how to edit footer in shopify

How to Setup Footer in Shopify | Shopify Beginners Tutorial 2020 Edwin Anthony here again back at it

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Setup Footer in Shopify | Shopify Beginners Tutorial 2020

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How to Setup Footer in Shopify | Shopify Beginners Tutorial 2020

Edwin Anthony here again back at it with,another Shopify tutorial if you're new,to this channel if you like tutorials if,anything related to Shopify I hope that,you could definitely subscribe with us,but right here in this topic we're gonna,talk about today is important footer,links now you know how you guys build,your website and everything looks nice,and dandy but then that footer link,looks kind of empty what am I talking,about I'm talking about this below boom,it looks something like this as I go,what do I put what's going on well one,thing is the powered by Shopify and all,this stuff I teach you guys how to do,that in another video so check out that,other video I will post on the link or,I'll put in on the description but this,stuff right here it needs it needs some,help,it needs some help and you guys need to,have something that looks very decent,that's what this video is about if you,like tutorials like this don't forget to,hit that smash smash like button,it definitely helps out so that I could,go ahead and create more videos like,this and of course if you have any more,ideas on what needs to be out there so,that I could teach you let me know and,I'll create a video for you let's get,started,so footer foot or footer footer if we go,right here to where it says navigation,footer menu just search that's it right,let's get to work on this click on,footer menu we don't need a search we,got that all the way at the menu like,people don't need a search what we do,need is in about us so in about Us page,is definitely very very important if you,don't have one I guess we should start,there let's go where it says pages,alright so pages kind of looking about,us who we are we are amazing okay you,can put whatever you want but on this,type of page all done on this type of,page what you want to do is kind of,explain yourself why are you doing this,business why did you start this business,what motivated you to start this,business that's why it's very important,so go ahead and type in all the amazing,things as to why,started your business as an entrepreneur,and then you go ahead and press save,right there once you do that what you're,going to do is that you're going to,create a contact this page right see any,type in contact us okay and we're gonna,go right here with turbo it gives us a,link for contact us you can put your,name phone number whatever it is right,there but typically because it's a form,I would say something like this if you,have any questions about your order or,you just want to say hey I'm down for,just fill out the form and I'll call you,or something like that right um you know,make it genuine right and then it should,look something very generic like this,nothing crazy but that's from the turbo,theme by the way guys turbo theme that's,the way to go,link in the description below alright so,we have that there we have contact us we,have who we are terms of services terms,of services just so that you guys,understand what that means it's,basically telling the story as to what,happens when someone buys on to your,website so what are the rules right what,are what are the terms you know upon,purchase what's gonna happen is this,this and that you know we have a no,refund policy we have this and it's the,term and conditions that's what it is,and if you guys have no idea how to,write that up there's several ways to,get this first of all you go right here,to where it says settings and click on,where it says legal and then from here,you could kind of like have Shopify,generate one up for you click on this,okay and yeah press replace and then you,could kind of see what they write about,right you could grab all of this put it,in a Word document or in a Google Docs,or whatever and this is kind of like,edit all of this stuff right you edit,all this stuff here so that's what I'm,gonna do I'm just gonna like copy all of,the,this and I think this is fine for now,like I'm not gonna sweat it so I'm gonna,go right here and press save and then,right here what I'm gonna do is I'm,gonna go to online store in two pages,again and I'm gonna click on right there,get rid of all the other stuff okay,and then just kind of like delete that,and then press space right there and,then save okay you could do that if you,want but I would suggest you to have,something like well written up or if you,want to get up grab an attorney or,something that's totally up to you the,next page that you want to do that's,very important is a privacy policy,privacy policy what's that all about,privacy policy what it means is that,you're not going your website is not,going to steal anybody's information,okay I'm a press safe for now what it,means is that you know how like when,people are trying to buy from you and,they add their credit card well because,Shopify has an SSL certificate it's,protected it means that when people buy,from you you're not grabbing their,credit card and reselling it or selling,their information out there to the,streets right to the streets or whatever,you're not doing that right so you're,trying to give people peace of mind that,look you're using my internet or you're,using my website here to purchase your,product I'm not gonna go ahead and flip,your you know information so where do,you get this privacy policy go back into,legals again settings legal and then,from here you could go right here and,see you could whoops all right okay,replace with template yeah all right and,you could grab all this information here,you know go right here voices privacy,policy okay and again I encourage you to,go ahead and edit some of this stuff out,you know those in brackets are probably,something for that you know you could go,ahead and change insert age like 21 or,18 things of that nature so don't just,skimp by this go ahead and start editing,some of the stuff and then once you do,that you press save and then from here,you go towards this online store pages,and then right here to privacy policy,again,and you just paste all that information,right there and press save all right so,there's a reason why they're in both,locations one in pages and one on the,other side where it says legal because,pages we're gonna connect it to the,actual websites front end on the footer,you're gonna see it we're gonna connect,that there in a second and then the one,in legal that's all the way in the,checkout you know when your buyers go to,the checkout they're in the checkout,page so then on the checkout page all,the way at the bottom that's when they,go ahead and see that stuff as well so,it's very important that you guys do,that all right so we got contact us,privacy policy terms of services who we,are I think this is pretty much all good,there's just one more just in case okay,so let's go right here where it says,settings we're gonna go to where it says,legal again and this time we're gonna go,ahead and create a return policy is it a,return or shipping's let's see hold on,here's here's a shipping I think of,shipping policies and a return policies,you should mix it up into one well let's,see what Shopify gives us create this,template and you can see right here that,they kind of like do something like that,we do not accept returns or this and,this and that so let's go ahead and copy,all of this stuff here and then press,copy,okay refund policy and then press save,okay so right here you go back into,pages once again but this time we're,gonna go right here where it says,shipping policy shipping and refund,policy okay and then you go ahead and,press pace right there alright and it,just pretty much talks about how is,shipping works you make sure that it,especially if you're doing like over low,or something like that you let them know,that hey you know shipping is gonna take,approximately 15 days or seven days or,whatnot and these are the policies that,you accept upon purchase and you also,agree to our no refund policy or,non-returnable policy I would highly,strongly recommend you to read this,through and edit it as much as possible,for your business so you can protect,yourself from like chargebacks and,things of that nature right so we're,gonna go right here and we have the,essentials I think this is good to go,for now all these pages are good,they're just programmed into the backend,but they're not programmed into the,actual navigation that's what we're,going to do next let me click right here,which is navigation and going to where,it says footer and from here let's go,ahead and start licking some pages so,the first one is contact us you could,just add them all in there and then,we'll just reorder them as we go all,right so you notice that I click on link,first I don't actually start typing,anything right because you know we don't,got time we got places to go and people,to see,right and my apologies for the kids in,the background okay till contact those,privacy policy but what's important to,them right there okay who we are okay,maybe that should be first and boom,that's that's the first one that's a,footer menu and the footer menu should,not say footer menu because you're,talking about like company policies and,all that stuff,so I typically put something like our,company ok,I recall every title that and I could,name it our company so that's the first,thing the next thing that I would do is,I would create something else that's,called shop right or our shop our store,ok so let me go right here and I'll say,shop right or shop our store and right,here what I would do is I would start,placing the collections so we have,coffee this you know you start placing,all the basic stuff and notice again I'm,not typing anything just kind of like,collections coffee mugs any copy pieces,itself you saw that I'm gonna go right,here one two three four okay that looks,good I'm gonna press save shop our store,alright so why is that important if we,already have like a menu up at the top,well it's purposely for the footer and,you'll see how that makes sense in a,second now let's go to online store and,let's see if I can surely have it here,yeah,let's see let's see let's see okay we're,gonna go to online store and by default,it'll have themes here on the side we're,gonna right click on customize and I'm,gonna open a new tab and here we're,entering into the customized theme,settings okay,customize theme settings we have all,this stuff in the middle which we don't,really care about but what we do care,about is the footer right so I've hated,all of this and you can see how this is,right here and look notice right away,that our company has changed here and we,have all of those links that are that,were necessary there right so this,actually looks pretty good but if we,wanted to kind of like play around with,this we click where it says footer here,and we could go ahead and start messing,around with this year so the logo would,be the first one here this is pretty,nice especially if you have like a block,style logo event essentially over here,you would have like kind of like a a,wide fin logo but then over here you,could have your tall logo so they could,occupy all the space here then column,number two says our company who we are,as wrote up and then on number three,menu let's go ahead and click on this,and then select shop our store right,sharp our store right there and hmm it,seems like this is kind of like a little,bit misplaced so let's go and drag up by,the way again I'm using the turbo theme,turbo themes on the link down below love,this theme because it's very easy to,manipulate and it makes your website,look very very nice without spending,crazy money on on a web developer unless,you really want something custom right,which of course then you got at your boy,I could go ahead and create something,very professional for you but this is if,you're on a budget right if you're,trying to get this done to make it look,very nice okay the last one right here,title so this one right here it just,doesn't make too much sense for me but,let's see what what turbo has to offer,newsletter newsletter typically looks a,little better so you saw what I did,there let me slow down let me just do,this again okay what I did was that I,clicked I expanded on one and I scroll,down and I,move the content and what that did was,that it took away this here okay and so,once it took it away there you notice,that it's three columns instead of four,which if you want to keep it out three,columns it's not bad I mean it does it,won't look anything there's not there,isn't anything wrong with that it's just,that I like to keep it at 4-4 you know,how would you call it I don't know what,the word is so that it looks symmetrical,okay so add content and right here I'm,gonna say newsletter a newsletter of,subscribe today right and then you have,some subtext right there and then they,could go ahead and sign up so typically,what would you say on the sign up right,why would people want to sign up with,you you would say save 10% there was,somebody that made a comment I want to,say a few days ago on a previous video,asking different ways in order to,capture people for emails right and this,is one of them when you incentivize,people to sign up such as things like,this you capture their emails cuz they,want that 10% they like your story they,want a discount on their first purchase,and so this would be one of the areas,for you to do that right it's just that,you have to connect your drip account,right which is another video that I,posted on how to do that and you have to,create an automation so that if the user,signs up here it automatically get into,your drip account and then on and drip,automatically sends an email out to the,customer saying here's your discount,code go ahead and start shopping,okay so drip videos I'll do that later,on but this is where it all begins it's,part of the funnel process so that's,there okay and that's how you get your,footer to look decent it looks it looks,much more decent it has more content and,you'll be amazed there's so many,websites out there that they use themes,and they don't pay attention to their,footer and people pay attention to the,footer you know they scroll down and,they get to see how nicely organized,your website looks like all details are,very important so if you truly value,this type of content,let me know in the comments what you,think let me know if there's extra,questions let me know if you get stuck,but don't forget to smash that like,button turn on the notifications go,ahead and become a subscriber and let me,know what other videos you guys want,including my kids in the background Oh,anyways alright guys thank you very much,take care

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