,but you know it basically tells you your,online store sessions and how much money,you've made for marketing and marketing,cost,i'm gonna go ahead over here in the top,right corner where it says create,campaign so then you just want to click,on that,and then you know they give you a bunch,of different options right here,you know you could do facebook microsoft,pinterest traffic ads snapchat,um but i'm just gonna do the shopify,email one today it'll take you to this,page and it has some templates that i,already made for you,and these are very very very blank,um it's you know not really much going,on with these you can see that you have,like a sale ending soon one,uh this month's best seller uh,an update about covet 19. they already,have the templates there for you as you,can see they have more branded templates,coming soon,we'll see what they come out with but i,know that they just pretty much launched,it because a lot of,stores are online right now due to covet,just gives you like this month's best,seller so i'm actually gonna do,like a sale sale announcement,okay i'm that's probably a working title,i'm,probably going to change that actually,because i'm not sure if i want that,so let's see,i want to change this item okay,down here it already populates some,items,for you so i have my selena wrap,ponytail which those are actually on,sale but,my newsletter is not about this right,now and then my bronner brother so i see,it actually just pull some of the sale,items,i'm going to change this selena wrap,ponytail because i want to send a,newsletter advertising my new wigs,i'm going to add in the,popsicle okay so you see that,it automatically populates with the,price,the title the image and when you click,on it it's going to send you to the,actual link,so um and you can hide all that stuff on,the side if you want to so say i don't,want the image in there it's going to,get rid of it,um i'm going to leave that in there of,course i could change the backgrounds,so then down here i'm going to change,this,to cotton candies on sale so let's go,add that one in there,add the button,yeah so these are the wigs that we have,on sale so then let's change,this hot girl summer sale is here,if you are looking to add another,section,right here what you can do is just click,on the newsletter and then you'll,click the plus symbol you can add a,button an image,discount gift card product text,let's see if i add a discount it already,populates special offer discount value,shop now and then i can select one of my,discounts on the right side,and then add it in there,so,all right so i hope that you guys,enjoyed that tutorial right there i hope,that you execute your first newsletter,sometime soon this week or whatever let,me know in the comments if you need any,kind of assistance or help or if you,would like to see more videos,like this i love using shopify it's such,a great platform,and i'm going to try to dig in and learn,as much as possible as i can about it,and make sure to relay all that,information to you guys alright,so make sure to give this video a thumbs,up if you liked it and make sure to,subscribe to my channel so you can get,more business insider tips all right,good seeing you guys

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