how to dropship from alibaba to shopify

How To Dropship On Shopify Using In 2022 (Step By Step) i've been able to generate sales

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How To Dropship On Shopify Using In 2022 (Step By Step)

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how to dropship from alibaba to shopify catalogs

How To Dropship On Shopify Using In 2022 (Step By Step)

i've been able to generate sales like,this from my shopify store by finding,suppliers on either drop,shipping or import in stock and that's,exactly what i'm going to be showing you,in today's video let's go,what's going on people welcome back to,my channel if you're new my name is sam,and what i do here is break down various,different tips and tricks when it comes,to making money online but in today's,video what i'm going to be doing is,jumping into the laptop and going,through a couple things that you need to,know when it comes to finding suppliers,to use on if you want to,start drop shipping but if you don't,necessarily want to do drop shipping and,you want to import the stock and ship it,out yourself i'm also going to be,touching on some things that you need to,know if you want to go down that route,as always i don't want to waste any more,time i want to jump straight into it so,if you find any value in the video at,any point don't forget to press the like,button don't forget to subscribe hit the,bell notification let's get right into,the video so if you're thinking about,starting an e-commerce business this,year i believe that is one,of the best places to go to reason being,is because you're going to be able to,connect with thousands of different,suppliers all around the world i've been,using to find suppliers for,the products that i've been selling,through my e-commerce store for the past,eight years now and not only are you,going to be able to connect with various,different suppliers all around the world,you're also going to be able to build up,a long-term relationship with whatever,supply that you find some of the,manufacturers and the suppliers that i,found on i actually found,them many many years ago more than six,seven eight years ago and i'm still,using them too today so i believe that,it's a great website to go to if you are,looking to find a long-term supplier but,if you're looking to start a drop,shipping business in 2022 what you're,going to do is go into the homepage just,like this so i'm on and then,you're going to scroll down to this,section here where it says drop shipping,and then once you're on this page what,you can do if you already know the,product that you want to drop ship is,that you can type it in this section,here but if you don't necessarily know,what product to sell you can also come,to this section here where it says top,ranked products and then from here you,can click on whatever category you want,to so we've got apparel consumer,electronics home and gardens using,accessories but when it comes to the,products that i like to sell i like to,focus on consumer electronics so what,i'm going to do is click on it right,here and then once you're on this page,you're gonna see that all the products,are ranked from number one number two,number three so on and so forth so what,i personally like to do if i'm not sure,what product to sell is i like to look,for a product that i know that i'm going,to be able to sell and make a decent,profit so that means that the product,needs to sell for at least minimum 15,because i know that i'm going to be able,to mark up the price and there's going,to be a decent profit margin there so,i'm just going to scroll through and see,if i can find a product that meets this,criteria all right so i found this,product right here that looks like a,three in one wireless charger for,iphones and things like that and i've,noticed over the past couple months that,this particular item has been trending,i've been seeing a lot of sellers making,a lot of money from it so let me just,click into it and get a little bit more,information all right so as you can see,this is how it works you basically put,your iphone there and it charges that,and it can also charge your airpods and,it charges iphone watches too or i watch,it sorry so it's definitely a useful,product and it's definitely an item that,a lot of people are going to be,searching for so what i'm going to do,now is go over to google shopping and,double check whether or not there's,other sellers and other companies that,are selling this exact same item that,can be found on so i'm going,to go over there now and show you,exactly what i look out for because it's,very important when it comes to me,deciding on what products i should be,drop shipping all right so we can see,all of these different wireless chargers,that are being advertised and this one,looks very similar to the one that we're,looking at on so let me just,jump back over there to make sure that,it's the exact same one because if it is,there's going to be a lot of money to be,made because this seller is selling it,for 45 pounds yeah more or less it's,basically looking like the same item and,we can actually buy it from the supplier,on for 13.50,so let me just jump back over to google,shopping and do a little bit more,research i'm just going to click into,the actual website so this is the,website that's currently selling the,same charger that we can find on, and they're selling it for,59,however on as you've already,seen we can actually buy it for 13. so,there's a decent profit margin there to,be made if we did want to sell this,particular product now by the way guys,i'm using this as an example i'm not,saying that you should go away and sell,wireless three-in-one chargers you can,do so if you want to because there's no,way that a seller is going to pay for,google shopping ads if they're not,making any money because the way that,google shopping ads work is that,whenever a customer is searching for any,item on google all of these different,images that you can see right here all,of these different sellers are paying,for their product to be promoted on,google and once a customer clicks on any,one of these images automatically the,seller is going to get charged an ad fee,and there's no way that any of these,sellers are going to be paying all of,this money for them to be promoted on,google shopping if they're not making,money which means that there's an,opportunity for us to also make money,and advertise the same product that we,found on so there's two,things that you need to double check,before you decide on selling any product,you need to double check the processing,time in terms of how long the supplier,is going to take to ship out the order,and you also need to double check the,delivery time as well these are the two,most important things that you need to,double check when deciding on any one of,the suppliers that has,available so the way that you check that,is by looking at this section right here,as we can see this supplier that we're,looking at right now is currently,offering a processing time of four days,which is not too bad because there's,other sellers that are offering 15 days,you know 20 days so four days is,definitely decent and they may do it,within that time as well and the way,that you check how long it's going to,take for the customer to actually,receive the item is by clicking on this,option right here where it says change,so the key things to do once you're on,this page is to make sure that you've,selected the right location in terms of,the ship to location and you also need,to make sure that you're happy with the,estimated delivery date by looking at,this section right here so if you don't,necessarily want to dropship the item,because you don't want your customer to,have to wait a lot of days to receive,the item what you can do in that case is,go back over to the main,homepage and from this point you're,going to have two different options,option number one is that you're going,to be able to find a supplier that will,be able to ship you the goods in bulk by,doing it this way you're going to be,able to send out the orders to your,customers by yourself and you're going,to be able to offer your customers one,to two day shipping bear in mind that,you are going to have to pay for the,products upfront so you are going to,need some sort of startup capital to buy,the products in bulk for you to send out,yourself or the second option is that,you can go back over to the home page,just like this and find the supplier,that might be able to offer you faster,drop shipping delivery times so what,you're going to do is type in the item,that you was looking at so in this case,we was looking at three in one phone,charger so i'm going to type that in,right there so the key thing that you,need to look out for once you're on this,page is to make sure that you find a,supplier that's been on for,more than five years in my experience,i've noticed that if i do find a,supplier that's been there for a longer,amount of years like six seven eight,years plus the whole buying process goes,a little bit more smooth now you can use,a supplier that's been there for less,than three years two years if you want,to but you just need to make sure that,you communicate all of your expectations,to the supplier when you reach out to,them and it's also important to remember,that when you are sending any money to,any supplier that you use trade,assurance because you're going to be,able to reach out to the supplier let,them know any issues that you have and,you're going to be able to possibly get,all of your money back or part of your,money back depending on what your issue,is so make sure that you look out for,the years that the supply has been there,and also look out for whether or not,they accept trade assurance now the way,that you double check how many years,they've been there is by looking at this,section right here so we can see that,this supplier has only been there for,two years so i'm not going to use that,supplier i'm going to keep scrolling,down until i find one that's been there,for a bit longer all right perfect so we,can see that this supplies been there,for more than nine years and they also,verified if the supplier is verified it,means that a third-party institution has,gone there to make sure that everything,is above board in terms of the products,in terms of the employees in terms of,the financials so if you are going to,use a supplier on it might,be in your best interest to use one that,is verified so if you're happy with all,of that you're happy with how long it's,going to take you're happy with the cost,you know that you're going to be able to,make a decent amount of profit what you,can do from that point is go back over,to your shopify account and install the, app to your shopify store by,doing that you're going to be able to,import the products directly from, website straight onto your,shopify store which means that you're,going to be able to fulfill orders a lot,more quicker and the way that you do,that is by clicking on customize your,store once you're here you're going to,try and find the right app so just type,in and you're going to be,able to see this app right here that,says drop shipping alibaba official so,just click on that okay so once you've,done that it's going to take you back to,this page from this point you're going,to go back to the product that you were,just looking at and then from here,you're going to be able to now add the,product to your input list once you've,now added the product to your input list,you're going to see this page from here,it's going to show you the potential,profit that you're going to make and,from there you can just click on this,option right here where it says push to,store and it's now going to be loaded to,your shopify store which is going to,make it a little bit easier when it,comes to fulfilling orders and if you,are thinking about building up your,ecommerce business and using,i believe that right now is one of the,best times because they have a big sell,in march happening which is their march,expo now there's so many different,benefits that you're gonna get if you do,decide to buy stock on from,the first of march to the end of march,one of the benefits is that you're gonna,be able to save five dollars for every,two hundred dollars that you spend if,you are looking to buy the products in,bulk another benefit is that on-time,delivery is guaranteed when you use, and if the order is not,delivered by the deadline you're going,to be able to claim 10 of the total,value of the order up to 100 you're,going to be able to benefit from the,fast refund process that they have if,you need to refund your order for,whatever reason so if you do want to,sign up to what you can do,is sign up using the link in my,description all you can do is download,the app and sign up that way so that's,the process that i go through when it,comes to finding products to dropship on,shopify but if you want to know my,step-by-step method when it comes to,using to find suppliers that,are going to be able to ship me the,goods in bulk and click right there,because what i do is i go through my,2022 strategy when it comes to finding,suppliers to use when it comes to,building up my e-commerce business if,you enjoyed this video don't forget to,press the like button don't forget to,subscribe as well hit the bell,notification alright guys i'll see on,the next one make sure you stay safe out,there peace,you

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