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Everything You Need To Know About EIN/SSN For Stripe Activation | Shopify Dropshipping Dubai yo,what

Fahad Siraj

Updated on Jan 15,2023

Everything You Need To Know About EIN/SSN For Stripe Activation | Shopify Dropshipping Dubai

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Everything You Need To Know About EIN/SSN For Stripe Activation | Shopify Dropshipping Dubai

yo,what is up people today in this video we,are,uncovering e i n it is by far,the hottest topic if you are trying to,activate your stripe account,and you do not live in usa okay so first,off,what is ein ein stands for employer,identification,number it is a mandatory nine digit,number,given out by the irs internal,revenue service for all the businesses,that are operating,in united states so why am i telling all,of this,it is really important for you to know,if you are,operating your business from outside of,united states,for example most of the asian countries,and you,are having a company registered in the,state of delaware,you have done that because you wanted to,activate your stripe account,and actually have stripe as your payment,gateway on your shopify store,if you have a company registered in the,state of delaware you,definitely need an ein for having your,stripe activated,the reason why you need to have ein is,because that acts as an ssn number,social security number,when you are filling out your stripe,activation form,this is really important because a lot,of people get themselves,wrong here the option says put in your,ssn number,and of course if you're not living in,the united states you wouldn't have ssn,but what you are supposed to do is take,the last four digits of your ein,and place it inside of that ssn holder,and there you are you are going to have,your stripe activated that way,you in fact do not need ein anywhere,else,ein is only for activating your stripe,account,i also have a good news for you even,though we have,ein for identifying or for tracking,irs needs it for tracking your taxes,um if you are having a delaware company,and you do not live in united states,even if your customers are from united,states but you live somewhere else,you don't have to pay taxes,yes let me repeat even though you have,a company from the state of delaware you,do not have to pay,any tax income tax no taxes at all no 30,20 42 and all of that sort so,that is by far the best thing that could,happen with,delaware acquiring an ein,from delaware just costs about 95,so all in all your expense,with delaware is going to be 179,for the company formation and 95 dollars,for ein however i also have,a small bad news for you if you were to,buy ein,from the delaware website it costs,95 but they are very slow,so you are going to receive your,business llc in about,four to five days at max but the ein,delivery can even take upwards of 45,days,to 60 days which is not very fancy,although if you'd like to get an ein,in about 48 hours which is pretty much,guaranteed,just let me know and i might be able to,help you out,but that's pretty much it guys that's,quite literally all that you will have,to know,about ein it is a very simple concept um,easy to understand and easy to acquire,as well although i've been getting a lot,of questions from you guys regarding ein,and um you wanted me to talk about ein,and how,to go about it so here you are it is,very simple,you need it for your stripe activation,which is crucial do not miss out on,stripe guys,it is the number one payment gateway on,the planet for a reason,investing the money to get your delaware,llc and also your ein is worth,it because you don't want to lose out on,a lot of customers,so with that said i hope you enjoyed the,video and actually made it till the end,and if you haven't already go ahead and,join the family by subscribing to the,channel,with the notification bell icon and drop,a like if you,enjoyed this video we are dropping,valuable content consistently throughout,the week,so that you can make your dropshipping,journey a success but nonetheless have,an amazing day moving forward,and i'll talk soon peace

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