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How to Set Up Shopify Shipping Rates for Print on Demand hey there friends we're back again with,ano

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Updated on Jan 08,2023

How to Set Up Shopify Shipping Rates for Print on Demand

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How to Set Up Shopify Shipping Rates for Print on Demand

hey there friends we're back again with,another print on demand tutorial for you,today is an exciting one and something,we get asked a lot we are going to,discuss strategies for shipping settings,for your print-on-demand store now,whether you're using Shopify or,Bigcommerce these strategies are all,going to be the same I will also show,you some tips in the dashboard of,Shopify so you know how to set them up,but first we're going to discuss a,little bit around the mindset for,shipping and also the strategies that,you have on offer and what we recommend,you pick so let's get into it,foreign,so I've gone a bit fancy today and I've,put together a little slideshow because,there's a few points I want to get,across and I want to explain and talk,through a few of the different shipping,options so the first point is though I,see this a lot inside the Facebook,groups in lots of Facebook groups about,print on demand and whatnot,don't confuse Yourself by overthinking,shipping so pick a simple strategy and,launch your store way too many people,delay their launch every day that you,delay launching is a day of learning a,day of potential profit a day in your,journey of becoming an expert,print-on-demand seller so don't let this,whole shipping thing,get inside your head and confuse you and,overwhelm you now I know it can be,overwhelming uh but hopefully by the end,of this video there will be a bit more,clarity around it and you're welcome to,comment below if you have questions or,confusion we want to make sure that you,get this right and you can launch with,confidence so the first thing to know is,there is multiple strategies,it really is going to depend on what,works for you there's no particular,right or wrong some people might have,one particular strategy they swear by,others might be totally different what I,can say is don't worry about big stores,like Amazon or you know big platforms,like Amazon that generally do free Prime,shipping and things like that you know,have a think about other things you've,bought go and find other stores and add,things to cart and go to the checkout,and see what they're charging for,shipping if you want to get some ideas,so you know again don't let it confuse,you there is a lot of strategies pick,one we're gonna go through them now so,pushing the wrong button there so the,first one is free shipping on everything,this one's really easy to do it's no,stress it's just everything is free,shipping okay the only thing there is it,doesn't leave room for special free,shipping deals later so you know moving,on to the next one if you're creating,shipping rates so you're charging people,shipping,um you might be able to do a promotion,at some stage whereas free shipping,depending on what your pricing is like,so free shipping is the first one this,one here creating shipping rates so this,one essentially is you allocate shipping,costs based on the amount that people,spend so if the order is 25 or less,which might typically be a t-shirt then,shipping is five dollars or if shipping,is 25 to 50 which might be your hoodies,or your larger items then shipping is,ten dollars now I am going to show you,how to set that up inside Shopify very,soon on this video so don't worry about,that but this is basically your priced,based shipping okay very popular very,easy to use probably the one that I,would recommend but again there are,different options the other one is to,offer shipping uh charge shipping sorry,but then offer free shipping if,customers spend over a certain amount,this is a very popular one too you'll,see a lot of big stores do this,essentially because they want you to,spend more alright so the tip here for,you is ignore what aop plus charges for,shipping work out the total cost so you,are going to have to do some maths here,get a spreadsheet or get a piece of,paper and a pencil if you're old school,whatever whatever it takes to help you,understand this but work out the total,cost to you as the seller,so don't get too confused around oh it's,this for production and this for,shipping obviously you need to know,those prices but let's just say a,t-shirt costs you fifteen dollars it's,ten dollars to make it five dollars for,shipping okay so you've got 15 then work,out what you're going to price it uh,what you're going to price it at so you,know so you can maximize your profits,and this all comes down to again not,confusing yourself I have seen people,say oh but if I charge if I do free,shipping on my store I'm gonna lose,money because aop plus charges me,shipping and that's not how it works,okay,um yes if you don't factor in shipping,costs in your base prices and you do,free shipping of course you're going to,lose money but when we say do free,shipping it doesn't mean hey just lose,money you price your products,accordingly so the shipping is included,and you are not losing money okay it's,pretty simple when you break it down but,some people approach this the wrong way,or they they let it get in their head,and think oh if I'm not charging,shipping then I'm going to lose money,doesn't work that way just work out the,total costs and then the total revenue,you're getting from a sale and make sure,you are getting a profit out of that,Revenue,okay so now it's time to have a look,inside Shopify so if you come into your,Shopify store you go down to the bottom,left to settings then you go to shipping,and delivery now don't worry about,things like local delivery the address,that you've put in things like that,doesn't really matter all of these,carriers shipping labels ignore all of,that okay that's more for if you're,shipping stuff yourself all right,totally different model of e-commerce we,are talking about selling print on,demand products with aop plus so what,we're looking at first is shipping okay,so you've got General shipping rates and,you can see this is all products right,so if we go in here so I've got various,leggings and t-shirts and things that,I've done before with aop Plus on this,little demo store okay so this has got,sort of all products on here,and any NC Health says there is all new,products are added to this profile now,what this has done automatically because,I'm located in Australia it's got,domestic Australia and it's got weight,based so what you really want to do is,you want to delete,things like this so you can leave the,rest of the world the first thing you,really want to do let's say if you've,got a store and it's just all t-shirts,all lightweight products create shipping,Zone all right now this is just a name,for you so let's say this is for USA so,a zone is like a country,so this is USA now the first thing you,want to do here's a tip for United,States,is you can select United States but what,you need to do now it is rare that,you'll get a sale for these places but,see it's got 62 of 62 States it includes,things like American Samoa you need to,uncheck that okay Micronesia Guam Hawaii,I exclude Hawaii I'm sorry it's a bit of,a pain with shipping it costs extra,unless you're selling there for any,particular reason don't worry about it,you're not going to lose any money by,not selling a couple of sales here in,here and there to Hawaii and if you do,accidentally sell some there and it,doesn't arrive or it costs you a fortune,in shipping or whatever you will um,you'll regret it so you know I just,uncheck these don't feel like you need,to offer everything to everyone around,the world simplify your business offer,things just to the continental United,States so again Marshall Islands get rid,of that so I don't know where some of,these places are we just want the uh you,know just the continent there not,America just United States we don't want,all these other territories and islands,and whatnot North Mariana Islands all,right so you need to scroll through and,just get rid of all of these,U.S Virgin Islands Armed Forces get rid,of the Armed Forces locations okay so,that is done now we have added USA as a,shipping Zone okay but there's no rates,so you need to add a rate so we're going,to set up our own rates don't worry,about used carrier or app to calculate,rates if you want to do free shipping,let's just say free shipping USA we'll,spill that one correctly,okay price is zero now what you want to,look at as well we don't need this now,but,um you will need to look at the pricing,for the next little strategy okay but if,we look at this one this is how you set,up free shipping for USA I've just done,zero and it knows that that's free and,this is what customers are going to see,at checkout okay so done that there is,our USA shipping free shipping for all,of these products okay bear in mind this,is the general shipping profile for all,products now let's just delete that one,here's how you set up,the shipping,where you are charging People based on,prices I'm just going to quickly skip,through and add the USA again because I,deleted it and then we'll get back to it,Okay so we've got the United States,again there we need to add a rate now,this time,we want to say,um,standard,standard,we can just say standard shipping USA,call it what you want but remember the,customers do see this now you might want,to say okay this is five dollars but,based on the order value,we want to say up to 25 so let's say if,we've got a whole heap of t-shirts or,face masks or cushion covers things that,are cheap doesn't cost as much to ship,now you need to make sure you know the,price of all the shipping okay but we're,going to charge five dollars for all of,these items so anything up to five,twenty five dollars people will be,charged five dollars okay then we want,to add another rate now we can just call,it the same sort of thing if you want,this is going to be ten dollars,based on Pros now remember we did 25,before so 25 and one cent,uh to let's say fifty dollars okay so if,you've got a heap of sweatshirts or,hoodies and things like that that are,probably more like you know eight to ten,dollars to ship so you want to charge,them ten dollars,um okay so you can see that's added,there it's got the condition so it's,pretty obvious and pretty easy to,understand now then you might want to,say okay anything above,free bonus shipping,okay,anything above fifty dollars,so remember don't do fifty dollars you,might confuse it because we did fifty,dollars in the previous rate fifty,dollars and one cent,done so if people are spending fifty,dollars or over fifty dollars then,they're gonna get free shipping that's,how we use that other strategy so you,can see there it's pretty easy now what,I want to show you is another option if,you have different products canvases for,example let's say if we want to set up,canvases so we're going to save that so,right now all of our products here we're,charging a little bit of shipping uh,depending on how much they spend now,bear in mind if they're buying two,T-shirts with this rate it is going to,charge them ten dollars that's great,because it does cost us a bit more it,might be less but at the end of the day,you understand what we're trying to do,here and we're also offering free,shipping so,uh over a certain spend so now what,we're going to do now I've got General,shipping rates I've just kept everything,in there so that's all the products if,you create a new profile this one here,you can individually,um choose actual products,and this is what they're going to get,charged okay so let's say if this is,canvas so if we're using the canvas,products from aop plus now I don't think,I've got any in here at the moment but,let's just choose the,face mask okay so I've chosen the face,mask,right we're going to assume that is a,canvas now what we're going to do,is again just add your country like we,did before,okay normally you'd exclude everything,now here,we're going to say the canvases you can,again do,names so people will see this checkout,canvas shipping,so small canvas shipping might be ten,dollars,all right,now,pricing let's say we've priced our small,canvases between twenty dollars and,forty dollars,done so we know that then the bigger,canvases,large canvas shipping they do start,getting expensive to ship but people,aren't,afraid of paying for it they know that,shipping is going to cost,okay so that last one we said forty,dollars,so anything above 40 we're going to,charge twenty dollars for now this is,just going to be for a canvas product,that we would have added here we put the,face mask there because I don't have any,canvases on this store but you,understand the process now if you want,to then do another country like the UK,you create a shipping Zone okay so you,do UK,United Kingdom,all right and then you would do the same,you'd add the same prices for the United,Kingdom now here this has got not,covered by your shipping zone so if you,haven't included any of these countries,or the rest of the world then customers,won't be able to check out on your store,and that's great don't feel like you,need to ship everywhere to ship to the,big you know the end of the big five,countries so United Kingdom United,States Canada Australia New Zealand now,unless you're shipping something,something peculiar to you know places in,Europe that's fine you just need to go,through this same process takes a little,bit of time but you only need to set it,up once alright friends I hope that,video explained a few things to you I,did talk for quite a while uh it is a,technical kind of subject or topic but I,really hope that I made a bit of sense,for you and helped you get over a few,things that you might have might have,been holding you back with your store,this one is really important that you,drop some comment below because if,something is still confusing you I will,answer all your questions uh we'll make,another video if need be please just let,us know we are here to help and as,always please make sure you do like and,comment and also subscribe subscribe to,this channel we put out new videos every,week uh we're not here to sell you,anything we are here to help you sell,more in your print on demand store so,check out our other videos as well like,I said every single week we put out a,tutorial we are here to help you and,thank you so much for watching again,stay tuned for the next aop plus print,on demand Academy tutorial coming to you,soon,foreign

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